March 2023: A Month Of Feeling Tired But Pushing Through

Spring is finally here and the sun is shining! Nothing feels better than a sunny day. Feeling the warmth on your skin, breathing the fresh, still crisp, air, and finally hanging up the parka. 

I’m writing this post on my couch with the sun streaming through the window and the patio door cracked just a bit. Luna is living her best kitty cat life on the deck. Her favorite pastime is rolling in the sun spots.

Was March a super exciting and special month? Not really. But it was another good one in the books! 

The March feels

I won’t lie—I started to get tired this month. All the workouts and staying consistent with blogging (didn’t miss a post in March btw 😎) have honestly left me a bit drained.

My overall motivation has remained pretty high which I’m happy and a little surprised about. 

I did stop using my planner the last couple of weeks but like planner burnout is real! I will be getting back into it again starting in April, I just needed a break. I love tracking my habits but sometimes tracking them is more work than I can handle lol.

The weather also took a bit of a toll on me. We got a decent amount of snow in the lower mainland BC this past month and even though many people think Canada is just a giant sheet of ice, southern BC really doesn’t get much snow at all. So I felt myself getting a little seasonal depressy there for a bit.

The good news is that spring is here. The bad news is that the weather forecast is looking like nonstop rain for the foreseeable future haha.

I’m ready for a new month and something about a new season (even if it rains for a month) brings good feelings and happiness!

The overall feels for march: tired but consistent.

Let’s chat goals

I’ve been giving you guys a goal breakdown each month so far so let’s keep it going!

Instagram: the goal is 2600 followers and I’m at around 1670! (Up about 50 followers from last month). Would love to improve my IG game but honestly not even sure how lol let me know if you have tips. 

TikTok: 1k is the goal. I’m at 99. In March I didn’t really post to TikTok at all. I’m starting to think it’s not the most sustainable platform for me. So I’m still going to work on it but it’s not a top priority.

Email list: the goal is 100 subscribers and I am at 95!!! 

Workouts: I definitely made my 15 workout goal this month! For April I am starting a new workout journey (I shared it on IG, but I’ll be waking up early before work to walk 2 miles a day). I’ll be tracking this and seeing how I do for the next month! 

Reading: my reading goal is 60 books. I’ve currently read 13. It’s coming along! 

Freelance writing: so my ongoing goal has been to obviously obtain new clients but also reach out to businesses and bloggers about my services. My goal was 20 and I reached out to 27! 

If you want a breakdown of my actual success… out of the 27 I had 3 people respond saying no thanks, 2 people ask for more information (currently chatting with them to possibly work with them), and about 90% of my emails were opened. 

So, I definitely have room for improvement. As always, if you know anyone who is looking for a freelance blog writer in the wellness/personal growth space, please let me know 🤍

An extra goal – upgrading my bedroom: I’ve been adding one new thing a month to my bedroom and so far it’s coming along! So far we’ve replaced the bedding and got cute lamps. I would love to get some new artwork next! 

Some favorite things from March

Yes, my fav part of the wrap-up!! Don’t you just love reading about people’s fav things?? Let’s jump right in…

Favorite meal: fettuccine alfredo from Olive Garden

Best TV show watched: the Mandalorian is back baby!!! 

Most listened to song: Run Away to Mars by TALK

New fav podcast: recently came across Cubicle to CEO and its a new car ride listen

Favorite sweater: purchased a few sweaters from Joe Fresh (aka Superstore brands clothes- the Canadians know) and I love the brown one I got! 

Favorite Amazon purchase: a scrunchie watch band for my Fitbit! The silicone one was giving me a nasty rash so I needed to either stop wearing it or find a new band. The scrunchie ones are so cute, not hurting me, and were cheap! 

Most captivating book: The It Girl by Ruth Ware

Favorite insta post: Ways to set yourself up for a good week and fight the Sunday scaries! Loving sharing graphics and want to start doing it more!

Top 3 blog posts for March:

Mindset going into the next month 

The mindset I’m taking into the new month is openness to change and trying new things! 

Change is hard for all of us. I personally don’t like change very much. It makes me anxious because I like to know what is coming so I can plan but life just isn’t like that all the time. 

Embracing change is good for your mental health but also for achieving goals! 

If you have goals that require something big to change (like where you live, your job, spending a lot of money, etc.) allowing change and expecting change is essential.

It’s no secret that one day I’d like to be a full-time blogger and freelance writer. Sometimes scary is how much would HAVE to change. On one hand, the change really freaks me out but on the other hand, I know those changes would create my dream life. 

So in April, I am changing my mindset around change. I am accepting it AND expecting it because I know my goals will be achieved somehow, someway. 

How do you feel about change? What will your mindset be for April?

Until next time friends!! 🤍🤍

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