January 2024 Recap: Welcome To The New Year

Hello, 2024! Can you believe that the first month of 2024 is over?! A part of me can definitely believe it because it’s felt like a lifetime but on the other hand, it has flown by lol. Explain that 🤪

January is always an exciting month due to the fresh start we all get and this January was the most epic fresh start since the new year started on a Monday! I felt like that was a good sign. 

With a new year that also means a new monthly recap format! I really loved my monthly recaps from last year and I *think* you guys did too – correct me if I’m wrong haha. So we are keeping the fun going with just a touch of change! Yay! 

So without further ado, let’s wrap up the FIRST month of 2024! 

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How was January overall? 

It’s always challenging giving an overall rating of a month because so much can happen! But I think this was a 7/10 month. 

I feel like that’s a strong start honestly. 

For the most part, January was a productive, happy, inspired, and motivated month. I got a lot done with the blog and some side projects. There was a feeling of inspiration that I felt I was losing at the end of 2023. 

However, on a more personal note – I felt work (like my actual job) was a bit rough. There was a recent transition and it’s made things a little frustrating. I felt like I could handle the changes and the new (and old) issues arising but by the end of January, I felt really burnt out. Not really overworked but just emotionally burnt out. 

I took some time for myself at the end of January to just relax. The only thing I actually did regarding the blog was this post and basically left everything else for a week and a bit. 

The rest was much needed. It’s honestly really hard going to work all day and then coming home to continue to work on the blog (even though I LOVE it). It also felt a bit discouraging because I’ve been so consistent so far this year and taking a break felt like a failure (it’s not actually). 

So, overall January felt good and I will work on separating work and my life!

The pretty sunrise on a snowy day
In my Nintendo era with Luna
Desk set up for January

2024 goals 

Okay, so this is my favourite part. The bread and butter if you will! 

Here are my main goals for 2024…

Blogging/ socials goals:

  • 10k monthly page views 
  • 500 email subscribers 
  • Grow my threads account (1k?)
  • 2500 Instagram friends 
  • Launch something (it’s secret right now lol)

Health/ wellness goals:

  • Get my nutrition in check
  • Become a runner girly 
  • Consistent stretching routine

General life goals:

  • Read 50 books
  • Do one “glow up” activity a month
  • Move house! 

I do have a few other goals but they are a bit more personal so I’ll keep them to myself! For the purpose of the wrap-ups I think I’ll pick like 5 goals to update each month so let me know which ones you’re most interested in 🙂 

January goal updates: 

Let’s do a quick update on where I’m at with these goals after the first month. 

10k monthly page views: I am already making some good progress with this. As of the end of January, I am sitting at around 7k monthly page views. So I will definitely be raising this goal during the year sometime. 

500 email subscribers: making slow and steady progress over on the email list! Currently have 398 subscribers. 

Threads following: I decided to spend more time on Threads this year because it’s fun and I actually enjoy it. I currently have 357 followers. 

Read 50 books: January was a good reading month! I read 4 books. 

Glow up: January was all about teeth. I focused on having really good dental habits and also whitening my teeth (at home). Will obviously keep this up moving forward as well. 

January faves 

It’s always so much fun to share my favourite things from the month! Maybe you’ll find something new to check out yourself 🙂 

Favourite Amazon purchase: These water shoes that I am taking with me to Hawaii. They seem like they will be perfect! They fit great and I’m impressed. 

Favourite TV show: Brooklyn 99 – I’m rewatching and loving every second. 

Favourite skincare: I’m a Lancome girly forever!!! The Lancome Absolue Revitalizing & Brightening Soft Cream with Grand Rose Extracts and Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum have made my face soft as heck. 

Favourite drink: I’ve been making little mocktails every night and it’s SO simple. Any flavour bubbly and some complimenting mio flavour. It’s easy and tasty!!

What I read in January 

Something I want to do more of is share my reads! I typically share what I’m reading and mini reviews over in my Instagram stories so I figured why not share here too. 

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas – I finally started the Throne of Glass series after thinking about it forever. Was super into this one. The characters were likable and I enjoyed the competition aspect. There was also maybe a bit of a love triangle?! 

Quick synopsis: In a land without magic, an assassin is is summoned to the castle. The vicious King is holding a competition to see who will be his Champion. Caelaena will have to fight 23 murderers, thieves, and warriors for her freedom. Along the way she will befriend the crown Prince, the Kings guard, and a Princess. There is an evil dwelling and soon the competition turns into something much more deadly.

Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty – I listened to this on audio and loved it. The insights I got from Jay regarding living like a Monk and his own life story was super helpful. The lessons I learned about gratitude keep popping up into my day-to-day life so that’s how I know it was a good one. Super interesting, educational, and entertaining! 

Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo – the sequel to Ninth House. Was super good. It’s about secret societies at Yale. There’s magic involved, demons, a very unlikely group of friends, and a trip to Hell! Highly recommend the series if you haven’t started it. 

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas – the second Throne of Glass book. I won’t give too much info so no spoilers but I FLEW through this one. The romance picks up, the mystery, the magic…  all very good! 

Life By Deanna highlights 

I received my first payment from the Ad company I’m with now! It’s so exciting to see a little bit of money come from my passion project and side biz! Love to see it. 

I also had a few lovely ladies reach out to me about guest blogging! So you may see a couple of guest posts coming soon. (If you are ever interested in swapping guest posts I am open to it – send me an email 🙂 )

Top posts from January:

The plan for February 

I want to keep focusing on content in February! Just keep pushing along and get 2 blog posts out a week. 

I’m also planning on stepping up my workout game. I’ve been trying to move my body 3 times a week lately but I think I can up that to 4! So we will give it a try. 

Other than that here are a few things I’ll be working on:

  • Finishing up the blogging course I’m taking 
  • Hopefully working with a brand I like!! 🤞🏻
  • Making more dinners at home 
  • Journaling each night 
  • Reducing my overall screen time
  • Working on my secret project (email friends already know)

Keep working hard friends 

I know that January is always a big push for new goals, new mindsets, new everything… but eventually, the steam runs out. I know because I’m feeling the same!

Remember that we are still in winter (at least where I am) and winter is for slower living, heartier foods, and more rest. 

Don’t be upset if you feel like you need to slow down. Your progress is not lost. There is no reason to fall back on that “hustle culture” lifestyle. 

What is meant to be yours will be. In time. Everyone has their own timelines. So do what you can, be kind to yourself, push yourself to a healthy limit, and feel proud. 

Every day that you show up for yourself, even in a small way, means you are a little bit better. That is HUGE! Keep working hard friends – I believe in you 🤍

January 2024 recap
January 2024 recap - month at a glance from a part-time blogger

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