50 Fun Ways To Celebrate Achieving Your Goals

I am always looking for things to celebrate because what is more fun than popping a bottle of champagne or going out with your friends? The answer: not much! It is also soooo important to celebrate achieving your goals. Of course, it feels good achieving your goals but you also need to celebrate and do something special for yourself! You put in so much hard work to lose the weight, get the job, finish the program… you DESERVE a party (or whatever else makes yo happy). 

It’s also nice to change things up now and then. I mean, you may have a celebration ritual like drinking a specific bottle of wine or going to a specific restaurant but there are so many other ways to commemorate your successes! Why limit yourself to one way when you can do it 50 ways?

Find your new favorite way to acknowledge your amazing achievements with this list of 50 ways to celebrate! And if I’m being honest… you don’t even need to achieve something to celebrate, I won’t tell!

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50 ways to celebrate achieving your goals 

Celebrate with a drink!

01. Pop champagne

02. Go out for drinks

03. Get a fancy milkshake. Not into drinking alcohol? No worries! Grab yourself a yummy milkshake with all the toppings! Or maybe smoothies are more your thing!

04. Try a new coffee or tea (& buy yourself a congratulatory mug)

Celebrate with food!

05. Treat yourself to a nice dinner

06. Bake yourself a cake. You might want to get some cute cake decoration or some special sprinkles!

07. Eat some ice cream

08. Have breakfast in bed & use this awesome tray so you don’t make a mess!

09. Try a new restaurant

10. Treat yourself to a dessert bar. Think of all the yummy desserts you could have. You could share or just do it for yourself!

11. Get all of your fav treats

stack of donuts. Ways to celebrate your achievements
Celebrate your achievements with champagne

Celebrate by buying yourself something!

12. Buy yourself something off your wishlist. If you don’t already keep a wishlist of all the thigs you want… you should start!

13. Get some pretty flowers

14. Get your hair and nails done

15. Buy something really expensive that you normally wouldn’t think of buying

16. Buy a new book to read

17. Buy a “milestone” gift for yourself (aka something you agreed you would get yourself if you achieved the goal). Personally, I just did this by buying myself a new yoga mat when I finished 4 weeks of my Beachbody program)

Celebrate by doing something fun!

18. Throw a party

19. Dance like no one’s watching

20. Go on a road trip!

21. Book a vacation if you are feeling a little *extra*

22. Do something fun with friends (like laser tag or go Karting)

23. Confetti gun… that is all

24. Head to the spa

25. Get a party bus with your friends

Celebrate by doing something special for YOU!

26. Take the day off work. Call in sick if you need to 😉

27. Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident

28. Spruce up your space. Whether that is just cleaning up or buying something new to add, it doesn’t matter!

29. Have a “you” day

30. Enjoy all of your favorite things at once. Favorite food, favorite movie, favorite drink, etc.

31. Have a little staycation

32. Go on a hike (maybe something on the safer side so you can go by yourself)!

disco balls. 50 ways to celebrate your success
Woman holding flowers. Buy yourself flowers to celebrate your achievements

Celebrate by reflecting!

33. Write about how you feel in your journal

34. Add your achievement to a success board

35. Get out in nature. Sometimes nature can be the best place to just think about how you feel!

36. Reflect on any obstacles you overcame

37. Write a letter to yourself to read at a later date

38. Start a success journal. You could use a guided journal to keep working on your goals or just keep a notebook with all your successes in it to go back to whenever you want!

Celebrate by sharing your success!

39. Tell your friends about it

40. Post about it on social media

41. Send thank you cards to the people who helped you succeed

42. Share how you achieved your goal to help others. Sharing is caring 🙂

43. Print out your achievement and hang it on the wall. Whether it’s a diploma from school or a print out of your first sale, it will be a reminder to yourself (and everyone else) that you did it!

Other fun ways to celebrate your achievements!

44. Get a t-shirt made. How fun would it be to have a custom made t-shirt to remember the time you bought a house?

45. Make a celebration playlist & listen whenever you crush your goals

46. Hang your own congratulations banner. You don’t need friends to throw you a party when you can decorate yourself!

47. Light sparklers

48. Do a photoshoot

49. Create a video of you talking about your achievement so you can always go back and watch

50. Get a custom trophy made

There are so many ways to celebrate your successes! Whether it’s something big or something small, there is always something to celebrate and feel proud of. I would argue it’s even more important to celebrate the small wins (because they happen more often lol)!

Save for later!

50 fun ways to celebrate achieving your goals
50 awesome ways to celebrate your success

What is your favorite way to celebrate achievements?

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