How To Channel Your Inner Lucky Girl

If you spend any time on the internet then I’m sure you’ve heard of the lucky girl trend (aka lucky girl syndrome). It’s probably one of the best trends to go around in a long time because it’s actually promoting something good! The moment I heard about it I loved it and jumped on it right away! So, let’s chat about what this trend is and how you can channel your inner lucky girl! 

What is lucky girl syndrome?

The basis of this trend is that if you tell yourself you are lucky and you assume everything will work out for you, it will. 

This trend became super popular on TikTok where young women were telling the world how lucky they are and stating that no matter what, things always work out for them! 

More and more young women jumped on the trend and proclaimed that when they started saying good things happen to them, good things actually started happening! 

Cool idea right?! 

At its core, lucky girl syndrome is really just positive affirmations and the law of attraction/ law of assumption. These are not new ideas and many people practice these every single day! 

But like anything on the internet, it was given a new fun name and the masses loved it!

Law of attraction and being a lucky girl

I’m sure you have heard about the law of attraction before and whether you believe in it or not, the idea is that you attract what you focus on. 

So, if you are super negative all the time you are going to attract negativity. And if you are positive all the time, you will attract positivity.

Personally, I think it all comes down to energy! Every person and thing picks up energy. You can tell when someone is angry and that makes you feel and react in a certain way. You can also feel when someone is excited and happy and that makes you feel and react in a certain way. 

When you are thinking more positively you tend to notice more positive things! Even if your day wasn’t great, you might notice small good things that did happen instead of just writing off the entire day. 

This is the whole idea of being a “lucky girl.” The more you tell yourself that you are lucky and everything works out for you, the more you will notice when good things happen.

How does the law of assumption tie in? 

This is a lesser talked about theory but overlaps with the law of attraction and is very similar to lucky girl syndrome.

The law of assumption states that our assumptions about life have the power to shape our lives. It says that what we assume to be true will actually happen! 

That is exactly what the lucky girl syndrome is promoting. “Everything works out for me” is assuming that everything will be fine. The more you assume that everything always works out for you, the more likely it will come true! 

Is this wishful thinking? Maybe. But what’s the harm really? If nothing else you are practicing a positive mindset and most likely living a less stressful life! 

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How to channel your inner lucky girl 

With all of that said, I think it’s pretty obvious that giving the lucky girl mindset a try would be a good idea! Here’s how you can release your inner lucky girl:

01 – be a bit delusional 

So I’m not asking you to totally suspend reality and start making up crazy things!

All I mean is allow yourself to focus on the positive without dwelling on all the real-life roadblocks and problems. Allow yourself to believe you can reach your biggest goals! Let yourself believe that things will work out for you. 

No one is saying that you need to quit your job to live your dreams of being a yoga instructor in Bali and telling yourself that everything will work out lol 

But let yourself focus on the good things that happen to you every day, big or small, and allow yourself to assume that life will take you in the direction you’re meant to go in. 

02 – practice daily affirmations 

To be a lucky girl you need to tell yourself you are a lucky girl! 

Every day you need to start your day by saying things like:

  • I am so lucky 
  • Good things are always happening to me
  • Incredible opportunities always find me
  • I do not chase, I attract 
  • I am on a winning streak 
  • The universe is rigged in my favor 

03 – create a vision board 

Creating a vision board is a great way to visualize your goals! Not only does it help keep track of things but it can help you start believing they are possible. 

I love my vision board because it serves as a reminder of what I’m working towards. I can also check things off on the vision board as I achieve things which helps me remember that good things do happen to me!! 

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04 – practice positivity 

Being positive is one of the most powerful things you can do. 

Seeing the good in things and having a positive outlook on life makes you a happier person! And like I mentioned before, I do believe that we all have energies and when you put good and positive energy into the world, you receive those energies back! 

05 – surround yourself with other positive people 

Have you noticed when you hang out with people long enough to start to do or say certain things they do?? 

Imagine if all the people you hang out with are negative, think the world is against them, and that they will never achieve their goals. Next thing you know you start to think that way. 

That’s not being a lucky girl!! 

Surround yourself with people who get it! The same goes for the content you consume. Listen to podcasts that light you up, follow people who inspire you, and ditch the rest! 

Critiques of lucky girl syndrome

There are some critiques out there about lucky girl syndrome. Not everyone is feeling it and some people think it’s harmful.

I wanted to share my thoughts on why I don’t think it’s harmful but why it’s all about your mindset!

Some people are saying that lucky girl syndrome can easily turn into toxic positivity which is not good for anyone. They say that people will start being positive no matter what and ignore their feelings all in hopes that they will be lucky. I guess that could happen but the thing about lucky girl syndrome is that no one is saying bad things won’t happen to you.

Being a lucky girl isn’t about never experiencing another bad thing ever again, it’s about manifesting your dreams and noticing when good things do happen.

We are all going to experience horrible things… we will all deal with the death of a loved one at some point, that’s inevitable. Being “lucky” won’t stop that from happening. We’ve all been in car accidents, gone through breakups, and experienced other bad things.

I think the point of channeling your inner lucky girl is to still allow yourself to feel your feelings. Be sad. Be mad. Get angry! But don’t stay there forever. Being a lucky girl is knowing that even though bad things happen, life will go on. You will be okay. Things will work out. Do they need to be okay immediately? No. But they will be.

It all goes back to having a positive outlook on life. Notice when good things happen to you and practice gratitude.

how you can channel your inner lucky girl
how to be a lucky girl

Final thoughts about lucky girl syndrome 

I personally love this trend. I think it’s a great way to go about life. If you end up achieving more goals or feel luckier then that’s great! If you just end up being a more positive person then that’s awesome too! 

I genuinely believe that being positive and having a positive mindset about life makes you a happier person even when you are going through difficult times. 

The law of attraction and the law of assumption are a bit controversial. Many people don’t believe in it but many people do. It ultimately is up to you what you believe in and what you want to practice. 

Looking at it from a trend perspective, I agree with others who have said it’s one of the healthier trends to blow up on the internet! We now have tons of young women believing in themselves and deciding that this year is their year and I love that! 

What do you think of the lucky girl trend? 

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