I Made “Easy” Valentines Day Treats & This Is How It Went

The month of February is coming which means…. Valentines day! For so many people this is a day of love. For others it’s a reminder that they are alone. To me, it’s a day of treats, chocolate, and a yummy meal. Can you tell I am very motivated by food? 

Maybe you are looking for some easy treats to make for your partner (or yourself, no judgement here). Or perhaps you are looking for treats to make the kiddos, friends, whoever. There are soooo many recipes out there. When I looked I was bombarded by all sorts of cookies, cakes, candies – you name it, I saw it. It was a *touch* overwhelming. 

So, I did what no one asked for and I made the “easy” recipes so you don’t have to waste your time searching for the perfect recipe. Now, major disclaimer- I am not a chef, a baker, or even an amateur home cook… like we are starting at level 1 here when it comes to skills. Have I baked before? Of course. Does it always turn out? Not always lol. So, please keep that in mind when reading this post, thanks friends 

What qualifies as an easy recipe?

This is 100% subjective and I am just giving my opinion here. I consider something easy if it: a) has little ingredients, b) doesn’t take a lot of time, and c) requires little technique. 

Not sure if those requirements are fair but it’s how I feel. I like things to be simple, quick, and mistake proof. Although, even the easier things are not totally mistake proof which we will talk about a bit later here.

The “easy” Valentines Day treats recipes

I made 3 “easy” Valentines Day treats. I picked what I thought looked pretty simple and did not require a ton of ingredients. It’s nice when you have most of the stuff on hand so that was the idea here! Most of you should have the majority of the ingredients required for the recipes!

Pink Rice Krispy Squares

Starting off with the easiest one! I’m sure everyone has made rice krispy squares at some point. They are very basic and super hard to mess up! I followed the recipe on the Rice Krispies box (original, I know) but I added some pink marshmallows in to make them pink! I also added more marshmallows than required in the recipe because that’s way more fun!

Rating = 10/10. Loved them. Me and my fiancé, Nick, ate basically a whole tray so it’s safe to say they were a hit! You can find the official recipe here or in a box of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies (just do half white and half pink marshmallows).

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

So, this one was a bit of a surprise. I assumed because it was “no bake” it meant easy. Lol. I will start this off by saying if you do not have an electric mixer, don’t bother. I made the silly little mistake of thinking I could hand mix the whipped cream and let’s just say, it was a bit of a disaster. 

My whipped cream story: I went shopping to get the cream for the whipped cream. Making the absolute ROOKIE mistake of assuming any cream would do, I grabbed coffee cream (keep in mind that my grocery store seemed to be sold out of whipping cream which would have made a lot more sense). So I head home to do the thing and the whipped cream is not happening. The cream was not becoming whipped and I’d been beating it for what felt like my whole life. I decided to make a quick google search and realized that coffee cream was not going to work. So I made a stop at a different store to get the whipping cream. Head home, start beating again, and nothing. I eventually broke down and put it in the blender (really sorry to any bakers reading this lol). It sort of worked out but was not ideal.

So yeah, other than the whipped cream situation, the pie was pretty easy to make! It was tasty and I would eat it again!

Rating = 7/10. Honestly the rating is a 7 because the whipped cream fiasco was a lot to handle emotionally but the pie was still good. You can find the recipe here

Red Velvet Blossom Cookies

You may notice in my pictures that these cookies don’t really look like red velvet. That would be because I left out the food coloring lol. Like I said before, I’m not a professional. I think they still looked really nice without the coloring but yeah, would be more “Valentinesy” if they were red!

I would say these were pretty simple. The ingredients were pretty minimal, just like any other cookie. The dough needs to sit in the fridge to cool for an hour or two so that was the longest part. Overall, I would say these are pretty foolproof!

Rating = 8/10. These were not too bad! I am happy with how they turned out. Taste wise, not bad but not quite as good as I was expecting. Nick is slowly making his way through them though so that’s a good sign! Here’s the recipe!

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I had a lot of fun making some easy Valentine’s Day recipes! I like to think that I am on the average side of cooking and baking skills. It can be a little disheartening when you read mom blogs with these like 5 star recipes that were “just whipped up this morning” like it’s no biggie. So, I’m keeping it real with you guys here. These recipes were not just whipped up and there was of course, things going wrong as per usual! Let me know if I should try other “easy” recipes in the future so I can continue to embarrass myself. Leave some ideas in the comments!

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