20 Things Every Homebody Needs In Their Lives

Where are my homebody’s at? If you are a homebody (like me) or you know someone who is a homebody then you my friend, are in the right place! I have compiled a list of things every homebody needs in their lives! These are things that make being at home even more enjoyable, if that is even possible. Hello, home is my happy place! Items that make life easier, better, and just down right happier! But I digress. If you love being at home and find you ~thrive~ at home, then this is for you. 

One thing I want everyone to know about me is that I strive for coziness in all aspects of my life. I MUST be cozy at all times which is why I love being at home. When was the last time you were cozy at work? Or cozy at someone else’s house? Don’t get me started on being at someone else’s home… it’s just not MY home. If you know me in real life then you know that I wear leggings 100% of the time. Jeans who? My body, home, and just everything else needs to be comfy. So anyways, little tangent there but just remember: I love to be cozy and will do basically anything to maintain my cozy vibes. 

Something I struggle with being on this blogging journey is the fact that I am a homebody. I have mixed feelings at times because I see sooooooooo many other bloggers who are out and about doing really cool things and snapping all the ig pics. I often think that I’m not made for the blogging life because well, my life is not interesting (or at least not in comparison to those other bloggers). BUT THEN I remember that a) I don’t need to compare myself to anyone else because I am my own unique human being and b) that lifestyle is just not me and the people who chose to follow along with me and read my content deserve the real me. Not some fake version of me who pretends to love going to fancy parties and whatnot. Welcome to my brain. So, basically I’m saying that we all need to embrace our ~homebodyness~ and be ourselves. Thanks for listening. On to the post now.

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Here are 20 things that I think every homebody needs! 

Bathtub tray

This is on my list to get ASAP. I have always wanted a bathtub tray. They are so cute and make bath time a little easier and allow for more activities in the bath. Reading, wine, snacks, Netflix? You can do it all! 

Cozy blanket

I have several cozy blankets in all areas of my home. I even have a blanket at work! Personally, I am always cold so having lots of blankets is a must. Plus I have a cat and she also likes the blankets and loooves to get her fur everywhere 


I never used to be a big slipper gal but I love them now. Just needed to find the right ones I guess! I got these ones from Winners. They are Rae Dunn – if you’re like me then you are obsessed with everything Rae Dunn. So yeah, love them. Go get yourself a pair. PLUS, this book is fantastic and you should read it if you like puzzle/riddle mysteries!

Indoor garden 

Maybe you have a green thumb and gardening is something you enjoy. If so, why go outside when you could have an indoor garden? I have had herbs before and grew them inside and had a good time with it! Not only is it nice to add fresh herbs to your food but it’s also something to take care of which can be enjoyable! However, I have also been known to kill all my plants and that is exactly what happened with the herbs.

A cat + all these fun cat items for it

This is a bigger commitment than the garden but if you like cats and want to give one a forever home, go adopt a little cutie kitty! Then you’ll need some cat items! Check out this cute kitty hammock 😻


Readers!!!! You need a kobo. Let me tell you why. You have tons and tons of books to access and a lot of them are reasonably priced! I have gotten books for less than 2 dollars before! Also, you can read anywhere with ease. Bathtub, laying down in bed, in the car, wherever your heart desires. I love being able to lay in bed in the dark and still read my books.

Oil diffuser 

Love a good oil diffuser. It’s great for keeping your space smelling nice and you can even use oils that help with anxiety! If you have pets make sure you are using pet friendly oils! Nothing makes a space feel more cozy and welcoming than a good scent.

Wireless earbuds

Sometimes we are sharing that space with other people so having wireless earbuds is nice when you want to listen to a podcast, audiobook, or some music without bothering anyone else. I personally like listening to audiobooks when I’m cleaning the house!

Matching pj set

If you are at home why do you need to get out of your pjs? The answer is, you don’t. So why not invest in a super cute matching set?

A cozy sweater/ t shirt

A little self plug here but you can get a homebody t shirt or sweater from my Esty shop and you totally should! I wear mine like every single day. There are also lots of other homebody apparel online so we all need that!

Impress nails

Sometimes leaving the house to get your nails done is just not in the books (if you are like me you may find going to get your nails done a little anxiety inducing). I used to use Impress nails all the time!! They are fantastic and last a surprisingly long time for press on nails. Check them out here!

Happy light

This is a must have and I don’t care what you say. Being out in the sunshine is so freaking important for your mental health. When you spend more time inside you aren’t getting all the vitamin D you need. Or, if you live in a place where the weather isn’t great (aka me living in Canada) then having a happy light is really helpful during the winter months! You can get the fancy versions but there are more affordable options as well!

Yoga mat for your home workouts

Hello home workouts! You need a nice yoga mat for the home workouts. If you are new to working out at home check out this post for some tips.

Air fryer

This will change your life. I know you have probably heard this from anyone who has an air fryer but the reality is that cooking will be on a whole other level!

Subscription to Audible

Like I mentioned above with the earbuds, I like to listen to audiobooks. There are a few places you can get audiobooks but I use Audible and love the service. It’s reasonably priced and easy to use. It connects to your Amazon account so it’s just really simple. Audiobooks are perfect for homebody’s and give you something different to do instead of watching tv and whatnot.


Who doesn’t like a cute candle to make the space cozier? I have candles everywhere and most of the time I don’t even burn them lol but I just love the look of them!


When you are hanging out at home you just need some wine. Weekend in? Wine. Week day after work? Wine. Movie night on the couch? Wine. I would be interested in trying some sort of wine subscription…. Maybe in the future!

Adorable door mat 

Make your home feel more inviting with a cute doormat that reminds everyone this is the house of a homebody!


You gotta have your hair up at home. I live with my hair in a pony or bun and I’m so glad that scrunchies came back in style. I rarely use a regular hair tie anymore and my hair is thankful! Give your hair a break and use some scrunchies. I love the ones from lululemon!

Fake floral arrangement

Fake flowers and plants really make your house feel more put together. When I got my cat I pretty much decided I couldn’t have flowers or plants anymore because she eats them. However, I got into the whole fake plant thing and I’m so happy I did. The greenery makes the space feel calm and fresh. The flowers add color and give such a nice vibe. There are tons of places to buy fake flowers and plants but check out this Esty shop!

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Is there anything from this list that you need asap? What other items do homebody’s need? Tell me in the comments 🙂

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