How To Plan The Perfect Life Admin Day

I think we have all felt a little overwhelmed from time to time and needed a little life reset. Like those days/ weeks when the sink is full of dishes, the laundry hasn’t been done, you keep meaning to make a doctor’s appointment but never did… You feel unorganized and like life is just kind of flying by! I hate that feeling. When your life is messy your brain feels messy and nothing productive comes from a messy brain! When life is going that way, you need a life admin day! 

Now you may be asking what even is a life admin day? Or what kind of things do you do on those days? HOW the heck do you plan them? The answer: a life admin day will look different for everyone. It depends on what kind of tasks you need to do, how extensive your list is, etc. So, what works for me might not work for you BUT I am going to walk you through the steps to planning the perfect life admin day for you and share what mine looks like too for a little inspo!

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What is a life admin day?

Think of a life admin day as a personal day where you do all those tasks you’ve been meaning to do for the last month(s) but never got around to. It is clearing out time in your busy schedule to knock some important things off the never ending to-do list so you can keep your life under control!

You may be thinking that a life admin day sounds like a day of torture if it is just filled with all the things you don’t want to do lol! But, it’s really meant to just be a productive day where you can focus your energy on YOU and getting things done that benefit you. 

Plus, since it’s your day you can really make it as fun or not fun as you want. Just because you have tasks to complete doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to your fav coffee or do something fun!

Some people actually book a day off work to do this so it doesn’t take up your precious weekend time but it really is up to you!

How often do you need a life admin day?

This really depends on how you are as a person. Do you tend to procrastinate everything in your life? Are you forgetful? Do you keep things under control most of the time but there are days when life just gets too crazy? 

I personally like to have a life admin day every month. I usually use a day on the weekend to bang out some tasks on my to-do list. Doing it monthly works for me because I don’t have a ton of responsibilities other than going to work and just taking care of myself.

Some people like to do it weekly. This may be better for the hard core procrastinators so the to-do list doesn’t get too out of control. It may also be good for parents! You have a lot to do every single day and I’m sure time gets away from you. It could be easier to do a smaller life admin day once a week!

Deciding when you need to schedule a life admin day

Again, this will be different from person to person but here are a few signs you may need to schedule a life admin day:

  • You feel overwhelmed
  • Your house/room/workspace is really messy
  • You can’t keep up with your chores
  • You’re overdue for appointments (doctor, dentist, hair, nails, etc.)
  • You feel like you’re forgetting something all the time
  • Life feels rushed 
  • You realize you haven’t washed your sheets in months
  • There’s never have time to return phone calls/emails
  • You have been putting off important tasks (oil changes, renewing insurance, etc.)

Those are just a few signs you may need to consider a life admin day. It really comes down to that feeling of overwhelm and like you can’t get your life under control!

 Tip: if you notice a certain time of year makes you more stressed out (example: Christmas) then plan ahead and just schedule some days you can work on your to-do list. Be proactive and don’t let yourself get to a breaking point!

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Planning the perfect life admin day

Schedule your life admin day 

When you schedule your life admin day try to pick a day where nothing else is going on. You want a day off (so don’t plan to do it while you are working from home) and you want to be able to focus on yourself and your life admin tasks! 

Depending on what you need to get done it may be best to schedule your life admin day on a weekday! For example, if you have a lot of errands to run, the store will most likely be less busy on a weekday! However, I also understand that is not always possible so at the very least, just make sure you pick a day where you can be focused!

Brain dump

You will want to have a running list of everything you need to do either in your planner, on a to-do list, on a whiteboard, or virtually. I like to “brain dump” at least once a week (or when something comes up). So, just keep that long list somewhere!

Organize tasks into groups

 If you like to be extra organized you could even go a step further and organize all your tasks into groups! All your phone calls, errands, appointments, etc. It can be helpful to group tasks together because research shows that we are more productive when we task batch!

Prioritize life admin tasks

It’s important to understand you can’t get everything done in one day (unless your list is small, of course). If you have been collecting a month’s worth of tasks for your life admin day… it’s not all going to happen and THAT’S OKAY!

Sit down at the start of the life admin day or the night before and just highlight all the tasks that need to get done. Maybe you have to pay your credit card bill today before it’s overdue or your car insurance expires in a week… pick some tasks that are more time sensitive!

Other tasks might not be super time sensitive but are still important like booking a doctor’s appointment or finally replacing the measuring cups that broke.

Tip: if you see a theme with your tasks (errands, appointments, emails, etc.) try to stick with it. There’s no point in going out of the house for one errand when you could have done all 10. Work smarter, not harder!

Make yourself a life admin day checklist

If you are like me then you LOVE to check items off the list. Seeing that checkmark or a task with that line through it… it just lights me up! It feels so good to accomplish something (even if it’s something small).

 I like to make a little checklist of all the tasks I decided to prioritize from my bigger master list. I usually just write it on a piece of paper, nothing fancy. Then, I go through the day and tick items off. I will also sometimes write down extra things I get done and then tick them off too because I’m actually addicted to the rush of completing a to-do list lol.

Schedule the life admin tasks into your day

If you have a planner or calendar this would be the time to use it! I personally find when I schedule a task like it’s an appointment, I am more likely to do it.  For example, if there is a phone call I have been dreading making I will schedule it for 10:00am. Then when 10:00am comes around I know it’s time to sit down and make the phone call. 

You don’t need to schedule every single task into your day. You could easily just plan 9:00am you will start cleaning the kitchen. 10:00am you will answer all the emails. 11:00am you are heading out to run all the errands. 

Scheduling your tasks or task themes just keeps you on track. It doesn’t need to be super strict and if you are in the flow of doing something it doesn’t mean you need to stop at a certain time but its a good guide.

Make sure you also make time for fun

I love to start my life admin days by going to my favorite coffee shop and getting an iced coffee with a doughnut! It puts me in a great mood and gets me in the mindset of having a day to myself.

 It’s important to remember that even though you have things to do, it’s still a day off to be with yourself. So, plan some fun things! If you have lots of errands maybe stop by your favorite store along the way. Or take yourself out for lunch and take a break from all the hard work! It’s okay to be productive AND have fun.

Types of tasks to add to your next life admin day

  • Respond to emails
  • Declutter your email
  • Unsubscribe to email lists you don’t like
  • Transfer photos from your phone to the computer
  • Organize digital photo albums
  • Declutter your digital space
  • Deep clean the house (maybe focus on specific rooms)
  • Clean bed sheets
  • Organize your closet
  • Donate clothing
  • Fix up any clothing that needs repairs
  • Complete home repairs 
  • Replace broken or old items in the home 
  • Schedule:
    • Doctors appointment
    • Eye doctor appointment
    • Dentist appointment
    • Hair appointment
    • Nail appointment
    • Cars oil change
    • Home repairs 
    • Fitness class
    • Vet appointment
  • Pay bills
  • Make sure your personal information is up to date (dr, credit card, bank, etc.)
  • Renew any subscriptions
  • Renew insurance (car, house, etc.)
  • Check on renewal dates for passport, driver’s license, etc.
  • Deal with all your mail
  • Write all the birthdays, events, and appointments on the calendar
  • Buy any gifts you need 

There are a million more things you could add to the list but this is a great place to start!

Tips for productivity during your life admin day

Task batching

As mentioned above – task batching is when you group together similar tasks and get them all done at once. Instead of making a phone call, running errands, and then making more calls; just group all the calls together and bang them all out!

Tackle the bigger tasks earlier in the day

Usually we have more energy at the start of the day so try to get the bigger tasks done first. Cleaning the house or getting the laundry done might be good ones to start with!

Limit distractions

Put your phone away! The last thing you need during a life admin day is to scroll Instagram all day and then realize you did nothing. So, limit your screen time and other distractions. Its not a work day so its not like you cant look at your phone but try to stay on task!

Take breaks

Coffee breaks, snack breaks, chatting breaks, pet your cat breaks… take the breaks! Breaks help us regain some energy. You don’t need it go go go all day without stopping. Also enjoy your personal day.

Don’t try to multi-task

There is so much science that shows we cannot multi-task so don’t bother. Focus on one thing at a time! Its better to take 5 minutes on one task than one hour on 3.

In summary

Everyone should schedule a life admin day from time to time. Whether you need one every month (like me) or you need them weekly, bi-weekly, or every few months… it is really beneficial! When you feel like life is getting out of hand and its hard to keep up, its okay to schedule a personal day to get it back on track. 

The best part about a life admin day is that you can make it however you want. What you read here is how I plan my admin days but you may have a different way. Whatever works for you is the right way!

If you decide to give this idea a try I would love to hear about it! Tag me on Instagram or comment below if you schedule a life admin day and let me know how it goes!

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What tasks do you always avoid? Mine: booking appointments

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