February Was Unexpected: Let’s Talk About It

February has come and gone! Gotta love a short month. The weather here in the lower mainland BC has been pretty cold even for February!! Like, -7°C kinda cold. Not a fan that’s for sure! 

This past month has been a little unexpected! If I had to pick 3 words to describe February they would be: growing, peaceful, and hopeful. 

I usually feel that February is one of those boring, “nothing” months because there’s not a lot going on. However, I was surprised by how excited I felt about life this year! So, let’s chat more about that!!

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The February vibes 

I really rode my goal setting/achieving high from January into February! Not sure if anyone else felt the same but it seemed like everyone I follow on social media was also still going full steam ahead on their goals which is great to see! 

I started the month off sick for the first time in like 2 years 🙃 felt horrible, and had to take time off work even! But that did not stop me from having a great month. 

My mindset has been big this year. Between the lucky girl syndrome and just deciding to be more positive I’ve been able to “bounce back” quickly. 

I heard the term bounce back somewhere and it really stuck with me. It’s the idea that if you have a bad morning or something negative happens not to let it ruin your whole day/week/month. By “bouncing back” sooner you are able to keep moving forward in a good way. 

So, bouncing back is something I’ve been working on lately. Before I would let a bad morning ruin the day but now I let myself have my feelings and try to bounce back quickly. 

You may have seen my Instagram stories earlier this month where I talked about my driving anxiety and how most of the time it’s not bad but some days are just BAD. So, I let myself have the anxiety, the frustration, and the fear but then remind myself that it was just an “off” drive today. Nothing to worry about because now, the rest of my day will be great. 

Might sound silly but it’s been helping a lot! I stress less about the times my anxiety comes at me full force and have found “bouncing back” is happening faster and faster now. 

So the vibes for February: going with the flow + bouncing back! 

Let’s chat goals! 

Last month I gave you guys a little goal breakdown to see the progress so let’s keep that going! Not only do I like seeing the progress but I like to be transparent in a world of “overnight successes” and people straight up lying to you! 

You can go back to January’s post if you’d like to compare 🙂

Instagram: the goal is 2500. We are at about 1620! 

TikTok: the goal is 1k! We are at 97

Email list: the goal is 100 subs. We are at 83. Up 9 from last month!

Workouts: the goal is 15x per month! This was a shorter month so it was a little hard! But we did 13 which I’m still proud of.

Reading: the goal for 2023 is 60 books! I’m at 8… a little behind but that’s okay!

Freelance writing: Okay so I picked up a new client this month!!! Freaking awesome! 

My goal was to reach out to 20 new businesses and bloggers about my services and I did 10. Definitely did not reach the goal this month. Will need to up my game in March! 

Some favorite things from February 

Probably the best part of the monthly recap is where I share my fav things!! I always love reading these from other bloggers so let’s do it. 

Favorite meal: breakfast bowl with tater tots, eggs, bacon, peppers, onions, topped with jalapeño sauce 

Favorite movie watched: The School for Good and Evil – on Netflix, go watch asap and let’s chat about it haha 

Most listened to song: Creepin by Metro Boomin, The Weekend, 21 Savage 

Best podcast episode: The Habit of Eating 60-80% Healthy by Sad to Savage Podcast

Favorite Amazon purchase: elevated ceramic cat bowls (Luna kept throwing up after eating her kibble. The bowls seem to be helping). 

Most exciting book read: Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn! Guysssss, this is the 2nd book in the Legendborn series. It’s a YA urban fantasy following a girl who goes to college and finds out she’s part of a secret society of King Arthur’s descendants 👀

Favorite insta post I posted: the one where I shared some Friday affirmations for rest! 

Top 3 blog posts from February:

Inspiration for next month

I am here to help motivate you and inspire you to live your best life today! Not tomorrow, not next year, or in the years… TODAY! So, let’s get inspired, people. 

1% better… that’s all you need to do. 

Wake up and make your bed. Boom that’s 1% better. 

Pack a lunch for work… 1% better. 

Do a 10-minute house tidy before bed. You guessed it, 1% better. 

Imagine if you did little things every single day. Eventually, those little things will become habits and you can add more little things. Next thing you know you’ve changed your whole life!! 

Stop focusing on the big picture for 2 seconds and ask yourself what is something small you could do to improve your life.

Things like:

  • Making your bed
  • Washing your face 
  • Putting the dishes away
  • Taking the trash out of your car
  • Reading 10 pages 
  • Posting 1 TikTok
  • Eating 1 healthy meal
  • Doing 10 minutes of exercise 

It’s SO easy when you start doing small things! You don’t need to wait to live your best life. Start now girly ❤️

Wrapping it up

Thanks for supporting me and my blog! You guys leave the nicest comments and really make this feel like a community and I love you for it!! 

Keep doing the good work to be your best self and I’ll keep new blog posts coming! 

Have a great new month. I believe in you! 

Talk soon friends!! 

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