January 2022 Wrap Up

What a month this has been. I feel like January has just flown by… like I swear it was just New Years like yesterday. I never believed my parents when they told me time goes faster as you get older but wow, it’s so true. Not that I’m old or anything (I’m still in my 20s) but I can already see time speeding past me. It’s both exciting and scary. The thought of getting older is not really a concern for me but as I get older, so do my loved ones and it’s bittersweet! 

This is the first monthly wrap up I’ve done! I love reading other bloggers monthly wrap ups to see what they’ve been up to, their fav things, etc. So I figured it was about time I hopped on the trend as well. If there is ever anything you want to know about me or a topic added to the monthly wrap up just let me know in the comments or over on IG!

As many of you know, I am an avid reader! I made it my 2022 goal to read 50 books and I am well on my way to achieving that goal already (hello reading motivation)! 

What I read in January:

Imago by Octavia Butler – this was gifted to me by the publisher. I didn’t realize until I was already reading it that it’s actually the 3rd book in the “A Lilith’s Brood” series. Highly recommend this book (and the first 2 lol) if you want to read some sci-fi but are still kind of new to the genre! 

Sweet Talk by Cara Bastone – I listened to this on Audible (it’s an Audible Original). 100% recommend this if you enjoy audiobooks. Such a fun romance!

A Letter To Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass – This was recently published on Jan 25. It was a fun witchy read. It wasn’t amazing but was still entertaining!

Finlay Donovan Knocks Em Dead by Elle Cosimano – Loved this!! If you have read the first book in this series then you will not be disappointed – it’s just as good! An author gets involved with the mob by accidentally murdering someone. After she gets herself out of that trouble she finds out her ex-husband has a hit out for him and obviously needs to get involved. So entertaining!

#FollowMe For Murder by Sarah Burr – Another murder mystery. This is definitely on the lighter side of mystery and was a fast read. Famous blogger and business consultant shows up to find a dead body in her client’s shop. Small town, murder, mysterious back stories… you should read it!

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – SO GOOD. I would say this is already in the running for my fav book of 2022 and it’s January! Loved everything about this. If you like YA mystery then this will be perfect for you!

The Hawthorn Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – 2nd book in The Inheritance Games series. Was amazing just like the first. 

Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Words by Tara Sivec – I listened to this on audible. I would say this was just okay. It was a cute idea (kindergarten teacher turned erotica podcast host) but just fell short for me. There were lots of people who loved this though so I would say it was just not for me!

The Royal Assignment by Terence Gray – Another Audible Original. This time the book was created kind of like a movie without the picture. I thought I’d like that more than I did but the story was still enjoyable. It’s about Royals, journalists, and some love! 

After the Fairy Tale by Terence Gray – Coming at you AGAIN with an Audible Original. Am I obsessed? Maybe. This was okay. The idea was cute – girl goes on a dating show, girl wins dating show, and story is about what happens next! It was kind of anti-climatic but still cute at times.

What I’ve been eating: 

As people do in January, it was my goal to eat healthier. Did I achieve that? No. Honestly I felt like I just didn’t hit the mark with my nutrition this month. However, I did make a couple recipes that I really enjoyed and will probably eat again!

Zucchini and Sausage Stove-Top Bake 

One Pot Caprese Pasta 

In snack news – I’ve been eating a few too many pop tarts. Not sure why I’ve randomly become obsessed with them lol but they have been a go to snack this month.

What I’ve been watching:

I actually don’t watch a ton of tv. But lately, me and Nick have been watching Vikings. We are on season 5 now so pretty far along. We love it!

There is also this show on Netflix we came across called The Chef Show! We came across this randomly one night and totally fell in love with it. I looooove cooking shows of any kind honestly.

What I’ve been working on:

I have been mainly focused on the blog and getting everything the way I want it. Easier said than done haha. But I’m really happy with how the blog is coming together.

I have also been working on new Etsy products. There will be a new launch (The Homebody Collection) coming tomorrow (February 1)!! Check out my Esty shop here.

Products I’m loving:

I am a pretty basic person when it comes to beauty products. I really don’t think we need to apply 20 different serums to our faces everyday. Lately I’ve been loving the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. It has helped so much with keeping my lips nice and hydrated this winter. I am also always using Biotherm moisturizer

What I got up to:

Me and Nick did a day trip to Whistler earlier in the month! It was my first time going to Whistler in the snow and I thought it was soooo pretty! We normally go to Whistler in the summer time so it was a totally different look there.

I also started a new hobby 👀 when I was at Home Sense shopping around for things I didn’t need (as we do), I came across a punch needling kit. It looked like fun so I grabbed it and guess what? It was fun! I will be trying more patterns and I’m so excited to improve my skills.

What I’m looking forward to:

Next month is Valentine’s Day so I’m looking forward to that. Me and Nick are planning to go to an Italian restaurant we really like so that will be yummy!

Wrapping it up:

Overall, January has been a pretty good month! It has been a good start to the year. I’m happy with my goal progress already and of course, my reading!! 10 books in 1 month, who am I?? However, it wouldn’t be an honest monthly wrap up if I didn’t talk about my mental health. Just because some things have been great doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows. My anxiety has been at a high. Lots of struggles in that part of my life. I’d say that I have been making progress with my stress levels which is great but it’s still an uphill battle!

So, always remember that social media and the online world is generally a highlight reel and people are always so willing to talk about the good while leaving out the bad. Reality check: we all have struggles of some kind and that’s okay. Struggles don’t have to outshine our progress but they are still there and should be talked about! I want everyone to feel like this is a safe space so I want to be more open and authentic about my life bts too❤️

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Tell me how January has been for you! Highlights? Fav products? Books you read? Tell me what’s been going on in the comments below.

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