Easy Ways To Start Working Out At Home

Working out at home has become a norm for so many people in the last couple years. Many love it and others hate it. I fall under the “love” category, but that is not new to these past couple years. I have always been a huge working out at home fan… I just find it more comfortable and enjoyable (hello introvert tendencies). So, for those who want to work out from home more but just struggle with the idea, I wanted to share some easy ways to start working out at home!

What to know before you start

Now, before you just jump into a random workout… let’s chat about a few things you should know before you start! 

Mindset matters

A big reason people tend to not like working out at home is the lack of equipment. I totally understand that, especially if you normally go to the gym and use the machines, weights, etc. However, it’s so important to know that using equipment is not the only way to work out. 

Changing your mindset around the use of machines or equipment will be essential. If you are new to working out this may not be a concern for you but for people who are more seasoned veterans, just remember there is a way to still get a killer workout using your body weight or minimal equipment. 

Invest in a yoga mat

If your house is anything like mine, there is no carpet or soft spaces to comfortably work out. I also don’t have enough space to have a home gym or anything permanent. A yoga mat has been vital. I would highly suggest if you don’t already have one, get one!

You need to take your home workout just as seriously as you would a class

Because it is so easy to just push off the home workout (I see you “I’ll do it later” people), you need to plan and schedule the workout just like you would going to the gym or heading to a class. You wouldn’t just skip a class you paid for right? So, treat your home workout like you just paid for it and can’t get a refund. There is a level of self discipline that comes with working out at home so just keep that in mind and make it a priority. 

easy home workouts
working out at home

Easy ways to start working out at home

Find a video/ content creator you love 

The number 1 way to work out successfully at home (in my opinion) is to follow videos. Now, I don’t necessarily mean your mom’s Pilates videos – but if that’s your style then go for it! With the internet we have access to basically everything which is freaking amazing. One resource I’ve found incredibly helpful is YouTube. The YouTube fitness world is great. You can find something that works for you, I promise! As soon as I found some creators I loved and videos I enjoyed, working out became easy peasy! Here are a few of my person favs on YouTube:

Schedule in the workout

Like I mentioned above – scheduling your workout will make this whole exercise from home thing a hell of a lot easier. The best part is, you don’t have to plan around a gym schedule. If you feel like working out at 4:30pm everyday, you can! If you can only get a workout in after dinner, great! If you like to wake up at the crack of dawn and workout before your long day at work, get it girl! The possibilities are endless really.

Post your workout goals near where you plan on working out 

If you are newer to working out or just struggling to stay consistent, it could be really helpful to post your fitness goals somewhere you can see them. Since you’re working out at home you have the luxury to post these goals anywhere you want! Maybe write them on a small white board and bring it out when you are getting your sweat on. Keeping the goal in mind can be a big motivator, especially if you are having a hard time getting started at home!

Use household items as weights 

A big reason many people don’t like home workout is because of the lack of equipment. But remember, you don’t need all the fancy machines to get fit. You really just need your body! But if you are looking for more of a challenge try using some household objects. Water bottles or milk jugs are popular options. You could even use books or food containers! Get as creative as you want. Have a kid? Get them involved and pick them up. Have a cat? Maybe leave them out of it, mine likes to hog the yoga mat while I’m working out lol 

Start small and add on as you go 

Just like anything you do in life, start small and add on. If you are newer to working out it’s smart to take it easy and build up as you gain endurance and strength. There is nothing worse than going hard one day and not being able to move for the rest of the week. Slow and steady is ideal. That being said, you are your own personal trainer at home. So if you feel like you can handle more or need to do less, listen to your body!

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