July 2023: Vacation Time + Major Mindset Shifts

As per usual I am shocked that time is going by so quickly. I swear July just started and now it’s over?!

July is usually a pretty fun month because we go away for a week and there are so many activities going on. This year was no different but add my besties wedding and other important things making it a BUSY month!

With all that said, the blog didn’t get as much love as I was hoping it would. I did manage to get a few posts out so that’s good but I should have done more. Thanks to all my wonderful readers who keep supporting me and understand the busy seasons ♥. You guys are the best!

Now, let’s get into the wrap-up.

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July is meant for time off 

As I just mentioned, July is time for vacation for me. My family goes to Kelowna, BC every July for a week (it’s about a 4-hour drive away). It’s such a nice getaway and it’s totally my home away from home. 

Getting time away from work is crucial. I am grateful for my job but man, I don’t always love it. I often feel drained and to be honest, it’s just not that much fun anymore. So this past month has given me the refresh I desperately needed. 

Here are a few pics from the trip! I’m embarrassed to say that I took a total of 10 pictures lol what kind of blogger am I? 

Wine slushies at Blind Tiger Winery
On Wood Lake in Lake Country
View from Blind Tiger Winery

Update time!

Blog page views: YOU GUYS I hit my 3k page view goal in July! It lasted about a week and then it dipped back down to 2,900 but I’m counting that as a win because obviously views ebb and flow.

Instagram: I lost followers in July. I posted less and my engagement just went down the toilet. I’m lucky if I’m getting 50 likes on a photo at this point. Instagram isn’t really my main focus anymore but I do like it and I’ll keep posting. Hopefully the dip in engagement is partially due to summer? I’m sitting down to reevaluate my content and what I want my Instagram to look like. 

Email list: Getting so so close to reaching my goal of 200. We are sitting at 184 subscribers right now and my last newsletter had really good open rates/click rates.

Workouts: I did not make my 15-day workout goal in July but I was active. I did a lot of walking and had a couple of lake days with lots of swimming so it’s all good. Movement is movement. 

Reading: 25/60 books. I read 3 books in July but they were quite big! I started the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and read the first 3 books.

BTS projects 

I always like sharing some things going on behind the scenes because it’s fun!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of printable workbooks. I find my journal prompt blog posts to be some of my popular posts and I think it could be a cool idea to put together small workbooks on different topics that you guys seem to enjoy. 

I want to make a freebie first and see how it goes but it’s an idea I’m playing with. I’ve always wanted to have a shop on my blog and have attempted to sell t-shirts and sweatshirts on Etsy (even got a heat press lol) but it didn’t really go anywhere – I haven’t fully given up on that dream yet but it’s on pause. But the printables/ workbooks have been floating around in my head for a while. 

What do you guys think? Are workbooks a fun idea? If I did a freebie to try it out what topic would you be interested in? 

My favorites from July 

Favorite Amazon purchase: two things this month lol these SUPER SOFT toothbrushes that my dentist recommended and this game (Rack-O) because my family had SO MUCH fun playing it in Kelowna!

Best meal: I had a very good chicken burger from Joey’s. Fun fact about me – I have to try a chicken burger everywhere I go because I love them lol

Favorite song: Overdrive by Post Malone

Favorite YouTube workout: 24 minute Tabata workout (Latin music party) by Growingannanas

Yummiest drink: Any flavor of Ole cocktails. So yummy

Favorite Insta post: this one on balancing your full-time job with a side hustle!

Top 3 blog posts of July:

Shop this post!

Mindset for August

I have decided that I can do anything I want in this life and major achievements don’t just happen to other people. 

I’ve been working on this blog for almost 2 years and lately, I’ve been seeing some progress which makes me so happy but I think I can do even better!

My mindset in August is big successful energy. 

I can have a successful blog that makes me money. 

It isn’t just other people who have successful businesses. 

Social media isn’t the only way to grow. 

It kind of feels like I’ve made the DECISION to be a successful blogger and it’s going to happen. The progress I’ve seen has definitely helped. My page views going up, my organic traffic from Google is increasing, my DA is up to 11, and Pinterest is growing… it all helps me stay motivated but ultimately, my mindset is that success is enviable and I just need to keep going!

I hope that my mindset shift gives you some motivation to switch your own mindset and believe that whatever you are doing can be successful. 

What are you currently working on? How was your July? Tell me all the deets

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