June 2023: Going with the flow + loving it

I’m a few days late with the recap but better late than never! 

Life has been so busy the past month. June was the start of the busiest season for my life. Not only is it a beautiful time of year when everyone wants to hang out and do fun things but it’s also wedding season. So far this year I have been to 4 weddings (I even went to two in one week). One of my BFF’s is getting married in July and then I am getting married in October. 

Between attending weddings, helping with weddings, and planning a wedding… I’ve been busy!

However, I am trying my best to not let the blog slip because I LOVE it and because I’m finally seeing some real progress and just cannot let that go. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into June’s wrap-up!

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June = fun times 

As I mentioned above, June was the kick-off to the busy season. 

I’ve been having so much fun getting out of the house and doing things in the sun. Here in the lower mainland BC the weather has been a bit iffy… but the last couple weeks of June has been feeling summery. 

So far I’ve been hitting up the park with friends to play frisbee, going to wineries for some wine and hummus boards, having little pool parties, and going to concerts (just went to Nickelback and it was the BEST). 

I’ve also really started getting back into reading lately. Many nights I’ve been up late reading wonderful stories but then *kind of* regretting it the next morning haha. Because of that, I’ve also been frequenting my local Starbucks more 😂

Something that I have been letting myself do lately is just be. I’m doing things I like to do whether that’s reading later into the night, spending more time outside, doing less house work because I’m out with friends, and enjoying the food at the local restaurants instead of worrying about meal planning. 

Its meant less writing, less time spent on my freelance business, and less time on social media. However, I’ve still been seeing growth here on the blog. My Pinterest game has been improving. It’s scary to step back from things but I’m staying hopeful and reminding myself that LIFE is worth living and that the internet will still be there when I’m done. 

Maybe you can relate? If so, keep doing you and enjoy the summer!

Let’s do some goal updates:

Blog page views: I set my goal for the year to my 3,000 monthly page views. I am SO close. I’m sitting at around 2,900 monthly page views right now. 

Instagram: I’ve been posting less. I am not finding as much joy in it as I was before so I’m letting myself focus on other things. I’m at around 1750 followers (up 30 from last month). 

Email list: The feedback I’ve gotten from my subscribers since changing things up has been good. I have 165 subs (200 is my goal). 

Workouts: I’ve been going strong with the workouts. I hit my 15-day goal in June. However, I have definitely pulled a muscle in my calves so I’m resting for a bit now. 

Reading: I have read 22 books so far in 2023. The goal is 60 so I’m a bit behind but that’s okay. I have found my reading groove again (reading A Court of Thorns and Roses right now and Im FLYING through it). 

Freelance BTS

I went so strong with my cold emails this past month. I really only slowed down the last week of June because I was so busy with 2 weddings, Nickelback concert, and Canada Day. 

Here are the stats for June: I sent 48 emails. I got 9 responses. So that’s an 18% response rate. 

I have to say that the responses I’m getting are more and more positive. I’m getting more inquiries. However, still not getting clients. 

I did create writing packages this month so that is new for me. I’m assuming things just take time so I’ll keep trying!

Holding a cup of ice cream from Flavr Ice Cream against a rainbow wall
Deanna taking mirror selfie in outfit for Nickelback concert
The very secret society of irregular witches on Kobo ereader

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Favorites from June

Favorite drink: I got this giant sangria fish bowl from a Mexican restaurant which was pretty yummy

Favorite treat: Strawberry cheesecake ice cream from Flavr in Langley

Best book read: The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches was my fav of the month. It was SO cute and whimsical. 

Favorite Amazon purchase: I didn’t order much in June but I did get shoes for my BFF’s wedding and they are super cute and comfy!

Favorite Youtuber recently: I have been watching a lot of BookTube lately. I’ve been catching up on Hailey In Bookland’s channel.

Favorite Insta post: Healthy girl summer post (it was definitely the most popular post of the month)

Top 3 blog posts of June:

July reminders:

1 – allow yourself to live in the present and enjoy 

2 – you look good in anything you wear

3 – sunscreen in your friend 

4 – everyone’s journey is different 

5 – spend more time outside 

6 – listen to what your body needs 

7 – doing nothing on a warm summer day is okay

8 – positive energy attracts positive people

9 – reading is cool 

10 – add more fruits and veggies to your diet

& the most important reminder of them all – be nice to others because kindness is free.

June 2023 recap - finding joy in the here and now, reading more, and goal updates

How was June for you? Share your wins in the comments :)

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