10 Important Reminders If You Are Feeling Lost

Feeling lost can be super isolating and frustrating. Whether the feeling is coming from work, family, or your overall path in life, it can be difficult to find your way out.

And let’s be real – the answer to finding your way is not always super simple. It’s okay to feel your feelings when you are going through a tough time. 

Maybe you started your dream job just to find out it’s nothing like you expected and you hate it. That would make anyone feel lost and confused!

Or maybe you just got out of a long-term relationship and are alone for the first time in years… that’s not easy! 

The point here is that there are so many reasons a person might feel lost in life. The reason is really not that important. It is important to give yourself grace and understand that it’s a phase in your life.

So, if you are feeling lost right now and just don’t know where to go from your current situation, here are some reminders that I want you to read and ponder on for a while.

10 reminders for when you feel lost

Save these, write them on post-it notes, tell your friends… when you are going through it, remember these things

Nothing in life is permanent.

While this might be a little stressful to think about when life is going well, it’s kind of reassuring when things aren’t going well. How you feel right now is not permanent. You will not feel lost forever so take some peace knowing that it will pass.

Even when life seems great, you will have bad days.

Sometimes people think when they reach their goals and life is “perfect’ there won’t be any more bad days. That’s simply not true. Don’t get into that thought pattern when you’re feeling lost. Finding the next best job, relationship, etc. won’t fix all your problems.

You have choices in life.

Right now it may not seem like you have many options but you do. Deciding how you feel about something is a choice. Applying for a new job is a choice. Deciding to stay in an unhappy situation is a choice. You may feel stuck or unsure right now but keep your eyes out for opportunities… the more you look, the more you’ll notice.

Life is complex and confusing.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that life is pretty unpredictable! Even with solid plans, things can change quickly. Sometimes feeling lost is a result of a plan changing. Remember that everyday life is always moving and changing. Life is full of uncertainty. If you can expect the uncertainty, you will learn to adapt much faster!

There is no right or wrong way to live your life. 

It can be hard watching other people around you succeed and find their paths so “easily.” However, just because they did it one way, doesn’t mean its the only way. For one person, going to college might be the goal. For someone else, travel might be the goal. Another person might be starting a family… everyone is on their own path and have their own unique time lines.

Feeling alone does not mean you are alone.

Sometimes feeling lost or confused about life and your direction can make you feel very alone. Let’s be real though for a second, you are never alone. When you have a moment when you feel like no one “gets you” or no one understands what you are going through, list 3 people (in your life, online, celebrities, etc.) who have gone through something similar. Those are 3 people who “get it” and that means you aren’t alone.

Look at feeling lost and confused as an exercise on self-discovery. 

People say there is always a bright side and I agree. While you may feel like your current situation is shitty, there is something positive coming from it and that is LEARNING! If you can switch your mindset to “this is the time to get to know myself” instead of “I am wasting time” or “I am so behind”

Everyone feels lost from time to time.

There is no one on this planet who hasn’t felt lost at some point in their life. Everyone has questioned themselves. Everyone has wanted to change something whether it was a job, city, relationship, degree, etc.

It’s easier if you don’t force a solution.

You know when you are trying really hard to remember something and you just can’t… then a day later while you are driving to work you soooo clearly remember?! Same idea with solutions! You probably want to think and think and think about all the possible solutions to your problem. That doesn’t always help! Try to focus on being present (yay mindfulness) and the solution will find you.

Being a living, breathing human with worries and doubts is a gift. 

When nothing else seems to be going your way and you just want to throw in the towel, be thankful for simply being alive. Be thankful that you are in a situation in life where you can give time and attention to your feelings. Be excited that you get to be on this self-discovery journey and know that you will be stronger and happier on the other side!

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