6 Books To Read Right Now To Boost Your Mood

With summer coming to an end and fall quickly approaching it can be soooo easy to let yourself get into a rut. The weather changes, you want warmer and yummier food, and the couch looks like the place to be every night. I know this because I also get into those ruts. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall. But the transition can be damn hard on my physical and mental health. The worst part is – if you don’t do something to get yourself out of that rut… it gets a lot harder to do anything about it when the dreaded *winter* shows up. 

Can you tell I hate winter?? If you need me to say it louder for ya – I hate winter!!! I’m from Canada – winter is cold and dreary and no one needs it. Petition to skip winter this year? 

When you start feeling those cold day blues and feel like life has just got you down, what you need most is a PICK ME UP. Maybe this looks like getting all fancy and grabbing a good dinner with the girls or cracking open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving. I mean, whatever works for you!

For me, a pick me up is usually something like a yummy meal, a day of rest and relaxation, or reading a good book. Reading is a HUGE part of my life. It really holds me together when things get tough. I can always rely on a good book to take my mind off things or transport me to a place where I have no worries. Can you relate to that at all? Where are my fellow book lovers??

So I am going to share with you 6 books that you should read asap when you feel a little down, in a rut, or just need a smile! 

1. A book with an adorable romance that fills your heart: PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION by Emily Henry

Seriously such a good read. Something you’ll want to just fly through in a couple days. The story follows 2 best friends who might be more than best friends… They are cute and quirky and the love is enough to light up your life!

2. A book that will make you laugh out loud: YEARBOOK by Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan is one funny guy so obviously his book is just as funny! I would HIGHLY recommend the audiobook as it is read by him and it’s honestly hilarious! 

3. A book that will take you on a wild adventure away from your worries: FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT by Elle Cosimano

Do you like a good mystery? What about an accidental murder that turns one regular woman into a hidden criminal? This is a really witty mystery that is a super fast paced and enjoyable read. Really good if you just need to escape and recharge!

4. A book that gives you that kick in the butt you need: YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero

A popular self help book for sure so you’ve probably seen this one around at some point! But its for good reason – this book is well done. Full of insights and truths that can hurt a little. If you need to be forced off the floor, this will do the trick!

5. A book that reminds you what is important in life: UNDER THE WHISPERING DOOR by TJ Klune

A beautifully written book about death, grief, and learning to be human. Don’t let that make you think this is a sad story. No, it’s fun and funny. It’s full of cute moments and heartwarming characters. The overall message is just so insightful. Definitely worth the read if you need a reminder about the important things in life while escaping into a wonderful story!

6. A book that sparks creativity: BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert

When you are feeling like that creative tank is empty… pick up Big Magic! It has so many good stories from the author that show you how to be authentic and creative! Written by the same author as Eat, Pray, Love so you know it’s a good one!

What do you do to pick yourself up? Tell me in the comments!

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