July 2022 Wrap Up – Good News, Affordable Bags, & Vacation

With another month coming to an end I find myself reflecting on how the year has been so far. I’m thinking about the wonderful things I’ve done, the fun stories I have been sucked into, and the people I have spent time with. Wrapping up a month is exciting but also feels bittersweet! The time is flying by and before you know it another year has passed.

This is my reminder to you to enjoy every single day! Reflect on your months and remember all the fun and exciting stuff that you do. I love writing these monthly wrap up posts because its a way for me to look back on what was happening for me during each month. Yes, I have pictures but writing these posts gives me insight into how I was feeling and all those little things I may otherwise forget!

So, lets jump into another monthly wrap up!

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What was good in July:

This past month has been a lot of fun! Nick and I had a couple of trips and spent a lot of time with friends and family. We went away to Kelowna for a week which if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw! We drank all the wine and ate sooo much yummy food. Definitely took a break from my workouts as it was just too hot to do it there. I am feeling that now haha but it was so much fun! Check out some photos below from the trip!!

My best friend got engaged! So there has been lots of wedding talk as we both are planning our weddings at the same time. Nick and I booked our venue which is super exciting. We will be getting married Oct 2023! 

What I read in July:

Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley – A fun fake dating, grumpy/sunshine romance set in a bakery run by pro football players! It was a light-hearted, cute read! 

Not Good For Maidens by Tori Bovalino – YA fantasy/horror all about young witches being lured to the Goblin Market. Will they stay forever or will they escape the horrors of the market? 

The Last Hours In Paris by Ruth Druart – A historical fiction worth the read! Set in dual timelines following the mother (Paris during WW2) and her daughter (Paris ~ 20 years later). Her daughter uncovers a hear5tbreaking secret about her life and tries to piece together what her mother did in the past and why.

One Of Us Is Dead by Jeneva Rose – I listened to this on audio and found it to be a very interesting mystery/thriller. It follows a group of rich catty women who live their lives at the local beauty salon and gossiping/ backstabbing each other. As the title says – one of them is dead but who is the murderer? 

What I’ve been eating:

As I mentioned above, we ate lots of good food while we were in Kelowna. I’ll share a few of our fav spots from this past trip:

Blind Tiger Winery – gotta try the wine slushies and fire oven pizza!

Normans Diner – a fantastic place for cheap and delicious food. They have breakfast all day (I love their breakfast!)

L’Isola Bella Bistro – very yummy Italian food with HUGE portions!

What I’ve been watching:

Nick and I started watching Resident Evil on Netflix! It’s a really good series. If you like zombies or played the video game this would be for you. 

We also watched the newest Dr. Strange! We are big Marvel fans so we had to give it a go and it was very good!! 

What I worked on:

Believe it or not but I am ALMOST done with the resources/ faves page! I swear I don’t normally take this long to do one thing but I’ve been having so much fun this summer that it’s taken a bit longer. However, I’m really excited to bring it to you. There are lots of good blogging resources, favorite tools, favorite products, and lots of blog posts to help you out on your blogging journey AND things to just inspire you to live your best life because that’s all I really want for you!

Products & items I’m loving:

I recently got a few side bags from Amazon for the Kelowna trip and I LOVE them. Actually so shocked by the quality as they were pretty inexpensive. Check out the photos below with the links!

What I’m looking forward to:

It’s Luna’s birthday next month!! (my cat if you didn’t know lol). She is going to be 3 years old. I cannot believe how fast time has been flying by. Nick thinks we should get Luna a little sister but I’m not so sure haha maybe in the future! I will be throwing her a little kitty birthday party though because I am a crazy cat lady. Where are my fellow cat people?!

Wrapping it up:

Time really never does slow down. All the people who told me that time speeds up as you get older were not lying and I see that now. Before you know it summer will be over… but for now I am trying to be as present as possible. 

Another thing before I go – I released a NEW FREEBIE this past month. I wrote a guest post (you can read it here) all about increasing your self-confidence this summer. As you may know, summer can be hard for people who struggle with body image or just general confidence. To go along with that blog post I created 3 super cute phone backgrounds that are meant to remind you of how amazing you are and PUMP YOU UP for summer (and long after)! 


Also in case you missed any posts this month, here are my most popular ones…

As always, thanks for reading my blog and supporting me. I love all of you! Finding my fellow dreamers, cat lovers, book readers, and bloggers has been amazing and I can’t wait to keep chatting with you all and meeting new friends along the way! 

I hope your month has been fantastic and if for some reason it wasn’t, August is going to be your month baby!

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