58 Easy Things To Declutter This Fall Season

Do you ever do a big spring clean? It’s always soooo nice to clean up the house and get rid of a bunch of stuff you don’t need. It feels so rewarding! I personally like to do a spring closet clean out and donate clothes I no longer want/ wear. As nice as it is to do a spring clean I have always wondered why we as a society only focus on cleaning one time a year lol. Like, it’s great we clean up during spring but what about the rest of the year? Maybe I just collect too much crap during the year but I NEED to declutter a couple times a year!

Why you should declutter more

I typically find myself doing major declutters around the house and in my closet around fall. Usually in October because I am putting out my seasonal fall decor, putting my summer clothes away to make room for all my oversized comfy sweaters, and clearing space in my kitchen cabinets for more yummy seasonal treats! 

I find that doing 2 major declutters instead of just 1 takes some pressure away. If I don’t want to part with something in the spring during the first declutter I can revisit it in the fall and make a decision then. Or if I am getting overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to go through, I can leave some things for later.

I personally like organizing and decluttering so I don’t mind doing this task a couple times (or more) during the year. But if you hate this type of work you may cringe a little. HOWEVER, I also think people hate organizing and decluttering because they let the mess get soooo bad that it’s a huge task to take on. I would hate that too! So, maybe doing a spring AND fall declutter would be helpful. 

If you are looking to do a digital declutter along with decluttering your home, check out this post on how to totally declutter your digital life.

By no means am I an organization expert (that would be my mom, thanks mom). But I do have some great tips and tricks up my sleeves that I want to share with all you lovely people! So, without further ado, let’s get into the fall decluttering list!

Let’s go room by room to make it a little easier!


  • Broken containers/ containers with missing lids
  • Half eaten boxes of food 
  • Expired food
  • Food you don’t like/ don’t see yourself eating 
  • Plates/bowls with significant dents or cracks 
  • Mugs you don’t use (this one is hard for me… I consider myself a mug collector or as Nick, my fiance, would say “mug hoarder”)
  • Random kitchen utensils you don’t use (looking at you adorable tiny spatula)
  • Old utensils that need to be replaced 
  • Spices – the ones that are basically empty, never used, you didn’t like ** It helps if you keep your spices on a lazy susan. It’s easier to see them and they don’t get piled up/ pushed to the back as easily. It also limits the amount you can have since you can only keep what fits on the lazy susan! **
  • Empty jars or containers you’ve been saving for DIY crafts (I do this and the crafts never happen lol)
  • Junk drawer


  • Old sheets and pillow cases 
  • Worn out throw pillows/ throw blankets 
  • Random papers in your side table 
  • Old phones/ phone cords 
  • Boxes for items (choe boxes, electronics boxes, etc)
  • Clothing you haven’t worn since last year 
  • Clothing that is damaged 
  • Worn out underwear and socks 
  • Socks without matching pairs 
  • Old bathing suits 
  • Scarves and accessories you don’t like anymore 
  • Old tote bags / purses (make sure to check all the pockets before getting rid of them!!)
  • Clothing that no longer fits
  • Jewelry that is dirty/ damaged/ no longer worn

Pro tip: clean out underneath your bed too! If you’re anything like me, you have bins of extra clothes and random storage items. It’s good to pull all that stuff out now and then and make sure it’s still stuff you want/ need. 


  • Expired products 
  • Products you received as a gift and never used 
  • Products you don’t like 
  • Old toothbrushes 
  • Old hair ties/ hair accessories 
  • Nearly empty bottles 
  • Makeup brushes you never use 
  • Makeup you don’t wear 
  • Mini toiletries from hotels (if you haven’t used it yet, you aren’t going to)
  • Old razors 


  • Burned down candles
  • Old magazines/ reading materials 
  • Coffee table books you never look at 
  • Old puzzles or board games missing pieces or that no one plays 
  • Movies you won’t watch again 
  • Extra coasters you don’t use 
  • Any decor that doesn’t serve you anymore (you can always just put these items away for now but revisit them next time you declutter)
  • Worn out throw pillows/ throw blankets 
  • Items that don’t belong in the living room 
  • Old remotes that you no longer need


  • Receipts you no longer need 
  • Papers you no longer need
  • Old pens and markers 
  • Instruction manuals you no longer need 
  • Take out menus/ expired coupons 
  • Old craft supplies 
  • Old computer items you no longer use (outdated items, old keyboards, etc.)

If you want some helpful tips for organizing your papers and office space go check out this post from The Simply Organized Home.


  • Old paint cans 
  • Sports equipment you don’t use 
  • Work out equipment you don’t use 
  • Empty boxes/ garbage
  • Old tools that are broken/ not used 
  • Almost empty cleaning supplies/ expired cleaning supplies

What to do with the stuff you decluttered

I would highly recommend you donate what can be donated. Clothing, household decor, working electronics, etc. Just because you don’t want or need those items doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t LOVE them! Even some foods can be donated to your local food bank. I know it’s an extra step but it’s so important to donate and not just toss it all in the garbage!

What are you going to declutter first? Tell me in the comments!

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