60 Journal Prompts For Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

People say that a healthy outside starts from a healthy inside. I know that probably sounds like I’m talking about eating right (which is always a good thing) but I also mean your mind. A healthy lifestyle starts with your MIND. If you can get your mindset right the rest will follow because let’s be real, living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy! However, if you can get your brain on board it makes it that much easier. So if you like to journal and are looking for new journal prompts, I have the perfect blog post for you. Keep reading to get all the journal prompts for helping you live a healthy lifestyle.

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Importance of healthy living 

So, why do you even want to prioritize healthy living? The answer is simple and complex. The simple answer is healthy living allows you to live a longer, happier, and more successful life. Eating good foods, moving your body, thinking in a positive way, and balancing your responsibilities add up to a healthy life. 

The more complex answer includes health-related reasons such as having a healthy heart, improved nervous system function, brain health, mobility, and so on. I am not a doctor so I can’t tell you all the medical reasons why having a healthy lifestyle is important but I think we all understand the basics. 

I am big on goal setting and living your best life (that is why I started this blog) and I truly believe that living an overall healthier lifestyle and practicing healthy habits also helps you reach your goals. When your life is “on track” and you are crushing your habits it makes it much easier to achieve greatness. In turn, practicing small healthy habits makes a healthy lifestyle much easier. 

So, the answer is a little bit of everything. You should strive to live a healthy lifestyle that includes physical health, mental health, work-life balance, mindset work, nutrition, self-care, and joy. I always think of life in a holistic way. We are complex beings that have many needs. Living a healthy lifestyle includes all aspects of life. 

a woman standing on the side of the street smiling with red sunglasses

Quick tips for living a healthy lifestyle 

There are some small and quick things you can do to live a healthier lifestyle but they are not going to fix everything. Think of these tips as easy ways to improve your life while you are doing the harder mindset work and building up your discipline and consistency!

1 – get to sleep earlier 

There is a lot of evidence showing that better sleep is linked to a healthier life. It’s not easy to just switch your sleep routine overnight but you can start going to bed a little earlier every night. If you struggle with getting to bed earlier check out my post on how to wake up earlier where I share lots of sleep hygiene tips. 

2 – drink more water 

Water is good for you, I don’t think anyone can argue with that! Try drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning before your coffee or breakfast. Grab a cute water bottle and take it everywhere so you are always reminded to drink some.

3 – go for walks 

You can get outside and walk or even just walk on a treadmill. Increasing your step count can really help with your physical and mental health. The days where I don’t get many steps are also days where I feel like a zombie and just don’t feel myself. 

4 – track your habits 

There is no better way to truly know what you are doing every day than to track it. Start with one or two habits that you want to track (walking, eating fruit, skincare, etc). Write them in a notebook or on your phone and then give yourself a little checkmark each day you complete the habit. See at the end of the month how you did and how you could improve. Add on more habits as you go! Need help figuring out what habits to track? Read this post with 73 different habits you can add to your habit tracker. 

5 – do some self-care 

Remember, a healthy lifestyle is holistic. Living a healthy life means resting, doing things for yourself that make you happy, and filling your cup. You can find time every day, week, or month to do self-care. Have a nice bath, talk with a friend, go for a hike… do whatever you consider self-care, and do it as often as you can. Like to do things alone? Here is a post with great self-care solo date ideas! 

A bath tub with a candle, coffee cup, and books. Self-care for healthy living.

6 – stretch

It feels good to stretch your body and honestly, many of us don’t do it nearly enough. There are some great free YouTube videos you can follow along with if you don’t really know what to do. As you get older it’s more and more important to limber up and focus on your mobility. 

7 – add vegetables to your meals

I know I don’t always have enough veggies in my daily life. It’s good practice to add more veggies to your meals and it’s much easier to ADD things than to take away. If you struggle with healthy eating try adding some carrots and dip to your next meal instead of taking away the less healthy foods you love. It’s about baby steps!

8 – put a screen time limit on your phone

I don’t think anyone feels good about themselves after several hours on their phones. My brain feels like mush and usually I feel a bit down after. Screen time can’t always be avoided but putting a limit on it, especially social media, can be beneficial to your overall health. 

9 – get outside 

There is just something about fresh air that lifts your mood! Try getting outside every day. You could go for a walk, sit on your porch, or just take a little extra time walking from your car to the store. Take some deep breaths and focus on the goodness of nature. 

10 – take your vitamins 

This is something I need to get better at! If you are not fueling your body with good foods there is a chance you aren’t getting all the nutrients you need. A multi-vitamin is always good and then of course, any other vitamins you might want to take. I personally like the hair, skin, and nails ones. They taste yummy and make a big difference! You can also check out some plant based supplements that might work for you and your lifestyle.

Chat with your doctor about any supplements you want to take and only do what feels right for you!

woman holding a glass of water in one hand and vitamins in the other hand.

Journal prompts for creating a healthy lifestyle 

As previously mentioned – creating a healthy lifestyle starts with your mind. It starts by believing that you CAN and DESERVE to live a healthy life. It starts by working through limiting beliefs, bad habits, and learned behaviours. The work can be hard but it is worth it!

So if you are working hard to change your life and are ready to work through some of your mindset hang-ups, let’s get to the journal prompts.

Healthy eating journal prompts

1 – what do I consider “healthy eating?”

2 – how do I currently plan my meals?

3 – do I believe there are good and bad foods? What are they? Why do I feel this way?

4 – how would I describe my relationship with food?

5 – what are 3 ways I could eat healthier?

6 – where do I struggle most with nutrition?

7 – what is something I want to learn about food and nutrition?

8 – what foods do I like and dislike? Why?

9 – do my emotions impact my eating habits?

10 – what do I want to change about my relationship with food?

Fitness and physical health journal prompts 

11 – what type of movement do I like to do? What do I dislike doing?

12 – how do I feel when I work out?

13 – what is a barrier to moving my body daily?

14 – what are my reasons for wanting to be physically healthy?

15 – how does my body feel when I don’t move regularly?

16 – do I enjoy working out or do I view it as punishment, a task, etc? Why?

17 – what are my current fitness habits?

18 – how do I view my body?

19 – think of a time I felt comfortable in my body. What did it feel like and why?

20 – how can I make fitness part of my daily life? Write down a few ideas and a plan.

Here are even more fitness journal prompts if you’re interested.

Healthy habits journal prompts 

21 – what habits do I currently practice? Are they good or bad?

22 – what goals do I want to accomplish? What habits would help that?

23 – what will help me stay consistent with my habits?

24 – when do I have the hardest time with habits?

25 – what are things I can control in my life? 

26 – create a plan for those days when I am too tired to follow through with my habits

27 – what are 5 new habits I can start tracking?

28 – what activities make me feel my best? (could be anything – movement, reading, walking, talking to friends, hugging your pets, dancing… anything!)

29 – how can I incorporate the things that make me feel good into my daily life?

30 – what is one small thing I can do each day to be healthier?

journal prompts for healthy living

Well-being / wellness journal prompts

31 – why do I want to focus on my wellness? Why now?

32 – what are my top wellness goals?

33 – who can I rely on for support in my life?

34 – what makes me feel relaxed and at peace?

35 – list 5 things I am grateful for right now.

36 – what does self-care mean to me?

37 – how can I be kinder to myself?

38 – write about a time I felt proud of myself. How could I feel that way again?

39 – what is my current morning routine? Can it make it better?

40 – list 10 things I love about my body.

Balanced living journal prompts:

41 – how is my current work-life balance?

42 – do I split my time evenly among different aspects of my life?

43 – where do I want to spend more time? (with friends, doing hobbies, at work, etc.)

44 – if I was free from stress, what would be different or gone from my life?

45 – how do I feel about my job? What would I change?

46 – what is my ideal day?

47 – who or what am I putting first in my life? (be honest!!)

48 – what are 3 ways I could make my day more balanced?

49 – when do I feel most productive?

50 – what are my favorite hobbies? How can I spend more time on them?

Health-related journal prompts 

51 – my top health goals are…

52 – how do I currently feel about my physical health?

53 – what am I grateful for when it comes to my health?

54 – how could my life be better if I moved my body more?

55 – if I focus on my body, how does it feel right now?

56 – what is my biggest source of stress?

57 – what makes me feel the most tired?

58 – what do I really think about my body?

59 – create an ideal healthy daily routine.

60 – what is my biggest health roadblock? 

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Final thoughts 

Healthy living should be the goal for everyone! The benefits of eating well, moving your body, working on your mindset, and living a balanced life are too much to ignore!

Change is not always easy but it is possible. Make small changes daily and watch how they add up to a major lifestyle shift over time. 

Try these journal prompts to straighten out your current mindset and any barriers you might be facing right now. Just know that everyone has to work on themselves on an ongoing basis! None of this comes easy for anyone and if they say it does, they’re lying!

Put in the hard work and watch your life change. I know you can do it!

What prompt is your favorite?? 

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