I write so you can live your life

Need a blog? Looking for someone to take over the writing for your business? 

I love working with brands and bloggers in the wellness, personal development, and lifestyle space!

Let me help you have more time for the most important tasks (like actually running your biz!).

All your hard work is meant to give you more freedom, not just more work.

Has it been way too long since you published a post on your website?

Look, it’s not easy to wear all the hats in your business. By the time the end of the day rolls around the last thing you want to do is start crafting a blog post…
Chances are you know how important it is to have an online presence and you’re probably getting stressed out trying to manage it all.

The good news is with some help, you can easily keep up with all your business writing needs!

Hey, I'm Deanna!

I am a blogger + freelancer living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I currently run my own blog (Life By Deanna) focused on personal development, wellness, and lifestyle. 

I also freelance write for others!

Blogging has been a long-term passion of mine. Over the years I have started a few different blogs (a book blog, life coaching blog, and now my current blog). I may have tried a few different niches, but one thing remains the same; I love to write! It also means that I know a thing or two about blogging and having an online presence!

I did my BA in psychology, leading me to my current full-time job in social services. Helping people improve their lives and find solutions to their problems is something I love to do!

When I’m not writing for my blog or for my freelance friends you can find me reading and cuddling with my cat.

What I can do

Blog Writing

I will help you keep your blog up to date! SEO formatted blog posts on various topics to best suit your business! Long-form + short-form content.

Content is available as contributor posts or ghostwritten!

Blog Post Boost

Have blog posts that need a little update? I can give them a refresh and SEO update them!


Lets work together on your blog!

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