May 2022 Wrap Up: Less Reading, Projects, & Fav Products

Last month’s wrap up I started it off by saying “April showers bring May flowers” and I felt it would be most appropriate to tell you that while I did have some flowers in May, they also all died! I do not have a green thumb lol sorry flowers! The wind was partly to do with it but honestly, I’m a bad plant parent. If you want a good laugh go read the intro to April’s wrap up because I specifically said my plants were doing alright lol well, not anymore. 

Let’s jump into the wrap up!

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What was good in May:

I had a lot of fun this past month. The weather really started to clear up and we had some nice, sunny days. Nick and I managed to get out with friends several times and took out the sea-doo for the first time of the year!

Mirror selfie holding starbucks coffee and wearing a Shein shacket shirt.
Holding a Malibu Rum drink with a jet-ski in the background

What I read in May:

This was a sloooow reading month for me. I feel like I hardly picked up a book which I’m not super happy about. I have just been so busy being out and about, working, and of course, blogging. I am at 30/50 books for the year!

Seasonal Fears by Seanan McGuire – Overall enjoyed. Was a little confusing not going to lie. It gave me Hunger Games vibes with the competition and fights but instead of winning a prize, the winner becomes a season (winter/summer) and has the power to control it. So kinda fun!

Seatmates by Cara Bastone – Listened on Audible (it’s only available there) and looooved it! This is part of a series but can be listened to as a standalone. It was an adorable meet cute romance about a guy and girl who meet on a bus and end up on a wild adventure. 

Half-Blown Rose by Leese Cross-Smith – this was just okay for me. It was set in Paris which I loved but the main character bothered me so much. This can be compared to Eat, Pray, Love so if thats your style you will probably enjoy it!

What I’ve been eating:

This month I have been using my air fryer a lot! When I first got the air fryer I cooked pretty much everything in it and basically stopped using the oven lol. I was *obsessed* and honestly still am. But, I did stop using it for literally everything in the last little while so I decided it was time to get it out and make some yummy food in it this month!

The two recipes I made were sooo good and will definitely be made again. The first being stuffed peppers (cooked in the air fryer). I will say that this is a new fav for me. Usually when I male stuffed peppers in the oven I find the pepper gets a little soggy but in the air fryer it was crisp and charred! So good!

The second recipe I made was homemade chicken strips. I have been wanting to make my own chicken strips for so long but just never got around to it but then I found this recipe and oh man!!! They were fab!

What I’ve been watching:

I haven’t been watching too much lately… mostly just Youtube to be honest. Nick and I did watch Dr. Doolittle (the newer one with Robert Downey Jr). I liked it! It was a little silly but anything with talking animals is a win for me and my cat, Luna, loved it! She actually sat at the end of the couch and watched haha. 

What I worked on:

I have been working on a resource/favorites page for the blog! I want to include all the resources and tools that I use and find helpful as well as some of my all-time favorite things! I see other blogs do that and I always love checking out those pages. It’s almost done so it will definitely be up sometime in June!

If there is anything specific you would like to see on that page, leave your ideas in the comments!

Products & items I’m loving:

So many good things to share this month! I may have gone a little overboard with buying things lately… oops! However, some of these items I already had but have started loving again! 

Bamboo bath tray – Nick gifted this to me and I love it! I have wanted a bath tray for sooo long but never got one and now that I have it I’m so mad I didn’t get one sooner. I love to read in the bath and also like to have multiple drinks lol gotta stay hydrated, right?? So, this has been a big win for me!

Charcoal toothbrush – I picked this up on a bit of a whim because I was just interested in what it was all about. The actual whitening from the toothbrush is questionable BUT the toothbrush itself is my favorite!! It’s soft and feels great. New fav toothbrush for sure!

Yoga mat – I gifted myself this yoga mat for completing my first program with Beachbody! It’s a great yoga mat. The one I had before was so thin but I was using it for so long that I didn’t really realize it. This new one is thicker (but not cushy) and it feels so much better on my feet and knees! High recommend. I got it in black but there were several colors! 

Air fryer – Like I mentioned above I’m back on the air fryer grind! Anyone who has an air fryer probably only talks about how great it is so I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you don’t have one, buy one, and thank me later! 

Neutrogena Bright Boost – Loving this face scrub. It’s so gentle on your skin and just makes your face feel sooo clean! 

Honest bubble bath – I got this just randomly. I needed a bubble bath and it had good reviews. Well, I see why the reviews are so good because it’s great! Bubbles up really good and smells delicious! I also found out it can actually be use for kids and babies so it’s very gentle.

What I’m looking forward to:

There isn’t anything big coming up in June… so I guess I’m mostly just excited to keep working on the blog! I will be dropping a goal update post in June to discuss my goal progress over the last 6 months. I think it will be a very eye-opening post and it will be very honest too. My growth has been slow going but I have some really supportive people following along with me so I am just focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to my followers and views! 

Also!! I have my first collab on Instagram which is so exciting! It’s just something small but hey, we all start somewhere right? Keep your eyes out for that!

Wrapping it up:

May is always a weird month; it’s just this in between where the weather is getting better but it’s not really good enough to do much outside. There is also nothing super exciting going on either. But, overall, the month has been a decent one. I feel like I’m in a good groove with my blogging right now so I’m feeling pretty happy!

With summer approaching I am really looking forward to getting out to the wineries in my area! I travel to Kelowna, BC every summer and the wineries there are so fun but around my house, there are actually a lot of wineries I’ve never tried so that’s a big thing I’m excited about! Maybe June will bring the sunshine and I can hit the wineries

In case you missed any posts this month, here are my most popular ones…

I hope you all had a great month. Would love to hear about anything exciting you did or anything you learned this month! So leave a comment down below 🙂

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