Journal Prompts For When You Feel Totally Out Of Control

Sometimes life just feels a little like a hamster wheel that is spinning way too fast and you just can’t keep up. It feels like you are just seconds from flying off that spinning wheel and you don’t know where you’re going to land. There are so many reasons you may feel out of control. For one, society is always full of uncertainties. I mean, just look at the last 2 years. Jobs lost, death, destruction, wars, etc. It makes TOTAL SENSE that just from greater society’s issues you may feel lost and out of control. 

On a smaller scale or more personal scale, there are a million reasons for these feelings! We are human and we tend to dislike uncertainty. Simple things like a changing schedule can be enough to set you off. Not know when you’ll be working next week or when things change last minute… it can be super stressful! I am definitely Type A when it comes to this kind of stuff so when I don’t know the plan (well in advance) it causes me anxiety and just an overall feeling of lacking control of my own life!

Some reasons you may feel out of control


Your anxiety can cause you to feel physically out of control. Anyone who has experienced anxiety can probably understand the scary feeling of not feeling safe in your own body or feeling really overwhelmed!

Always considering other people

Relationships are important to have but sometimes can be draining when you always need to consider other people’s needs and wants before yours. Or alternatively, you may find yourself in an unhealthy relationship where a lot of decisions are made for you.


Your mental and physical health may lead you to feel out of control. If you have a health condition that limits how much you can do for yourself that can be difficult on your mental health whether it’s temporary like a broken leg or something more permanent.

Society’s issues

As mentioned above, what is go0ing on in the world can really impact how you feel, control wise. Watching tragedies on the news can be hard when it feels like there is nothing you can do. Or when major events are impacting your daily life (like being laid off from work)!


Have you ever been around someone who is grumpy and all of a sudden it’s like their emotions rubbed off on you? We take in others energies and often time experience similar emotions to those around us!

woman sitting at desk looking overwhelmed with life. When life feels out of control

Signs that you feel out of control

I think it’s pretty well known that it doesn’t take much for our mental health to take a hit. Even one bad night’s sleep can wreak havoc on your mental health the following day. So, it’s really important to be aware of how your body AND mind are feeling and be able to identify the signs that something just isn’t *right*

  • You are experiencing intense emotions 
  • Lacking energy
  • Having a hard time concentrating
  • Constantly questioning your decisions
  • Worrying a lot
  • Trying to overly control situations
  • Cant stick to one plan of action
  • Become easily irritable 
  • May make rash decisions

Just like any sort of mental or physical health, if you are concerned about anything please consult with a doctor!

10 journal prompts to help you feel more in control of your life

Is anything ever as simple as following a few journal prompts and fixing your problems? No. I wish! But, it can be a really good place to start to get some clarity on how you are feeling and the next appropriate steps to take!

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01. What specific emotions do you feel right now? Was there a trigger for the emotion(s)? If so, what was it?

Write down in point form (or whatever way works best for you) the specific emotions you are feeling when you feel “out of control.” It may be anger, fear, or anything else. All your emotions are valid!

02. What are you 100% in control of in your life?

Think of the things you do for yourself or are responsible for (cooking the meals, the schedule, what you watch on TV, etc.). List as many as you can think of!

03. What is something that is stressing you out right now? Be specific

It may be a situation or even just feeling the lack of control. If you can, write down some reasons why the situation is stressing you out. Does it give you a certain feeling?

04. Write down the things you feel most out of control with. Then for each one, write down one way you can feel more in control.

Remember, even when everything feels like it’s out of your control you are ALWAYS in control of how you react!

05. What does “being in control” mean to you?

Write down a few words, an example of a time you were in control, or just the feelings associated with feeling in control! Whatever it means to you.

06. Are there any small ways you regain control when you feel like you’ve lost it? Think of times you were overwhelmed but made it through.

My own personal way of doing this is to brain dump everything I’m thinking, feeling, and worrying about. Just getting it out there on paper. Then I can see what is happening for me in a more logical way.

07. How do you plan your day? Is this working for you? Why or why not?

Sometimes lacking a plan can make you feel out of control. So, have a look at your current day/week and see if you could find a simple solution there!

08. Who are people who you can go to when you need to chat about your feelings/worries?

Having a support network is always a good thing!

09. Write a list of affirmations to say to yourself when you feel out of control

Example: “I am in control of my life”

10. What was your biggest accomplishment today, this week, and this month?

Maybe you just need a reminder of all the amazing things you already do and control already! Brag it up a bit here and remember nothing is too small!

10 journal prompts for when you feel out of control

At the end of the day, remember that feeling lost or overwhelmed or totally out of control now and then is normal. We all have good days and bad days. We all feel like we have it all figured out sometimes and other times it’s like we are total newbies to this whole life thing. Even when the world feels like it’s crumbling around you, there is always something in your control!

Feeling anxious about your career, society, relationships, or where you are going in life is okay! We don’t all have it figured out (even the people that seem like they do, don’t)! So, no worries girly! Like Dory said, “just keep swimming” and it’ll all be okay!

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