20 Simple Ways To Spark Happiness In Daily Life

When was the last time you did something to just make yourself happy? You know, things that are just simple and small and easy to add to your daily life? When I asked myself that question… there were actual crickets. The answer for me was: nothing, really. I knew right then and there that I needed to change that.

If you are anything like me then you are busy and the day can slip away. I work a 9-5 job that sucks up a lot of my time and energy. By the time I’ve done the commute home I just don’t have much left in the tank, ya know? Maybe you feel the same. Maybe you feel drained and literally don’t even care about anything other than having a quick meal and watching some Netflix before you are out like a light. I get that!! Some nights I’m the same damn way! Could not pay me money to DO anything else lol 

Why you should add little happy things to your daily life

The reality is, we don’t always have the time, money, or energy to do exciting things. We can’t always be on vacation. We can’t always get a fancy cup of coffee to start the day. We can’t always have the most perfect and delicious meals handcrafted by amazing chefs. Do we want those things? Yes. Do they make us happy? Duh! Is it realistic? No.

I realized pretty quickly when I started listing things that make me happy that I, a) sure like to place my happiness in experiences and b) there are a lot of things that do make me happy that I never really do BECAUSE I’m so focused on all those bigger things I can’t always fit into my day to day (or even week to week) life. 

That is why it’s important to include those little things in your life because the goal is to live a happy and fulfilling life everyday not just once in a while. I made that stark realization that I was letting myself miss out on so much happiness and I don’t want you to make the same mistake!

How to add “the little things” into your life

You know how they say “it’s the little things in life that make it great”? Well, it’s true! So first things first, you need to figure out what little things make you happy. Sit down and make a list of daily activities, hobbies, experiences, etc. Even if it seems silly to write it down, just do it. It will physically show you all the things you enjoy and will be that much easier to add to your day!

I’ll give you some examples from my list: 

  • Playing with Luna (my little furry kitty baby)
  • When the sun rises on your way to work and it feels like a fresh start
  • The smell of coffee in the morning (or anytime really)
  • Washing my face (extra points for delish smelling products)
  • Calm music/ background sound 
  • A yummy snack (I am a huge snacker)
  • The look of a clean house 

See? It’s so easy to write down things you enjoy and that make you happy. The best part is that the list will just snowball because one thing reminds you of another thing… it just keeps going!!

I tried to think of things that make me smile. Those little daily nuances that you hardly even think about. Those things that put a little pep in your step. These are the times of little things that get lost in the hustle and bustle because they are so small and often taken for granted. So try to think about that when creating your list.

If you are having a hard time with your list check out some of my ideas below!

20 little things to add to your day to make you happy

1. Getting into a crispy clean bed 

2. Having a long shower and using yummy smelling products

3. Cooking your partner, friend, or family a great meal

4. Talking on the phone with a loved one 

5. Moving your body, even just a little stretching 

6. The cuteness of your fur baby playing with you 

7. Changing into your cozy clothes at the end of the day 

8. Creating a playlist with all your fav music to listen to in the car 

9. Buying yourself some fresh flowers

10. Walking outside and getting fresh air 

11. Waking up early and listening to the birds chirping 

12. Sending a nice message to a friend 

13. A warm drink in the morning 

14. Listen to some ambient music while getting things done around the house (I recommend Calmed By Nature on Youtube)

15. Plan your day in a super cute planner 

16. Read a good book 

17. Have a bubble bath and light a candle 

18. Make a yummy dessert and have a little every night as a treat

19. Meal plan so you can always look forward to dinner 

20 . Make time to spend with a loved one everyday even just for 10 minutes 

With all those ideas I hope you can start adding a little bit of happiness to your everyday life! Life’s too short to be waiting for the next big adventure or next big exciting thing. Everyday can be happy (even if only in small ways)!

What little things make you happy? Tell me in the comments

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