An Easy Weekend Reset Routine For A Great Week Ahead

I have been on and off doing a weekend reset for the last 5 years – ever since I moved out on my own! It mainly happened out of necessity lol and it has definitely evolved over the years. There was not a lot happening in my life before! Now, with a bit of a busier schedule and work to plan around, having a weekend reset routine holds the family together (the family being me, my husband, and cat 😂). 

I’ve been known to find someone who has a great routine and then try to copy it to a tee. Spoiler alert… it never works! Not everyone has the same life, shocking I know. So please find some tidbits from this blog post that help you but don’t feel you need to copy! 

I get a lot of joy out of my weekend reset routine now. Also, I won’t lie – all weekends will be a little different. I don’t like to be too rigid in my planning which has honestly taken a long time to get there. Flexibility is key when it comes to routines! If you go at it from that “all or nothing” view you will never have a routine that works. Just a tip!

So, let’s jump into my weekend reset routine!

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What is a weekend reset routine?

You have probably heard of the Sunday reset. It’s all over the internet. All the IT GIRLS do a Sunday reset. They often look very aesthetic and involve deep cleaning your entire house within a Sunday morning. I don’t know about you but I just don’t have the motivation to do that (and it would easily take me all day… doesn’t sound fun). 

So, as per Deanna fashion, I changed up the original idea and made it my own. 

A weekend reset routine is a to-do list that you follow every weekend to set yourself up for a great week. It’s holistic (my fav) so you will feel reset and refreshed in all areas of your life. It happens over the entire weekend to be more realistic and allow for more flexibility!

What is on the weekend reset routine to-do list you ask? Well, that’s up to you! Since your life looks different than mine you may need to have more or less things on your reset to-do list. Doesn’t matter either way, do whatever you need to do!

Some things you may add to your weekend reset routine:

  • Washing the bedding 
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Folding laundry
  • Washing the car
  • Grocery shopping
  • Decluttering 
  • Refreshing your calendar
  • Checking emails
  • Paying bills 

The list is endless!! I will share my weekend reset routine and to-do list down below so you can get more ideas. 

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Setting yourself up for a good week

I hate the feeling of a scattered Monday morning. If I don’t have a plan, the house isn’t clean, or I don’t know what to eat I just know my week is off to a rocky start. Maybe that is relatable? The weekend is a time for rest and fun but you can also take a short amount of time to set yourself up for success. 

A long time ago I heard the saying that a cluttered space = a cluttered mind. It’s so true! I think about this saying all the time. When the house is a mess I feel frazzled and honestly, I lose all my creativity and spark to work on the blog or other side things I have going on. 

I think it’s a no-brainer to have a weekend reset routine (even a really quick and easy one) if it means getting your space and your brain into a better spot for the week. Plus, who wants to do all this work during the week after you get home from work? Not me!

If you’ve really lost all drive to set yourself up for a good week over the weekend, try saying these affirmations to yourself in the mirror:

  • When I put myself first, everything around me benefits 
  • Everything I do today leads to a better tomorrow
  • I deserve to show up for myself

The weekend reset routine

Creating healthy habits takes time! There will be bumps in the road; you may forget to do your weekend reset one weekend, but it’s okay!! 

Here is what I currently do for my weekend reset routine! It has taken years to get to this point and I am nowhere near “perfect” or “that girl” lol but it works for me. So have a look 🙂

Update calendars 

I really don’t have the busiest life. I don’t have kids, I work a regular job, and I don’t have a huge family… however, I do like to keep a planner and update it on a regular basis. 

During the weekend I will typically plan out my social media posts for the week and write them down. I add in any plans I have for the coming week/ weekend. It’s not a lot but it helps me stay on track. 
For my day-to-day stuff, I just keep it in my phone on my Google calendar.

For social media and blog stuff, I have a planner pad and a Google Sheets spread. The planner pad is more of the to-do list for content while the Google Sheets is my overall yearly planner. I find the planner pad works for me for weekly to-do’s and keeping track of my content.

Set goals and intentions 

I love goal setting!! Goal setting is so much fun to me because of all the possibilities. Like some goal you set on a whim could change your life! How exciting! 

Every month I typically set goals so you may like to do it like that. However, I do set intentions for each week. I usually just write them in my journal. It’s not some big process. I sometimes set a weekly goal too depending on what’s going on. This part is flexible to me!

Some weekly intention ideas:

  • Spending less time on your phone
  • Choosing to see the positive in situations 
  • Stay focused on a goal
  • Be present in the moment 
  • Get outside in nature without headphones 

Intentions and goals are often thought to be the same. They are not! Goals are action-based and have a measurable result. Intentions can also be action-based and have a result but usually, they are more a way of life. 

Don’t think you need to set new goals and new intentions each week! Sometimes your goals and intentions will overlap and last longer. That’s okay. You don’t need to change things weekly just because you are doing your weekend reset routine. Every week I intend to be active and to move my body in a way that is fun to me. That doesn’t need to change! 

Make a list for Monday 

I like to create a to-do list for Monday ahead of time. The weekend FLIES by and it can be easy to not have a plan. I have also been known to think about work outside of work… did I send that email? What was that resource my client asked for again? It’s easier to just accept that I will think of work sometimes and then create a list so I am not stressed on Monday thinking I forgot something! 

You could create a Monday to-do list for work or it could be just things to do at home, things you need to remember, etc. Whatever works for your lifestyle. 

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Meal planning and prep

I am not a meal prep type of person but I am a meal planner! That is my job in the house – create the meal plan, the grocery list, and then do the shopping. I have a love/hate relationship with it lol. 

Having food in the house is a necessity and as much as I love eating out, it’s not affordable to do daily. I fell into the habit of buying lunches at work multiple times a week and it was just because I never planned the meals. We would grocery shop and get random things for like three meals. Then the rest of the time it was a scramble. 

Highly recommend planning your meals ahead of time and shopping on the weekends so you don’t need to run to the store after work during the week!

Weekend chores 

The biggest part of my weekend reset routine is chores. While I do tend to some chores during the week, I usually keep the bigger ones for the weekend. 

My weekend chores list usually includes:

  • Laundry
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Putting away odds and ends around the house
  • Vacuuming 
  • Cleaning the bathrooms 
  • Washing the sheets 

The list will be longer or shorter sometimes. The kitchen doesn’t always need to be cleaned if I kept up with it during the week. On other weekends the house needs a bit more love! Either way, there are always chores to be done during the weekend reset. 

However, it feels manageable because I do it over the whole weekend. A little on Friday night if I have time. A little more on Saturday (my usual shopping day). Sunday is when my husband has more time to do some chores as well (it’s a team effort). 

Self-care time 

The weekend really is meant for rest! So during my weekend reset routine, I always find time to practice self-care. In the winter I tend to have a lot of bubble baths. In the summer I spend more time with friends and getting out into the sunshine. Self-care is so many things!

Reading a book, going for a walk, having a bath, coloring, or watching your favorite show are just a few ideas for adding self-care into your weekend reset routine. 

Self-care is also important because burning out never helps anyone. You need to care for yourself after a long week!

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Tips for the best weekend reset routine

Here are a few tips from someone who has done a lot of trial and error when it comes to routines!!

Don’t do a reset on Sunday only 

I already touched on this a bit but seriously, do the weekend reset routine over the WEEKEND. This means Saturday AND Sunday. I find it too hard to fit everything into one day. I don’t like a strict schedule. What if my friends want to get patio drinks on Sunday afternoon? I’m not skipping it to clean my house… so this allows me to plan around my schedule and still get the reset to-do list done. 

Make it fun 

Let’s be real, no one really likes cleaning and doing boring tasks. Make your weekend reset routine fun! Play good music, grab your favorite Starbucks drink, ask a friend to hang out. You are the creator of your weekend reset routine – there are no rules! 

Do it with the family 

If you have kiddos you should totally include them! It’s a good way to show them what their mom or dad needs to do to keep the house running smoothly and teaches them some skills. I have my husband help with lots of things (because well, it’s his house too). It’s more fun doing it together and takes the burden off of me having to do it all. 

Planning ahead is key 

You may be able to tell but I am a list person! I love a good list and a plan. Having a plan of attack for your weekend reset routine will make it easier and will help you stay consistent. So write it down! You could just write down the bullet points like:

  • Reset calendar 
  • New goals and intentions 
  • Monday list
  • Groceries 
  • Chores
  • Self-care 

Or you could make a more detailed plan. I think both are great! Sometimes all you need is a quick list while other times you need more of a plan. Like I said, some weekends I need to do more chores. In those cases, I will make a more detailed list! 

Tips for the best weekend reset routine
An easy weekend reset routine - set yourself up for success with this quick reset

Final thoughts 

I really do think having a weekend reset routine can be a game changer. It takes the stress away from the typical Sunday reset and gives you more time. It’s just more realistic in my opinion. 

If you like a good list like I do this will probably be a lot of fun for you! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the weekend reset routine idea and if you have any routines in place that work for you. 

Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Until next time, 


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