15 Must Follow Personal Growth Content Creators

We live in a world of constant content! YouTube videos, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and even this blog is all content that you regularly consume. So much of the content online is superficial. That’s a big reason why I like watching YouTube and reading blog posts because you get more out of it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am always on Instagram as well but I find that content over there can be a bit meaningless

I love a pretty picture but so many of these big influencers and content creators post pretty pictures with no real content. A cute photo of them on the beach with the caption “beach day” really feels more like my 2016 Instagram feed than a person with 1 million followers apparently influencing me. 

With the amount of content out there I just prefer something with substance (and I hope I am creating content with substance). Which is why I’m a big lover of personal growth content creators. 

What is personal growth content?

I suppose this could be in the eye of the beholder. Everyone probably has a bit of a different idea of what personal growth could be. 

In general, the definition of personal growth is activities that develop a person’s abilities and enhance their quality of life. 

That is pretty broad so take that as you will. 

To me, that includes things like fitness, mindset, productivity, goal setting, and inspirational and motivational content. 

Why I think we need more personal growth content 

With so much content in the world, it becomes so easy to consume garbage. 

I love spending time on TikTok but most of the content is trendy with a million versions of the same trend. They may be funny or relatable but you can only watch the same video so many times. 

When someone comes along with something unique, educational, interesting, or valuable in some way… you get sucked in! 

While I’m all for resting and recharging, I also realize that when I spend 4 to 5 hours on my phone (I know, embarrassing), I don’t need to be consuming useless content that whole time. 

I know I’m not alone with the endless scrolling either. We all do it. So, why not actually learn something or get motivated to better yourself during that time instead of just the same old mindless scroll. 

So, without further ado… here are some content creators that you need to follow to get motivated and inspired to change your life! 

The must follow personal growth content creators 


First of all, Sarah is the sweetest person! She posts the most wholesome content full of motivation. Do you want weekly affirmations? She’s got it. Do you want cute photos with meaningful captions? She’s got that too.

Follow her on Instagram! She also recently started a YouTube channel so check her out there too. 


Liv posts wellness, self care, and intentional living content. She also posts easy to consume lists and guides to help you make a change in your life. 

Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog


Alex is the ultimate personal growth content creator. She posts awesome content daily and I swear everything needs to be saved!! 

If you’re looking for content about routine building, resets, habits, and just general inspiration, this account is for you. 

Follow her on Instagram

The Balanced CEO

Michelle is a wonderful human who posts wonderful content. She creates an array of wellness, personal growth, and self-care content on her blog and Instagram. 

Her writing is easy to consume and always interesting! She’s a great blogger to follow if you like to learn new things.

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram!

Angie Bellemare 

I came across Angie on YouTube forever ago but she is someone I always keep up with. 

She posts some lifestyle content but also posts plan with me, reset routines, morning routines, and much more. 

She also has a second channel where she posts short videos to challenge you to make a change in your life. Perfect for people wanting more personal growth in their lives. 

Check out her YouTube channel

Shelby Sacco

Do you need someone to tell you like it is? Shelby is your girl. Her content is so real and so motivating. Shelby is the habit QUEEN. 

She gives actual tips for improving yourself while sharing her own stories and being super entertaining! 

Go follow her on TikTok

Life Goals Mag 

Coley has the most amazing blog! She writes informative and entertaining posts about topics like mindset, self-care, routines, and productivity.

I’m also on her email list and looove her weekly emails. They are always such a joy to read and put you in a great mood/ give you some good info! 

Check out her blog!

Her New Habits

I have been following Nury on Instagram for a while and enjoy her blog. She posts about wellness and mental health. I find her content motivating and especially enjoy her reels on Instagram!

Go follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!


If you haven’t seen any of Michelle’s YouTube videos I’m not sure why… she is constantly uploading super helpful and inspiring videos. 

She is all about creating an intentional life and shares a lot of tips on personal growth. If you like topics like getting out of a rut, growth mindset, or monthly resets, Michelle is your girl. 

Follow her on YouTube!

Riyah Speaks 

I first came across Riyah in a blogger Facebook group and I’m so happy I did. I love her content both on Instagram and her blog. 

She is all about wellness, self-care, personal growth, and has some lifestyle stuff too! She is also a certified Life Coach which is pretty cool!

Check out her blog!

EmpowerHer Podcast

This is a fantastic podcast. Not only does Kacia share great info about personal growth and development but she is also super inspiring. I love her pep talk episodes. I always leave feeling ready to take on the world. 

Check out her podcast!


Lucy is a must follow over on TikTok. She posts wellness and personal growth content. She shares a lot of Pilates content and motivational content. 

If you like those vlog style TikToks with inspirational phrases and audio then Lucy is for you. 

Follow her on TikTok.

Goals Calling

Nina has a great blog full of personal growth, productivity, and goal related content. 

Her blog is pretty to look at (which is a plus) and has so many blog posts to read that will help you gain confidence in yourself. 

Check out her blog!


Maddy is literally so adorable! I love her Instagram for a few reasons: the content, duh, but also her personality and fun bring colors! 

Maddy posts a lot about confidence and women living their best lives. She is also a joyful living coach which is super cool!

Follow her on Instagram.

Life By Deanna 

Shameless plug!! I think I’m a pretty great personal growth content creator. I post all things goals, productivity, journaling, wellness, and so much more. 

You can find me here (obvs!) or over on Instagram and TikTok!! 

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Wrapping it up

Well, that’s all folks! 

I love finding new people to follow all over the internet so if I missed any of your favorite personal growth content creators please let me know!! I would be more than happy to add to this list and share all the love. 

What kind of content do you like most? And what platform do you use the most?

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