How To Stay Crazy Organized As A New Blogger

Starting a blog and then keeping up with a blog is so much work and it’s soooooo easy to get overwhelmed. Apparently, over 80% of bloggers give up on their blog completely! It isn’t so easy being a new blogger! There are probably tons of reasons for that but being unorganized and overwhelmed does not help anyone at all.

When I started my first ever blog (a book blog called The Comfy Reader) I had no systems in place, no plan, and felt incredibly confused and overwhelmed. Surprise – that blog didn’t last long before I threw in the towel. 

Fun fact: I did keep my Instagram and have been keeping up with it for a couple of years now. It’s all about being honest with yourself lol. 

If you are a new blogger (or even a more experienced blogger) I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. You are trying to learn everything there is to learn as quickly as possible. You have ideas written all over the place. All the new accounts you’ve been making are piling up and you can’t remember all the passwords. You created a content schedule but have no plan. 

Look, you are not alone! Starting a new venture is always confusing. How are you supposed to organize your ideas? Where do people find the time? Keep reading and let’s chat about being a much more organized blogger!

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Why organization matters so much as a new blogger 

First off, starting a blog is not super simple! There are a lot of steps involved and getting all of that orgaznied can be hard enough! If you are super new to the blogging world and you need some help getting your blog started, check out this guide!

For those of you who already have a blog and you are in the thick of it, think of blogging as assignments at school. Without keeping track of your assignments at school you most likely wouldn’t get anything done. 

Now think of blogging as assignments at school that YOU create and finish. If you are not organized those blog posts are never going to be written, let alone thought up. You need to be organized enough to come up with ideas, keep ideas somewhere, plan a post, do all the steps involved in writing, editing, and publishing…. See how this is overwhelming without some form of organization?

Many bloggers fail because they are not organized. You can have all the ideas in the world but without systems in place to make it all run smoothly it just isn’t going to work. 

Consistency is also super important in the blogging world! I’m sure you’ve heard tons of advice about creating a posting schedule you can CONSISTENTLY keep up with. Now, where does consistency come from? Well well well, it comes from being organized! 

How to become a more organized blogger

Don’t think for a second that being organized is an inherent trait. Everyone can learn to be organized and to create systems. 

Being a new blogger means you are now open to learning anything and everything. SEO? Check. MARKETING? Check. SYSTEMS AND ORGANIZATION? Check!!

Here are 3 tips for new bloggers trying to become more organized:

01. accept that what has worked for you before might not work now 

I am a die hard physical planner person. Catch me carrying my planner everywhere. I even created a planner freebie that I use on top of my actual planner… BUT when it came to blogging and content creation I quickly realized that a physical planner wasn’t going to work for me. 

Personally, I am finding digital planning much easier right now for blogging. I use Google Docs and Google Sheets which is fantastic because I can access it anywhere! 

So, just because a physical planner worked before or a digital planner worked before doesn’t mean it will now. Allow yourself to try new ways of organizing! 

02. lists are your friend 

Just because you have your content schedule all laid out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a list of to dos. 

Chances are you will forget when you wanted to schedule the blog post and then BAM Monday rolls around and you didn’t start it when you wanted it to publish like right now. So, write all the lists you need! 

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03. keep your to dos and plans somewhere easy to access 

If you are able to, print out or write out your weekly/monthly blog plan and hang it on the wall by your computer. 

It may seem silly but out of sight out of mind is quite real. Even with the best intentions you can forget to start the blog post, forget to make the Pinterest pins, forget to answer comments, etc. 

Okay, so now that we’ve talked about some basic tips for being more organized in general let’s dive into HOW the heck you stay crazy organized as a new blogger.

How to stay organized as a new blogger 

Can we get real for a sec? Organization doesn’t need to be a scary word. Being organized doesn’t need to be complicated. Believe it or not, you can be super organized using very minimal systems. 

All those perfect planner sets ups you see? Yeah, forget about those. You don’t need to be a damn artist to have an organized life and blog. 

Simple organization is better

The reality is if the steps involved are too complicated you won’t be able to keep up with it and therefore won’t be organized anymore. 

If you can handle writing in a planner once a week, do that. If you like to color code things, do that. However, only do what you can consistently keep up with even when you are busy! 

Keep everything in one place 

I am notorious for having several notebooks going at one time and forgetting where I wrote what. Don’t do that. 

Decide where you want to keep your ideas, information, notes, etc. and keep them all together. 

Example: I have one notebook that is full of all the information I have learned from courses, masterclasses, podcasts, etc. It’s all in one notebook and I know if I want to go back and find something it’ll be there.

The same goes for your content! If you decide to use Google Docs for writing your blog posts then it would be a good idea to keep a doc full of your ideas and plans. That way when you go to start a new post you have all the info you need in one spot! 

Create a content plan

This is pretty straightforward. Decide the days you want to schedule blog posts and then write down what you will be posting on each given day. 

Do this for any social media platforms you use too! This way you can focus on adding value instead of just posting some random photo and “🌸” as the caption 

Computer with notebook and coffee cup sitting on table. Ways to stay organized as a new blogger - create a content plan

Batch your content 

If you can set aside some time once a week to batch all your content for the week you will be so much better off. This is not only for your blog. Set aside time to take all the pictures you need, write Instagram captions, create Pinterest pins, write the weekly email, etc. 

Schedule time to work on your blog 

Since we are on the topic of setting aside time to work on your content… let’s talk about your schedule. Treat your blog like a type of job. If you want to schedule 2 blog posts a week then you need to schedule into your calendar time to work on it! 

Maybe that looks like an hour a day or blocking off Wednesday evening. Whatever it is, actually schedule it like an appointment and take it seriously!

Time blocking 

It’s so much easier to stay organized and on task when you know what you need to work on and when to do it. Time blocking is great when you have a longer period of time to work in something. I personally use this technique on the weekends! 

Here is an example of how you might time block your day:

10:00am – 11:00am – take pictures for the week for social media and blog 

11:00am – 12:00pm – write captions for social media posts 

12:00pm – 1:00pm – research keywords for blog posts 

So as you see, you just block your time. Once the time block ends you move on to the next one. It keeps you on track and helps you actually make progress instead of being stuck on one task all day. 

Actually write down your usernames and passwords 

This is more so a general organization and time saving tip. New bloggers often find themselves creating new accounts for things like emails, blogging tools, courses, affiliate programs, etc. It seems like every platform requires different strength passwords so it’s hard to remember them all! So, just write them down somewhere so you save yourself the hassle of resetting your password every time you need to log into your affiliate account lol. 

Maybe even grab a cute password book! I got this one for my mom and it was a life saver for her.

Set deadlines 

A simple idea that makes your life so much easier. If you plan on scheduling a blog post every Monday then create a deadline. I try to have my blog posts scheduled the day before it goes live. So my deadline for a Monday blog post is usually Saturday. That gives me time to edit, get photos, create a Pinterest pin, format, and schedule before Monday!

Tip: put your deadlines in your content calendar so you remember!

Keep a notepad nearby at all times for random thoughts and ideas 

I always have random ideas popping into my head and sometimes it’s impossible to remember them before I can write them down. It’s always a good idea to have a notebook near you when you are blogging or researching (or even in your bag when you are out) because you never know when a great idea will come to you!

It’s also great to have a notebook nearby because when you come across something you need to do (renew a subscription, respond to an email, etc) you can jot it down and add it to your to do list or calendar when you have time. 

Create a workflow for blogging 

When you are a new blogger it can be overwhelming when you get started. There are so many steps to publishing a blog post. How are you supposed to remember it all? Easy. Create a workflow. Even if you just write down a list of steps on a notepad that you can refer to each time. 

That way you won’t forget any steps AND you will feel super organized making the process way less stressful. 

Clip board that says "publish a blog post" with steps on how to do it for new bloggers

Do a digital declutter every now and then

You know the struggle of having a million unread emails and then having to look back through them trying to find that one important email? Clean up that mess every now and then and make your life significantly less stressful. 

Set a day every month to declutter your inbox, your photos, files on the computer, etc. It will make it easier to see what’s going on and you will be less likely to miss an important email or cute photo you took but forgot to post!

Create templates that you can reuse 

This is a huge life saver when it comes to emails! If you are a newer blogger and are starting an email list it can be stressful creating a monthly or weekly email from scratch each time. 

I use MailerLite (which I HIGHLY recommend) and you can create templates. I created and saved a basic template for my monthly emails so now when I want to send it I just fill in the gaps. It makes writing my email SO MUCH EASIER!

Try using theme days 

Theme days can be so helpful for organization and productivity. The basic idea is that each day would have a theme and you’d focus on that.

An example:

  • Mondays – blogging day 
  • Tuesdays – social media 
  • Wednesdays – Pinterest
  • Thursdays – keywords/ SEO
  • Fridays – photos
  • Saturdays – research 
  • Sundays – emails

On those days whatever time you are able to put into your blog/content, you would focus on that theme! Mondays you would batch your blog posts. Tuesdays you would write your social media captions and so on. 

Pinterest pin reading "how to stay organized as a new blogger"

Staying organized as a new blogger can be difficult for lots of reasons but as you can see once you create a plan and set up the right systems you can be quite organized even if you are new! Blogging looks so easy from the outside but once you really dive in there are so many moving parts. 

Don’t give up even when things get challenging because hey, we all start somewhere and learning is part of the fun! Anyone can learn to be organized. It may take some time to figure out exactly what is going to work for you and your blog/content but I promise you will. 

I’d love to hear what you think of these tips. Are they helpful? Will you give them a try? Do you already do these? Also, share some more tips if you have them! I always love to learn new things 🙂

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