How To Do A Helpful Mid-Year Goal Check-In

Hello June! Can you believe we are already halfway through the year? Time seriously sneaks up on you so it’s important to keep track of all those goals you set at the beginning of the year! It’s easy to let things slide on by without any thought but then you get to December and realize you didn’t do ANYTHING and feel super let down. Doing a goal review is a must!

Now, you might be thinking that you don’t need to do a mid-year goal review because you know exactly what progress you’ve made. I still urge you to sit down with those goals you set in January and revisit them. Sometimes you think you’re making all this progress only to find out you are off course (I’ve been there!).

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Why you should review your goals

Have you ever set a goal and then forgot about it? Or maybe you set a goal and worked on it here and there making little progress? Yeah, same! It would have been nice in those two scenarios to be reminded of the bigger goal and to see what (if any) progress was made so far. 

So, it’s safe to say one of the biggest reasons you should review your goals is to see your PROGRESS. 

Checking in with your goals doesn’t need to be a big tedious task either. It can be as simple as going down the list of goals you are working on and just making sure you are on track. If you aren’t on track it’s a great time to figure out why! Identify the barriers or any struggles you are having. That way, you can work on those things now instead of realizing them at the end of the year!

You can also take some time to do a reality check. If some of the goals are too big or not even necessary anymore you can change things. It’s always okay to tweak your goals. Nothing is set in stone! 

Finally, a mid-year goal review is a great time to get excited again! January is always an exciting time and starting new goals gives you so much motivation. The motivation definitely drops as the year goes on but June can be the perfect time for a motivation revival.

Steps for doing a mid-year goal check-in

So, you are ready to do a mid-year goal check-in but don’t really know what to do or what to focus on… I got you! Here are the steps for doing a HELPFUL goal review!

01. Get out the goals from January 

A very important step is obviously getting out the goals you set at the beginning of the year. If you didn’t write them down…. That’s mistake number 1 lol. Just kidding, but seriously, write them down.

02. Review your goal progress

Go through your goals one by one. Some goals will be easy to see the progress (ex. If it was number based like a certain number of followers or losing a certain amount of weight). Others will be more tricky but just focus on any progress made. 

Tip: I would write out everything you’ve done so far for the goal. For example, if your goal was to become a blogger write out what you’ve done so far (created a WordPress site, set up blog, created an email list, wrote 10 blog posts, etc.)

03. Review your why 

So, as discussed above, motivation can really decrease as the year goes on. It’s important to review your progress but its also important to review your WHY. Why do you want these goals? Why are you doing all this work? Remind yourself the reasons you are trying to achieve the goals!

04. Reflect on what is not working 

If you notice one or two (or more) of your goals are not moving forward you need to be real with yourself. What is not working? Are you lacking the time needed to work on the goals? Is the goal too big? Are you simply not prioritizing it? Or maybe you don’t actually care about the goal that much.

Whatever the reasons are you need to find out asap so you can either fix the issues or scrap the goal. There is nothing wrong with ditching a goal. It does NOT mean you are a quitter. If something is no longer serving you do not feel like you have to keep going. 

05. Create a plan for the rest of the year 

Part of figuring out what is not working is coming up with solutions. Creating a plan of attack for your goals is a must when you sit down and do a goal review. It is not enough to look at your goals and say “ah yes, I have made little progress on that one… I will be better.” No. Chances are, without a plan you will not be better. 

So your plan is going to be based around MILESTONES and DEADLINES. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds and you’ve noticed no change in the last 6 months you need to start setting up some goal milestones. They may look something like joining a gym, creating a meal plan, limiting sugary drinks, etc. Then, you will attach deadlines to them. By July 1 I will join a gym. By July 15 I will create a weekly meal plan for my lunches.

Looking for a planner to help you set and stick to your deadlines? I love this one!

06. Reward yourself 

Sometimes goal reviews can be a little upsetting. If you haven’t made a lot of progress it can feel like a let down which is why many people don’t like revisiting their goals after January. However, there is ALWAYS something to celebrate. Find the small wins and reward yourself. Practice self compassion and understanding. Yes, you need to be honest with yourself but also be nice to yourself.

5 tips for a productive goal review 

Keep your goals and reviews in one place

I like to have a journal for just my goals and goal related info. It keeps things organized and easy to find. You can also keep track of any progress you’ve made as you go instead of waiting until June! 

Don’t compare yourself

Its easy to look at others successes and feel bad about your lack of progress. Remember that comparing yourself to someone else is not productive. Its okay if you take longer to achieve something. Its okay if you are on a different path!

Grab your calendar

When you set all the deadlines for your goals put them into your calendar right away. You don’t want to do all this work reviewing and planning and then forgot about it. So whether you use a planner, a wall calendar, or your phone make sure its handy when you do your goal review. 

Set a time limit

No one needs to be reviewing their goals for hours. Like I mentioned at the start, this does not need to be a tedious task. Depending on how many goals you set you may need more time but start by setting a timer for 30-40 minutes. 

If you’re comfortable, share your review with others

I swear the most effective way to hold yourself accountable is to tell your friends or family. You don’t want to let others down or feel embarrassed if you don’t do what you said you would do. So, if you are comfortable, share your plans with a friend or family member (or even me!) so they can check in with you moving forward.

Sharing my own goal review

You can read my blog post where I shared some of my 2022 blogging goals. Lets do a quick check in to see where I am at!

Hit 3,000 monthly views: I am still very far away from this goal. I am currently sitting around 500 monthly views. I’m happy with my progress but would love to get that number up!

Start an email list: YES! I started an email list (I use MailerLite btw). I am also happy to say I have 22 subscribers and growing!

Make money from my blog: Not quite there yet. I have opened an Amazon Affiliate account which I’m sure you have all seen. Majority of the affiliate links on my blog are from Amazon. I have been increasing the number of “clicks” I get but so far no money!

Write 5 guest posts: I am making progress on this one! So far I have written 2 and have an ongoing guest posting schedule so I will definitely reach 5! Read them here and here if you’re interested! 

2,000 Instagram followers: I am slowly but surely getting there. I am around the 1200 mark now so we will see if I can gain 800 more followers by the end of the year haha!

3 reminders for all my goal getters at the half way mark

  • You are not defined by your goal progress! Always do your best but remember that ticking off a goal is not proof of your worth.
  • You’re the only person who can achieve your goals. If you decide to put in the effort or not, it is ultimately up to you and you only. 
  • We all have bad days… however, once that time is over pick yourself back up and get back to work. One bad day shouldn’t derail your whole month! Allow yourself to feel the feels but then hop back on the horse.

Let’s chat!

Do you ever review your goals? Do you have any goal review tips?

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