2022 Side Hustle Goals – My Year Of Growth

It seems like everyone has some sort of side hustle these days and I love it! I have always been a person with a project on the go. Whether that was a hobby, my Instagram account for books (check it out if you like reading btw), or a blog – I always have something on the go. Most recently I opened an Esty shop! I think we have all seen the people on social media making some money off their side hustles and I decided 2022 is my time to shine! Why the heck not? Everyone else is doing it and I already have some projects on the go. 

Something else to know about me is that I hate working 9-5 and literally DREAM daily about not working my current job and being my own boss. SO, it really just seemed fitting to set some side hustle goals and try to make that dream a reality. Ps. I would love to know if anyone out there is on a similar journey as me, so leave a comment below if you are!! 

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What is a side hustle?

Just in case you have no idea what I mean when I say side hustle – I am referring to the act of making money on the side of my main form of income (aka my full time job). There are truly endless opportunities to have side hustles. A lot of people run businesses online, blog, coach, become virtual assistants, and so much more. 

For me personally, I will be focusing on 2 side hustles. My Esty shop and this blog! Both of these side hustles have been long in the making and are both important to me. Blogging has been a long term dream of mine so it only makes sense to pursue it seriously. As for my Esty shop, it started out as a fun project to make t-shirts and sweaters for my friends but now I love it so much I want to have a business doing it. 

Is it crazy to take on 2 side hustles while I work a full time job? Honestly, yeah it probably is. Will I let that stop me? Heck no. And I hope it won’t stop you from pursuing your dreams either!

My 2022 blogging goals

First off, I have to admit I’m a little nervous sharing my goals with the internet. It’s one thing to set goals privately but a whole other to let the world know. I have seen other bloggers do things like this and I always looove to read them so I figured I need to get over my fears and just do it!

Goal 1: Hit 3,000 monthly page views

This goal feels like a big one for me for 2 reasons. 1 – that means I need to *actually* stay consistent with blogging which has been hard for me in the past (but not this year because my 2022 word is CONSISTENT) and 2 – I have a newer blog with not a ton of traffic. I have been so lucky to have the viewers that I do and I love you guys for reading this blog, I really do! But it is scary starting from the beginning and seeing that big number!

However, I also realize that literally every single person starts at zero. So, instead of being intimidated, I am trying to feel excited!! 

Goal 2: Start an email list 

This has been on my radar since I started my blog in September 2021. It seems like every big blogger says to start your email list asap but in all honesty, I have NO CLUE what I would even share in a newsletter. I am not selling products and I tend to not read many emails I subscribe to. That being said, I have started subscribing to some email lists from bloggers I enjoy reading and I’ve been doing some research. So, my goal for 2022 is to start the email list and again, be CONSISTENT with whatever content I decide to send out!

Goal 3: Make money from my blog

I know this goal is vague, don’t hate me for it. I am usually the person telling everyone to set measurable goals. So, I get it! But since this is all new to me and I’m not even sure what kind of money can be made by a new blogger, I am leaving this open ended until I gain more knowledge! For now, I know I would like to join an affiliate program. From there I will decide what my focus will be. I think it would be really cool to work directly with some brands but like I said, I will gain more insight once I have more knowledge! 

Goal 4: Write 5 guest posts

This is something I have never done but have always been interested in! Again, I struggle with putting the number on it but I feel this is both reasonable and just far enough out of my comfort zone that it’s a good goal! 

Goal 5: 2,000 Instagram followers 

I have an Instagram associated with this blog. I love posting to social media and have a lot of fun connecting with my people there! In 2022 I would like to hit 2,000 followers which I think is super doable. If you don’t already follow me, go check me out! Let’s be friends :)

That is all for my blogging goals. I know there are other things I could be focusing on as well but I think this gives me enough to work on! The best part about goal setting and achieving is that you can always set another goal!

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My 2022 Esty shop goals

Goal 1: Make 100 sales

I am literally starting at the beginning here as I currently have 1 sale on Esty. I would like to strive for the big 100 this year! 

Goal 2: Complete a wholesale order 

One thing I said when I first started thinking about the Esty shop was “I want my products to be in a physical store” – which at the time seemed crazy (and low key still does) but within the year I would love to get even 1 wholesale order!

Goal 3: Have a brand rep 

This goal will kind of help with the above goals but I would like to do a rep search. I have seen these done a million times on Instagram. I was even a brand rep for a small Esty shop a couple years ago. So, I see the value in doing this! I am setting my goal at having 1 rep but it would be cool if there was enough interest to have a few!

Goal 4: 1,000 Instagram followers

I started an Instagram account right away when I opened the shop. I’ve been posting to it and I’m seeing slow but steady growth. I would like to make it a priority to post a little bit more to the Instagram to boost traffic over at the shop and to gain more of a community on Instagram!

That is all for the Esty shop! I’m sure more goals will come up as I make more sales and grow more as a small biz. As I mentioned, things are still very new but I have big goals :) 

The beginning of the year always brings so much hope and excitement. It seems like anything is possible. I tend to downplay my achievements and doubt myself when I set goals… maybe some of you can relate to that. 2022 is the year to STOP doing that which is why I am making this very public post about my side hustle goals. I am putting myself out there to you, my viewers and myself. 

I hope you all have set some goals for this year and I hope you are not afraid to share them. Be proud of who you are and your goals. And remember, you can do anything you want to do! 2022 is our year!

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