How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone (+ 15 Journal Prompts)

Hey fellow dreamers! Let’s talk about something that stops sooooo many of us from achieving our dreams. COMFORT ZONES. When was the last time someone told you that they are living their dream life by staying safe and sound in their comfort zone? Probably never!! 

I am a ‘dream big’ kind of person and I bet you are too! I love to map out my dream life and create plans, vision boards, and just all the things. The problem is, planning and wishing are not enough to actually achieve the goals and dreams I want. The biggest roadblock is me. Is this relatable to you? 

What is your comfort zone?

Your comfort zone is essentially your safe space. This could be a physical space like your home or it could be a more metaphorical place you are in your life like your job. Overall in this place, you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. 

It’s not a secret that we all want to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. It feels cozy and you would think that feeling all those things you would feel happy BUT that is not always the case. More often than not when you get too comfy your happiness declines. Why the heck would that happen??

You feel comfy but unfulfilled

You might not be unhappy but instead, you are unfulfilled which can feel the same. It’s pretty normal to start feeling comfortable in a job once you really master all the tasks. You go to work every day and don’t need to really worry about anything. However, because you know everything and there’s nothing else to learn you might not feel fulfilled. There’s no more challenge! You have such big dreams and they are not moving forward! That would make anyone feel blah. 

I know you have big dreams! I have felt this exact way before. When I got my first “real job” I was so happy. I was taking some big steps towards the life I wanted and dreamed of. Fresh out of college I wanted to make some money and start saving for a house, as you do. After a while though, I just felt so damn bored and unfulfilled in my job. I knew it was a decent paycheck and I didn’t want to leave the comfort of what I started to build for myself BUT I knew that it wasn’t helping me create my “dream” life. 

I got myself to apply for another job and was lucky enough to get it. It was a small step outside my comfort zone but I did it and I was better off for it. Not only did it help me reach my goal of buying an apartment (yay for a pay raise) but it also made me feel emotionally better. I was learning new things and being challenged!

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How to break free of your comfort zone

Now, it’s not as simple as just saying “enough is enough, I’m quitting my job and moving across the world to live my dreams.” That would be great but just not super realistic. Just like any changes made in your life its good to start with gaining clarity. Asking yourself questions about what you really want in life, what’s important, what makes you feel fulfilled, etc. 

The next part is more so focused on small actionable steps. The hardest part about this will be actually doing something!! That is why I always suggest baby steps. It is less of a shock to the system and gives you more of a chance at success because if you are anxious like me, I will simply just not do something if it’s too big and scary! 

The thing that you need to know about getting out of your comfort zone is that it’s an ongoing process. Understand that there won’t just be a day you escape the dreaded comfort zone and never look back. It will always be there in some way and that’s okay!

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Journal prompts for getting out of your comfort zone

01. What are some of my big goals and dreams? Get as specific as possible

02. What would make me feel fulfilled in life?

03. What am I afraid of happening if I go after my goals/ dreams?

04. How does uncertainty make me feel?

05. How do I feel right now being in my comfort zone? 

06. How do I think I’ll feel if I step outside my comfort zone to achieve my goals? (Scared, proud, happy, disappointed, etc??)

07. If I had the courage to do one thing that would change my life, what would it be?

08. On a scale of 1-10, how hard is change for me?

09. What fears do I hold in regards to my goals/dreams?

10. Take one goal/dream and create a rough plan of action to get there. Pretend that money, time, fears are not involved.

11. Write a list of tasks/activities that are out of my comfort zone (then try to do some of them)

12. When was a time that I did something that scared me and it worked out?

13. Do I feel like I always need to be in control? Why?

14. What are some positive things that could happen if I leave my comfort zone?

15. Write out the most ideal day and how I could start making it happen

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As much as it can be scary and hard, it’s so important to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals and dreams. Chances are there is something you want in life. Maybe it’s a better job, a bigger house, to start a business, to write your own book… those things will not come to you if you are doing the same thing you always do! So, try to get some clarity on what you really want and how to make it happen and start taking those baby steps ❤

What dreams are you working towards right now?

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