How To Do A Holistic Life Audit

It’s pretty much impossible to plan your future and achieve your biggest, wildest dreams without knowing where you are currently at! That is why doing a life audit is super important. Without knowing how you truly feel about your current life situation and happiness you’re doing yourself a disservice. You deserve to be your happiest self!! 

When I did my first life audit I was surprised at how I felt about my career, relationships, personal growth, hobbies, and so on. Turns out I had some room for improvement! When you go through life day by day it’s easy to get into the same old routine and just accept life as it is. However, when you sit down and really examine all aspects of your life it’s pretty eye-opening. 

There is a lot of reflection that goes into goal setting and dream achievement. Doing a holistic life audit allows you to do all the reflection at one time while also planning for your future! If you are ready to do a deep dive into your life and create awesome future goals and plans, let’s chat more about doing a life audit!

What is a life audit?

A life audit is when you review your current life, happiness, and fulfillment and then plan your future goals and dreams. A life audit helps you ensure you are living in alignment with your dreams. It also helps you get a real look into what is currently working for you and what is not. 

During a life audit it will become clear what your values are, what makes you happy, what makes you feel fulfilled, and ultimately what matters most to you. 

Once you’ve completed your life audit you will be able to spend time working on the things that you WANT to do and actually see results in your overall happiness. Because being happy really is the most important thing, right?

I like to use the word “holistic” because it’s not just one category of your life. You are focusing on everything!

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Steps to completing a life audit 

This process won’t be super quick. You may want to schedule a couple hours or even do this over a few days. Some emotions might come up for you because certain areas of your life might not be as fulfilling as you thought they were. That’s okay! It happened to me. 

Just remember that everyone has to start somewhere and this is your somewhere. 

Step 1: Reflection 

To discover how you truly feel about your current life you need to take the time to think about it. Reflect on what you like and what you don’t. Where do you feel fulfilled and where do you need some work? 

During step 1 you can do the Circle of Life exercise. You may have seen this before, it’s super popular! 

You can grab any circle of life template or even draw it yourself. See below ⤵

Basically, you rate how you feel about different areas of your life and then fill in the wheel accordingly. So if you rate your relationships a 5/10 you will draw in until the 5. 

The goal of the wheel is to show a well-balanced circle that could roll just like a car wheel does. If everything is pretty even the wheel works! If you are a 10 in one category and a 1 in another then your wheel is not a proper circle and is not going to work. 

Now, no one will have every category perfectly equal. You will probably notice you’re happier in some areas of your life than others. BE HONEST. Don’t just answer to make a well-balanced wheel. That defeats the whole purpose of this exercise. 

Be brutally honest with yourself even if it hurts your feelings. It’s okay. And remember this is a private exercise that no one ever needs to see! 

If you feel like going a step further, you can make a few notes on why each category is rated the way it is. What makes you feel happier in your career than your social life? Or whatever it may be. Start to dig a bit deeper and figure out the why! I created a FREEBIE with the circle exercise and space for notes 🙂

Step 2: Fill in the gaps 

Now you have an idea about how you feel! That’s honestly one of the hardest parts so great job! 

I love this part. Grab your circle of life and start thinking about what you could do (or generally what needs to happen) to make each category a 10/10. 

Keep in mind this is not an actual plan. It’s just a brainstorm session on how your life COULD be better and theoretically HOW you might do it. 

Think perfect world stuff. Even if it seems too far-fetched right now that’s okay. 

Let’s look at my own example. I would rate my career life a 6/10. It’s okay. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. There’s days I’d rather just stay home but some days do feel rewarding. In a perfect world, to make my career category a 10/10 I would be working for myself from home. I would be doing something creative. There wouldn’t be set hours I have to work or even many people I have to deal with. Aka my blog!! 

In my example I shared my end goal! I know it’s not feasible right now but that would be a 10/10 for me! Notice how I was kind of vague as well? I know that my perfect world career is my blog. But I tried to focus on aspects of the career instead of the title itself. WHAT about the career is a 10/10? 

Hopefully that gives you a bit of insight! So go around the circle and do that for each category! 

Step 3: create your vision 

Now that you’ve reflected and filled in the gaps in your circle of life, you can start creating your vision. 

The whole purpose of doing a life audit is to make your life better. Chances are you are feeling unhappy somehow. People who love their lives and think everything is great don’t tend to do life audits! 

So map out your vision. Based on your “filled in gaps” think about what you WANT your life to look and feel like. 

It doesn’t need to happen tomorrow!! Just brainstorm things like your ideal day, the perfect career, what your lifestyle is like. 

Make sure to touch on all the categories and add in some of the things you thought of during the fill in the gaps exercise.

Here’s an example of a life vision:

I am living a life that fills me up every day. My mornings are slow and relaxing. I have time to get a good workout every day. My body is fueled by healthy foods that I take the time to cook. My job is based from my home and I can pick my own hours. I often take a break at lunch to have coffee with a friend or take a walk in nature. During work I do a lot of creative things like writing, photography, and design. I finish the day feeling motivated and excited. There is always enough time for my favorite hobbies. I even have a great community of friends that are supportive and understand my lifestyle. 

You can obviously add so much more and get even more specific (or keep it vague). It’s YOUR vision after all. I like to write it as if it’s already happened but write it however feels best for you. 

This exercise is here to help you identify your best self. Not all of it will be possible right now and you might not even believe it’s possible ever! But understanding where you currently are and where you want to be is a clear road map! 

Step 4: life improvement list 

Okay this is my favourite step!! You know the whole “ins and outs” trend that happened at the beginning of the year? This is kind of like that. 

You know your vision and the gap between current you and hopefully future you. So the big question is – what can you start doing to improve your life and get you closer to the vision?! 

It doesn’t need to be big either. It’s just a nice little list of the things you are saying HELL YA to and will improve your life. 

Example time: 

Since my vision included things like daily workouts, hobbies, healthy meals, and creativity, those are things I can add to my life improvement list. 

My list might look like:

  • Daily walks 
  • More home cooked meals
  • Eating more veggies 
  • Engaging in a hobby a couple times a week
  • Doing a creative project 

See how those things are not massive lifestyle changes and big commitments to my vision? 

But they are also things that would improve my current life BECAUSE future me wants those things. Why wait until I’m living the future vision when I could bring the vision to current me. 

If you want to take this a step further, make another list: life unimprovement (is that a word? Lol it is now). 

Make a list of the things you currently do that are HINDERING your future success. Things like excessive scrolling, eating unhealthy foods, not prioritizing things you enjoy doing, etc. Once you have that list, start ditching these things from your life.

Step 5: set goals 

During this life audit you have reflected, dreamed, and taken some real action. Here’s where things really start to change. 

Using all the information you’ve gathered so far, set a few goals. 

Think of some longer term goals. Again, it’s not things that need to be achievable in 2 months. Think of goals you could work on over the next year (or longer if you want). 

Some goal examples might be:

  • Starting or growing a side hustle
  • Learning a new skill
  • Working on your health 
  • Seeing a therapist for something 
  • Buying a house 
  • Building up your community 

Those are vague examples but obviously tailor them to your vision! Give yourself something to work towards or else you will find yourself stagnant in life which is NOT the point of this life audit.

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Step 6: set intentions 

The difference between intentions and goals is kind of blurry. However, to me and many others, goals are action based. You say you’ll do something and then you take action to achieve it. Intentions are more like a way of life. 

You might set an intention to be a kinder person. Yes, I guess that could be a goal but the idea is you won’t stop once you are kind to someone once… It’s a lifestyle. 

So pick a couple intentions (aka way of living, thinking, and being). 

Write these down on post it notes and display them around your house. Repeat your intentions often to remember them. 

Step 7: review often 

Schedule time in your calendar to revise your vision, goals, and intentions. 

You may find it useful to go through the whole life audit again! I would suggest doing it once a year. See your improvement and see what areas have grown on your happiness meter. 

Nothing will ever be perfect and life has its ebbs and flows. It’s okay to feel a 10/10 one year and not another year. That’s why you review and see what is working and not working. 

It’s all part of your journey to becoming your best self. 

How to do a holistic life audit
7 easy steps to do a life audit

Final thoughts 

A life audit is such a helpful way to reflect on your life, dreams, and happiness. 

Happiness can make all the difference. Being happy in one area of your life is truly not good enough and not fair to you! You aren’t getting the full human experience.

Doing a life audit can be eye opening (and maybe a little hard). It’s not always easy seeing things for how they really are when you’re living through it. It’s kind of like the saying “hindsight is 20/20.” Being in the moment can make you feel like things aren’t so bad (or like they are REALLY bad when they aren’t). 

I’m a big believer in being a better version of yourself because why not?! Be a little bit better everyday. Set big goals and try your best to achieve your dreams. No one else is going to do it for you! I believe in you 🤍

What do you think of a life audit? Is this something you’d do?? 

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