10 Tips For Having The Most Productive Life Admin Day

Have you ever planned out a whole day full of errands and tasks you’ve been putting off and then got nothing done? It sounds like you need some help planning a productive life admin day!

I have definitely been there! I had the best intentions and set aside a day to go grocery shopping, make returns, clean the house, and complete an array of other tasks and then… nothing! Maybe one or two things got done. 

Why would that happen you might ask? Well, I’ve been known to get stuck in the social media vortex from time to time. Or sometimes I get distracted by something else. Maybe something else seemed more fun, like coffee with a friend. 

Oftentimes, when people struggle to get to do’s done it’s because they either a) are lacking priorities or b) are not very productive! 

Now, I can’t change your priorities, that’s up to you! But I can help you become more productive and give you tips and tricks for a more productive life admin day! So if that sounds like something you need (which you do), then keep reading!

What is a life admin day? 

A life admin day is just a day that you schedule where you spend time crossing items off your to-do list! 

Usually, these are things that have been on your to-do list for a while and they just never seem to get done. Things that get put off or things you’ve been avoiding!

You could create a big master list of all the things you need to get done and spend your day on that list or you could create “theme life admin days” where you focus on certain types of tasks (errands, appointments, household, etc). 

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Picking the optimal day for a life admin day 

Something I really believe in is ENERGY PLANNING. Some days you just have more energy and more motivation to get shit done. 

So when you are planning your super productive life admin day it’s important what day you choose. 

Focus on days where you have the most energy, the most uninterrupted time, and feel your best. Probably don’t pick a Monday if you always feel like a zombie. Or don’t choose the weekend if you have family around at all times! 

An “optimal” day is really going to be up to you. We all have different schedules and responsibilities. My job for example is a bit more flexible in the sense of time off! I would be able to book off a random Thursday if I wanted to. However, you might not have that same option! 

Spend some time evaluating what days you think would work best and then see if you can get that day off work or away from your kids or family! 

planning a productive life admin day

Things to know about yourself when picking the day and time 

Back to energy planning – you need to know some crucial things about yourself in order to plan around your most energized and productive times! 

Ask yourself a few questions if you are not 100% sure what days/times would be best for you:

  • What day is my favorite day of the week?
  • What time of day do I feel most energized?
  • Is there one day in the month when I can be 100% alone?
  • What makes me feel motivated?

Start with those questions and then go from there! You should be able to nail down at least ONE day that works for you!

Tips for a productive life admin day 

So, you have picked the perfect day for your life admin day and you’re ready to get to work! Buuutt, you know you always get distracted or sidetracked and your super productive day turns into a super useless day. How can you make it more productive?! Here are 10 tips for having a productive life admin day:

Start with your most difficult tasks first 

Generally, we have more energy and motivation when we first get started so try to start your day with the hardest or more annoying task! 

Determine what tasks you like/dislike 

Make a list of your tasks for the day and then put a star next to all your favorite or most exciting tasks. The ones that are left over should be either done first or sprinkled throughout the day making sure to sandwich them in between some of the more exciting tasks!

For example, I haaaate making phone calls because I’m a child lol so I usually get them all done at once OR will schedule one in the morning followed by something I enjoy like organizing something, and then schedule another phone call later followed by lunch! 

Set a timer 

Sometimes you will lose track of time which is okay but it can eat up your day quickly! 

Determine how long something will take you (maybe 30 minutes for email decluttering) and then set a timer. Once the timer is up, stop what you are doing. 

If you are really into the task and are still being productive and the work NEEDS to be done then obviously keep going but be honest with yourself! 

Plan based on your energy 

As we discussed earlier, plan your day around your energy! The morning might be your best time so try to get more done then. Or maybe you thrive at 5pm. If so, plan those energy-draining tasks for then! 

Task batching 

One of my favorite productivity tips! Task batching is when you group together similar tasks and focus on that one group before moving on to something else. 

Example: group all your errands together and get them all done in one go instead of spreading them out and wasting time! 

Limit distractions

Put your phone away! Turn off your notifications! Close the door if your partner is loud! Make your best effort to limit the things that distract you. 

I know that my phone is a black hole for my productivity. So, when I need to get something done I will turn it to silent or physically move it to a different room.

Take breaks 

It’s important to take breaks in order to stay productive throughout the day. Not only is taking a break a type of reward but it also helps you stay energized. 

During my life admin days, I like to sprinkle in little bits of fun. That might be stopping for Starbucks while I’m running errands or watching a movie while I organize the house. Having fun and taking little breaks will help you stay on task throughout the day and actually enjoy the time you are having to yourself! 

Plan the day before 

Have you ever arrived at work and knew you had a lot to do but didn’t know where to start? Wouldn’t it just be easier to make a list of things to do the day before so that when you arrive you already have a plan?

The same goes for your life admin day. Plan out your tasks and the “shape of the day” the night before. It can be overwhelming to come up with a plan on the spot and you can really suffer from analysis paralysis! 

Time blocking 

This is a great tool for improving your productivity in general! Create blocks of time (10am-12pm, 9am-930am, etc) and focus all your energy during that time on the specified task. 

For example, from 10am-12pm you are focusing on cleaning out your pantry and organizing. During those 2 hours, that is all you are doing and at the end of the 2 hours, you move on to the next time block. 

It’s similar to the idea of setting a timer but this is more like creating an actual schedule for the day like you would for appointments or meetings at work!

Have an accountability partner 

Let’s be real, when you tell someone you are going to do something it’s much harder to back out. Ask a friend or family member to check in with you during or after your life admin day. Tell them your plan beforehand so when they chat with you later they can see if you actually completed the to-do list! 

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In conclusion 

If you tend to put things off and watch your to-do list keep growing it can be super overwhelming. I have definitely thought some negative things about myself when I have set out to work on my to-do list and instead wasted a day. 

Even though you may have the best intentions sometimes the dau gets away from us and the next thing you know, you’ve done 2 things. 

It’s one thing to plan a life admin day but it’s a whole other thing to actually do the work! That is why I think working on being productive is so important. Setting yourself up for success is key to a productive and successful life admin day. 

What do you find helpful for your productivity? Have you ever done a life admin day? 

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