25 End Of The Year Journal Prompts

It is the end of the year which means it’s time for reflection and planning for the new year! If you read my blog and follow along with me I can only assume that you have some interest in personal development and goals! So, this post will find you well!

Interestingly enough, I never used to reflect on anything. Not my goals, not my progress, nothing. I never really saw the point. I figured that I would know whether I reached a goal or if something went well/ not well. But I was missing the point! Reflecting is not just to tick off the yes or no box. Goals, just like life, fall into a gray area. Sometimes it’s more than achieved or did not achieve. There is such a thing as not reaching a goal but making serious progress.

That is why I feel everyone should reflect on everything. Seeing the progress made shows you how far you’ve come! It is both totally motivational and helpful if you are not on the right track (and IT’S OKAY if you aren’t on the right track all the time!). As Taylor Swift said, “today is never too late to be brand new” – everyday is a new day and everyday you make progress!

25 journal prompts for 5 different areas of your life

For your personal life:

What did I do this year that made me truly happy?

What decision did I make this year that could have been better?

Is there anything I wish I did differently?

What personal achievement am I most proud of?

What were my biggest strengths this year?

For your work life:

List 10 work related achievements (big or small)

What parts of my career make me feel happy?

What do I wish would change about my career?

How does my work make me feel fulfilled? How could I make it more fulfilling?

What career goals do I want to achieve this coming year?

reflecting for the new year

For your health/ wellness:

How did I practice self care this year?

What activities help me feel like my healthiest self?

How can I slow down and feel present this year?

Did I prioritize sleep, healthy eating, and exercise this year?

How will I prioritize healthy habits in the new year?

For your mindset & mental health:

How was my mindset overall this year? Positive, negative, growth, scarcity, etc

Did I deal with any mental health challenges this year? 

What would help me be more positive and open in the new year?

“If I believed in myself even 10% more next year, I would do _____”

5 ways I will prioritize my mental health in the new year

For your relationships:

Who am I thankful for?

Did I prioritize my relationships this year? 

Who do I want to spend more time with next year and why?

How did my relationships make me feel this year?

What were my top 3 memories this year with friends and family?

I hope you found a few prompts to think on! Let me know if you used any of these (or all of them) and how it went 🙂

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