About Me

Hi there, I’m Deanna!

I’m a twenty-something lifestyle blogger trying to find a little piece of happiness in the everyday, just like you! I believe that we all need to find our own piece of happiness in the ‘everyday’ which is what I hope to inspire you to do!

The stuff you need to know:

  • I am a proud cat mom to an adorable kitty named Luna
  • You can pretty much always find me reading a book
  • My fav weekend activity is checking out new coffee shops and always getting the same order (vanilla latte)
  • I’m not the most fashionable or make up savvy but I have a personality that totally makes up for it (no faking it over here)

My ultimate goal is to inspire you to find a little bit of happiness in the hustle and bustle of the everyday. We are all busy and sometimes those little things get lost!

Whether that is through making small organizational changes around your home, getting that Starbucks coffee you want, or by reading my blog posts… Every person deserves that spark that gets them through the day!