8 Tips For Acting As If You Are Already Successful

Have you ever heard something say “fake it till you make it” or “acting as if?” 

When you are working towards your goals it can be hard when you are in the “in-between” stages. You are putting in so much time and energy and still haven’t achieved the goal and haven’t reached your standard of success. 

You can start to lose confidence in yourself when achievement is taking too long. Unfortunately, a lot of people give up. Roughly 70% of people who set goals give up before they can achieve them!

People give up for a multitude of reasons. Some fear failure, others dislike how long the process takes, and many get stuck in analysis paralysis. What if I told you that you could start achieving your goals by acting like you are already successful?

Why wait until you achieve your goals to believe you are already successful? Do you realize how powerful that mindset shift is? If you struggle with confidence or feel like you haven’t “made it” yet (whatever that means), this blog post is for you. Keep reading to get tips on how to act as if you are already a successful queen AND how to foster a success mindset. 

What does acting as if mean?

I heard someone on Instagram use the term “acting as if” and it honestly changed my mindset on success and goal achievement.  

It’s not a new idea. We have all heard and probably used the phrase, “fake it till you make it.” That really just means to pretend you know what you’re doing until you actually do. 

Acting as if is a similar idea. The only difference is that acting as if requires you to take some form of action. I like to think of it as acting like you’ve already achieved your goals. How would you feel? What would you be doing? How would your life change?

This is where having a vision is essential! I’ll give an example.

If my goal is to lose 10 pounds and live a healthier lifestyle, why suffer and wait until that magically happens? I will act like it has already happened. I’ll change how I eat, how I exercise, how I think of my body, etc. If I know when I lose weight I’ll be more confident, I’ll start acting more confident now. Notice how I said ACT? I’m not saying I will BE more confident because that might not be the case but I will act like it. 

I’ve also seen examples regarding side hustles. Start acting like your side hustle is already successful. What would you do with your time? How would you talk and think about your business? 

Acting as if is not just a mindset hack but will actually make a difference in your overall goal progress because you are forcing yourself to take action that will help you move forward in a good way.

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How your mindset influences your reality 

Our minds are super powerful. Changing the way you think may seem like a little thing but I promise you, it’s not! 

Do you know what a growth mindset is? In simple terms, it’s just the belief that you can grow and change as a person. You can learn new things, you can evolve and change your thoughts and opinions. It’s the mindset that anything is possible! 

A fixed mindset is when you think everything is permanent. You don’t believe you can learn new things and you believe that people are just the way they are. 

Can you see how one of these mindsets would be better than the other? If you believe in growth and change, your reality will be much more prosperous. You will achieve more goals, you will try new things, and generally, be a happier person. 

The most exciting thing about our minds is that even if you fall under the fixed mindset category, that can be changed! Our minds are actually so powerful that you can understand HOW you think and observe the world and then take steps to actively change it. 

There have been studies done on how our mindset can influence mental health, physical health, and opportunities in life. With the amount of important things our mindset influences do you see why it would be crucial to work on it?

How to develop a success mindset

Anyone can develop a success mindset, you just need to be willing to try! 

A success mindset is really just a growth mindset with a focus on achievement. Just like a growth mindset you need to be open to learning new things and believing that learning and growing is possible!

Here are some tips for creating a success mindset:

  • Put yourself in new and challenging situations
  • Think of failure as just another opportunity to try again and succeed
  • Surround yourself with people who think like you do 
  • Focus on goal progress 
  • Avoid being stagnant

8 tips for acting as if you are already successful 

So now that you know what a growth mindset is and why it’s important for you to work towards that, let’s chat about what to do in the meantime when you aren’t feeling super confident and maybe don’t fully believe in your abilities!

This is where you need to really focus on acting as if. It’s okay to not feel confident or to feel like you can’t be a certain way until you reach your goals. However, the reality is, acting as if you’ve already achieved something is helping you!

Here are 8 tips for acting as if when you don’t feel like you “have it” yet. 

01 Get really clear on your vision 

It would be helpful to make a vision board or at least write out what your completed goal looks and feels like! 

02 Figure out what actions would make you feel like you “had it” 

Once you’ve achieved your goals, how would you be acting? Maybe you would be getting up earlier? Or maybe you would be talking about your business differently. Sort out what actions you would be taking so you can start doing them now!

03 Align how you think about yourself and your success 

It might be hard to start acting like you’ve achieved all this success if you truly think you’ve achieved nothing. But, you’ve totally achieved something! Write down a list of the things you’ve achieved so far. They don’t need to be big things. Now, align your thinking with that feeling of success and achievement!

04 Practice saying affirmations in the mirror 

There is actual science about the use of affirmations! You will feel silly at first but as you do it more it feels more natural. Practice telling yourself that you are successful. Say things like “I am successful” or “I have achieved my goals” 

05 Change something about your routine 

Using that list of actions that would make you feel like you “had it,” start adding some of them into your routines. Start small and maybe add one thing to your morning. Try to be intentional about it. 

Example: I wanted to feel more successful with blogging or like it was more of a real business vs just a silly little hobby so I started making time to WORK (and called it work) in the morning before my 9-5 job! 

06 Find inspiration 

Do you have someone you look up to? Find someone that inspires you and is doing something similar to what you want. That could be a fitness influencer who works out a certain way or a blogger who has a certain lifestyle. Tip: focus on their attitude/ vibes instead of what they are doing. You might not be where they are yet but you can act like it!

07 Dress the part 

Many people say that just doing their make-up and getting dressed increases their confidence and I would have to agree. 

Depending on what your goal is, try dressing as if you already got it. Do you want to be a lawyer? Start dressing up. Trying to get big on tik tok? Get ready before filming! 

08 Get real about your priorities 

If you spend more time on your goals and start making them a real priority in your life I bet you will start feeling more confident about them. 

By making something a priority you are making it a more “real” part of your life. The dream starts becoming the reality and then “acting” as if won’t be acting anymore.

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If you can always remember that your mind is powerful and can create a better reality for you, then you should be good to go!

Sometimes you just wont feel confident and it does take time to truly achieve your goals. However, there is no reason to discredit yourself and the success you already have. Because at the end of the day, you’ve already achieved so much!

Have you ever acted as if? Is this a term you’ve heard before?

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