10 Ways To Reset Your Life This Spring

Hello spring and hello new you!! Okay, maybe not a *totally* new you. A new season is a great time to make changes whether they are big or small. Most people spend time refreshing their homes. You know, the whole spring cleaning kinda thing. Decluttering is SUCH a good way to get a refresh but there are a lot of other ways to reset your life as well. 

What I mean when I say “reset your life” is simply just making some changes that make you feel refreshed and excited again. I’m sure you know that the same old routine can get really boring after a while. Personally, I like to change up my routines with the seasons to keep things exciting. Maybe a whole new routine isn’t needed for you though. You may just need a quick refresh of your daily life and most importantly, your mindset! 

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Why you need to refresh your life

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like you are just living the same day over and over? Nothing is exciting or new. You get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, wash the dishes (dishes are the absolute worst chore btw), and head to bed just to repeat that tomorrow. It is exhausting and honestly, pretty damn sad. 

When you start feeling like you are living on a hamster wheel instead of waking up and looking forward to the day, week, month, etc. it’s time to hit the reset button. You need some sort of refresh and you need it asap.

 Keep in mind, for those of us who live in an area where winter is cold and dark, some of these feelings could be due to the weather. Some people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder and some just get a little down (me!). Coming out of the winter and heading into spring can be a great time to shake off some of those feelings and get a fresh start!

A few reasons it’s important to get a reset on your life when you feel stuck/ in a rut:

  • It will improve your mental health
  • Increased motivation
  • Add excitement into your everyday life
  • Help you get closer to your goals
  • Boost your creativity
  • It will improve your physical health
  • Lower your stress levels
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5 ways to reset your routines

Sometimes getting the refresh you need simply comes from small changes to your daily life. To get unstuck or just feel happier, you don’t need to change your entire life. Think of spring cleaning—sometimes just cleaning your closet is enough to change your whole mood. Same thing with your routines!

Wake up earlier

Feeling rushed in the morning can set your day up for a lot of stress! Wake up a little earlier (even just 15 minutes) and see how you feel more calm and collected. I get that not everyone is a morning person! I go back and forth between loving mornings and hating them but even when I want to sleep in, I’m happy I wake up a little earlier to have a less stressful morning. It really helped me with my anxiety too which reallyyy helped me reset my own life! 

You could even try this really cool sunrise alarm clock that would make your mornings so much better!

Take a different route

Chances are, you drive the same route to work every single day. How boring?! What if you changed up your route a little? Take a side street, stop at a different Starbucks than usual, or find a completely different way to get there. Maybe it will add 2 or 3 minutes to your commute but it could also be interesting!

Maybe you will find a new coffee shop or drive past a park you never knew was there. I’ve done this before and found a new Little Free Library (which if you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge book lover and love to check out LFL’s!).

Switch up your meal plan

If you are like me, you fall back on certain meals every week that are easy and always good. However, they can get pretty repetitive. There was a time where me and my fiancé, Nick, would make perogies every week. They were so easy and yummy but we got so sick of them. It wasn’t really exciting anymore, ya know? So try something new. Even if it’s just changing one meal or switching up a fav meal a little (trying a new sauce, meat, vegetable, etc.)

I am OBSESSED with pretty much any cookbook by Half Baked Harvest so maybe grab one and get cooking!

Try a new hobby

I know you are thinking this is the most overused tip ever. Self care? Start a hobby. Mid life crisis? Start a hobby. Too much screen time? Start a hobby. Hate your job? Start a hobby. Lol but hang in there for a sec. 

A lot of the time the advice is to take up something totally new. Learning to play the guitar or something crazy like rock climbing. I’m sure to some people those are great options but for most they are just another thing to learn and stress about. So, try something new BUT something that you can slip into your routine easily

A personal example – I already loved reading and would spend most nights reading and telling anyone who would listen about the books. So, I started a bookstagram to share my thoughts and get creative with photos. It was an extension of something I already loved.

Say “yes” to something you otherwise wouldn’t do

We really get into the habit of saying no to things. There is a lot of advice out there telling you to say no to things that don’t serve you or things you simply don’t want to do. Of course, keep saying no to those things because, boundaries. However, start saying yes to some things!

If you get invited to coffee by a coworker, try saying yes! It could be fun and you could make a new friend. If someone asks you to help them with a project at work and you have the time, try saying yes! Maybe you will learn something new or make new connections. It’s not something you need to do all the time but it could add a little spice to your life and hey, new opportunities are always a good thing!

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5 ways to reset your mindset

Our brains are so freaking powerful. Just changing the way you think or the way you talk to yourself can change your entire life. It’s just wild! I got my degree in psychology so anything to do with the mind and the way we think is always so interesting to me. So, when you are hitting the ol’ reset button on your life, don’t forget to do a quick reset on your mindset!

Journal it out

Journaling is a great tool to get all your thoughts and feelings out. When you need a refresh it’s always a good idea to figure out how you are feeling now and how you WANT to feel moving forward. You can hash out any worries you have, road blocks you may encounter, what you are excited about, and so on.

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Get out in nature

There is nothing better than going for a walk through the forest to clear your mind. So much to see and hear. It’s also great to get some fresh air. I always end up in a better mood and with a boost of creativity when I’ve been outside. Let’s be real, even a walk around the neighborhood is helpful. I also like to listen to audiobooks when I go for walks sometimes. Audible is the platform I use and I love it!

Practice gratitude

How often do you think about your day and only focus on all the negatives that happened? You were late for work, your lunch sucked, someone left a mean comment on Instagram, and whatever else that goes wrong. But you know what? There is ALWAYS a positive in there. Maybe your entire day sucked but when you came home your cat greeted you at the door (or dog if you prefer ). It’s the small things and when you start focusing on them the bad things aren’t as bad as before. 

I used to write down 3 good things that happened in my day (honestly I should start doing it again but it was awesome). Some days it would be simple things like “I have a family that loves me, my coffee was delicious this morning, and I took a warm bath.” Other days there were bigger, more exciting things that happened but mostly it was the little things that made my days positive. If you like a more guided or structured way of doing things, there are some awesome gratitude journals out there!

Unplug from social media

I need to take my own advice here because my screen time has been WILD lately but it’s no secret that screen time and social media can wreak havoc on your mind. Between mindless scrolling, taking in others opinions, and the negativity that is all over the internet it can be overwhelming and exhausting.

As much as social media is fun and can be an awesome tool it is also hot garbage and your brain needs a break. So, try to limit your daily screen time and if you can, try to take one day off a week. Or even half a day! Your overall mindset will be more positive and with less time scrolling you have more time to focus on yourself, your thoughts, and your goals.

Try out some affirmations

Affirmations was something I really didn’t believe in but once I gave it a try I liked it. Affirmations are just a phrase or sentence that you repeat to yourself. The idea is that if you say it enough you start to believe it! You can find soooo many online but you can also just make them up yourself depending on what you want to focus on!

If you noticed you’ve been really negative lately you could try focusing on positive affirmations like “today is going to be a great day” or “I feel amazing today”. It’s really quite simple but can make a big difference. I have been dealing with driving anxiety for the last year so when I’m feeling really anxious I say things like “I love driving my car” and “I am in control.”

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The moral for the story is that everyone needs a reset every now and then. Making small changes to your routine can really breathe some life back into your daily routine. Life can get boring, repetitive, and overwhelming. You don’t need to feel like that and can make the changes necessary for a better life and a better you 🙂 Remember that doing what works for you is always the best option!

Have you ever done a spring reset?

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