8+ Blogs To Read When You Need A Little Inspiration

As a person with a blog, it’s obvious that I like to spend time reading other blogs and articles! With video content taking over the internet, I can say I still find joy in reading (and you do too if you’re reading this). I love to follow along with blogs that inspire and motivate me in some way. There is nothing better than reading an article and feeling pumped up to try something new or just get after something! 

There are literally endless amounts of blogs out there. It can be hard to find ones that you love. The best feeling is finding a new blog to start reading and binge reading a bunch of their content! Its both a blessing and a curse lol. A blessing because duh, you found a great blog. But a curse because my to-do list will suffer a bit from the binge reading!

So, here are some blogs that I personally read and find to be motivating or inspiring in some way! I hope you can find someone new to follow along with or at least some good reading material!

Best inspirational blogs to read

What makes a blog/ blogger inspirational? Everyone will answer that question a little differently.

To me, I like when a blog is full of content about goals, personal development, or some type of lifestyle I aspire to live. That’s a big reason I started my own blog! I want to inspire people to live their best lives and go after their dreams.

So, these are some blogs that have inspired me in some way either with the content they post or the lifestyle they live! Happy reading :)

Jenna Kutcher from Jenna Kutcher Blog

Jenna Kutcher runs a very well known podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast. She is full of wisdom when it comes to business, social media, and other related topics. Her podcast is wonderful and always inspiring! Her blog covers a lot of the same topics as her podcast with the added personal elements which is nice. 

Personal fav post: 14 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

Riyah from Riyah Speaks

Riyah is the owner of this self care blog! She posts an array of posts in the topics of wellness, self care, self love, and more! She is so uplifting and her blog is absolutely beautiful. Riyah also has a productivity ebook and a newsletter that lights up your inbox! I personally subscribe to her emails and I love them.

Personal fav post: What Do You Need To Do In Order To Love Yourself A Little More?

Catherine from The Blissful Mind

I have been following The Blissful Mind long before I decided to start blogging! I was initially drawn in by how beautiful her blog is but I stayed for the content! Catherine is a total inspiration and her content shows it. Catherine is a blogger and mindset coach. She posts about productivity, mindset, and self care!

Personal fav post: How To Keep Commitments To Yourself

Erica from Coming Up Roses

Erica runs a fantastically fun blog and just has the best personality!! I am newer to Erica’s blog but have been loving reading through all her posts! Her posts range from lifestyle to personal development and much more! If you are looking for a mood boost, Erica is your girl! 

Personal fav post: How To Get Shit Done When You Don’t Feel Motivated 

Coley from Life Goals Mag

Life Goals Mag is an online magazine with the purpose of helping others be the best version of themselves! How fun is that?? Coley is the founder of Life Goals Mag and is a wonderful human. Topics range from productivity, self care, and habits! There is so much to read on this site so it’s definitely a good place to do some binge reading!

Personal fav post: How To Tap Into Your Intuition To Create A More Aligned Life

Giada from Purposeful Dreamers

Giada is a friend of mine and a great blogger. Her content is full of tips, tricks, and inspo for living your best life. Her content is truly actionable which is the best part because as soon as you read her posts and start feeling motivated and inspired you can get to work!

My personal fav post: How to Change Your Mindset to Finally Live Your Dream Life This Year

Alexa from Ambitiously Alexa

Alexa has been working hard on her blog over the last few years and the work has paid off! She has a fantastic blog full of journaling, goal setting and self-care content. If you are looking for journal prompts or some awesome printables, Alexa is for you.

My personal fav post: 40 Monthly Reflection Questions to Identify Your Needs

Julianna from The Simplicity Habit

Are you looking for someone to inspire you to clean, declutter, get organized or just be more intentional? Those are all reasons why I love reading The Simplicity Habit. Her content always motivates me to declutter or gives me some helpful tips and tricks to be more organized in my life!

My personal fav post: The 7 Stages of Decluttering: Expert Tips on How to Clear the Clutter


This is a bigger blog that gives off similar feels to The Every Girl but I prefer Girlboss because of the awesome career, personal growth, and informational content. Plus, they have a job search board which i think is really cool. The section on success stories is always so motivating.

My personal fav post: “I Need a Career Change but Have No Idea What to Do Next. Now What?”

Lauren from Lauren Elyce

Lauren is a newer blog on my radar! She posts content about self-love, wellness, style, and lifestyle. I love her lifestyle content because it’s relatable and real. I find her authenticity inspiring and is something I hope to bring more of to my own content.

My personal fav post: How I Schedule My Work Days & Stay Organized

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Final thoughts

I do love some video content from time to time and I wont lie, YouTube is probably one of my favourite platforms to engage with. I think I like YouTube for the same reason I love reading blogs – the connection over longer form content.

Whether you are reading someone’s written words or watching a 20 minute long video, you are connecting with that person on a deeper level than a 5 second Instagram video. As a society we crave connection which is so weirdly lost on SOCIAL media.

I hope you find someone new to follow and connect with virtually. I know I will be keeping up with all these bloggers :)

What blogs do you follow for some inspiration? Who did I miss from the list? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


Originally posted January 2022. Updated January 2024.

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