June 2024 Recap: I Took A Break

Well saying my month was busy would be an understatement! I have barely even updated the blog 😳 it’s not from lack of WANTING but simply, lack of energy and time! But I am hopeful that July will be different. In fact, I know July will be different! 

I’ve been taking a break from social media the past month which has been amazing. I really haven’t missed it lol but I do have some new ideas for it. So excited to share :)

Anyways, let’s wrap up the month! 

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How was June overall? 

June has been pretty good! I would rate it 7/10 :) 

It’s been a busy one again. We are still trying to sell our condo so that has been a big part of the month. 

There have been a decent amount of viewings but no takers yet! It’s hard not to get stressed about it since our move in date for the new house is at the end of August. But we are remaining positive! Nick has somehow stayed more optimistic than me which is unusual 😂 

We have been having fun this month too! Between fun outings with friends, our first sea-doo ride of the year, and getting to see our house it had been pretty cool. 

One of my favorite summer activities is sea-dooing! Being on the water is so freeing and beautiful. The fish in the water always freak me out but still, being on the water makes me so happy. I even do some floating when the weather gets warmer. 

Seeing our house was a highlight too! It’s in the process of being built and we haven’t seen the inside since the beginning phases. We got to see the cabinets in, the floors and tiles, and even some of the bathrooms completed! It’s been a journey but holy cow, I can’t wait to see it all done. It’s a dream come true! 

Sea-dooing on Pitt Lake
Our almost finished kitchen!
Watching Brooklyn 99 with Luna

Goal updates:

As per usual, I have been plugging along! Some of my goals actually worked on themselves this month since I took a step back from the blog and social media but let’s have a look! 

Monthly page views: I can’t believe it but I am sitting at around 9800 page views! I am so close to my original 10k goal! 

Email subscribers: I actually deleted some of the inactive subscribers haha so that’s a good thing! Even with deleting some I have about 715 so we are still growing!

Threads following: so I did take a bit of a break from Threads but I still made a bit of progress – I am at 712 followers :) 

Read 50 books: big news!! I finally finished the Throne of Glass series which was a bunch of big books haha. In June I read 2 books (a slow month). I am at 18/50 books so a little behind. 

Patreon membership: as per anything new there are ebbs and flows with progress. I did lose a couple members during June unfortunately so I am sitting at 4 paid and 17 free members. Hoping to get those numbers up! 

June favourites 

Best book read: I loved both the books I read in June but if I had to pick one… it would be Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas!

Favourite bathing suit: I recently ordered some new bathing suits but only one was a LOVE! This brown one fits perfectly and the material is just the best. Going to grab another color!

Most enjoyed movie: I’ve just been rewatching movies lately haha. Rewatched Angry Birds the other day and loved it. Such a fun movie

Favourite drink: Recently tried the Coors Seltzer Slushie Flavour and oh my goodness, they are so good!!

Sweatiest YouTube workout: 40 MIN SUMMER SHRED HIIT WORKOUT by Growingannanas 

What I read in June

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas: this was the last book in the Throne of Glass series! I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good finish to a long series. 

Nosy Neighbors by Freya Sampson: this was the June book club book. I loved it! Such a fun cozy mystery but also full of amazing characters and unlikely friends. It was sweet and sad at times but overall was such an enjoyable story. 

Life By Deanna highlights 

There isn’t too much to update you on this month when it comes to the blog. Since I didn’t really post much nothing of note has happened!

However, I am happy to say that my monthly views continued to rise even without new posts which means my hard work with SEO in the past has worked! That makes me happy 🙂

Most popular links:

Most popular posts: 

The plan for July 

I really need to get back on the blogging grind! It was nice to take a break over June and just focus on other hobbies but I want to get back to writing and posting. 

I am taking my Instagram in a bit of another direction (I want to focus primary on habits and routines) so that is also something I will be focusing on. I didn’t post anything on social media over June either. 

The last plan is to really pump up my Patreon! I want to grow the community and make it something special. It has been really hard to get people to sign up and I feel kind of at a loss… I don’t know what else I can do to grow it. If anyone has any experience with Patreon or even just memberships in general I would love to chat lol! But anyways, the plan is to figure out how to grow more and I guess the marketing side of things. 

June 2024 recap
June 2024 recap

Hope you all had a good month! Sending you all the good vibes for July 🥰

Until next time, 


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