31 Days Of Love: A Month Of Self-love Affirmations

Do you practice affirmations? Affirmations have become really popular all over the internet lately. It seems like everyone and their dog are using positive affirmations, self-love affirmations, or a variety of others. 

If you are looking for a confidence boost in any part of your life, affirmations are a good way to do it. 

Affirmations are easy to do (literally anyone can do it) and can be used for so many reasons (I tend to use them for anxiety). 

In this post, we are going to chat specifically about self-love affirmations because it’s the month of LOVE, but you can use these whenever you’d like! 

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are statements that you say out loud or think to yourself that make you feel and think a certain way. If you say affirmations enough the idea is you can shift your thought patterns and start to truly believe it. 

Affirmations are a way to increase your positivity and the way you view yourself and the world. 

So, with that being said, affirmations are a good thing! 

It sounds pretty basic when explained like that but really, affirmations are basic! Everyone can use affirmations, but not everyone believes in affirmations. 

Our thoughts are powerful! As soon as you can accept that, the sooner affirmations will work for you. Switching from negative to positive thought patterns doesn’t happen overnight which is why affirmations are repeated!! 

31 self-love affirmations to use all month long

The best way to use affirmations 

So you know what they are now but how should you use them to be most effective? Let’s chat about it! 

Use affirmations daily 

Affirmations are statements you will want to use every day, even more than once a day! 

You could pick one affirmation for the morning and one for the night. You could try a different one every day. Or you could have a “motto” for certain times (like going to work, when you feel tired, etc) that you use daily. 

I personally like saying an affirmation to myself when I’m walking to my car in the morning. Just a quick little reminder that I will have a fantastic day. It always puts a smile on my face even if I really don’t want to go to work! 

The more you use your affirmations the more likely you will start to believe them! That’s when the magic happens. 

Say them to yourself in the mirror 

Another good way to practice your affirmations is in the mirror! Pretend like you are telling the affirmation to someone but really it’s you! 

Seeing yourself say the words and having it feel like you’re talking to someone really helps! 

It might feel a little awkward at first but just remember you are practicing self-love and acceptance.

Remind yourself throughout the day 

As I mentioned in the first tip, having an affirmation for throughout the day can be a great way to remind yourself of your affirmations and also boost your overall morale. 

And practicing affirmations more often makes the white process feel more natural which can make them more powerful. 

Pick one and use it as your mantra/motto 

I truly believe everyone should have a life mantra or motto. A life mantra is just a phrase that you often repeat to yourself to shift your mindset. 

You can make something cute or funny, whatever your personality is. Or just pick your favorite self-love affirmation! 

Even a simple “you got this” when you are struggling can be so helpful. Learn to treat yourself like a friend! 

Write them on sticky notes

The easiest way to remember to practice your affirmations is to write them on sticky notes and put them in places you go every day.

Try putting them on your bathroom mirror, inside your closet door, on the fridge, or on the back of the door so you see them on your way out!

That way every time you see the affirmation, you will stop and say it to yourself. Soon it will become a habit and you won’t need the sticky notes anymore but can be super helpful at first.

A month of self-love affirmations 

Since all the months aren’t the same, we are going to go with 31 self-love affirmations so you can use them any month of the year! 

1 – My needs matter 

2 – I am not less for making mistakes 

3 – I am proud of the person I am becoming 

4 – I am my own best friend 

5 – I am confident in my abilities 

6 – I am worthy of love 

7 – My body is the least interesting thing about me 

8 – My dreams are valid 

9 – The only approval I need is my own 

10 – I radiate happiness 

11 – I am brave 

12 – I attract great things 

13 – I choose to be kind to myself 

14 – I respect my own boundaries

15 – I make myself a priority 

16 – I am living a life of purpose 

17 – I deserve to be treated with respect 

18 – I allow myself to follow my heart 

19 – I am worthy of compassion 

20 – I feel comfortable in the presence of others 

21 – I am letting go of my worries 

22 – I choose to focus on the good in life 

23 – I trust my intuition 

24 – everything is easy for me 

25 – I feel at home in my body 

26 – I have control over my life 

27 – I make time to take care of my soul 

28 – I am responsible for loving myself 

29 – I accept love from myself and others 

30 – I am doing the best I can 

31 – Loving myself is easy 

self-love affirmations calendar

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Wrapping it up

Self-love doesn’t need to be hard! You can start loving yourself a little bit more every day by using self-love affirmations!

Save the calendar to remember all the affirmations for later!

Have a wonderful month full of love! ❤

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