May 2023: Getting Real With My Goals

May flew by in the blink of an eye 👀

It’s always shocking how quickly the month goes by. I usually look at my work calendar to see what days I have off or what long weekends or holidays there are. I then do my usual “ugh, it’s going to be such a long month” whine but then it always flies by! 

So I guess you could say I’m just a complainer? Which is kind of true when it comes to work because like who decided we need to work every day? Seems like a waste of time to me 💁🏼‍♀️.

May was for finding my footing again 

I know I’m not alone here when I say I lost my way the past couple of months. 

The beginning of the year is usually so motivating and things start so well! Around the end of March life becomes kind of hard again and then April is a wash and then May is when I start to really get back on track. 

I felt my overall confidence go up this month in regard to my goals. I’ve been more confident in the emails I’ve sent for my freelance writing business which is definitely helping! I’ve been more active and getting into a new workout routine (I’ve actually been making use of my building’s gym!!). 

I also decided this month that I need to focus my time on the things that give me the biggest return. My word for 2023 is focus and I feel like I forgot that somewhere between January and now.  

Basically, my ultimate goal is to eventually quit my job and work for myself full-time as a freelancer. I like to write, blogging is a passion, and I desperately want to be my own boss. 

Working every day for someone else is simply just not for me. However, I really wasn’t putting in the time or effort to make it work. So I had a #realtalk with myself and decided that my time and energy needs to go into things that will ACTUALLY move the needle forward on my goal (things like cold pitching my services, writing for my blog, promoting my services, etc.). 

I feel good about the mental progress I’ve made and the mindset shifts I’m making. 

It’s still baby steps here and I have a long way to go before I could even think about quitting my job but I feel like by taking it more seriously I’m actually giving my goals life. It’s not just a dream if I’m actively working on it, ya know? 

So with that, let’s chat about my goal progress.

Goal updates!!!

Instagram: not going to lie, Instagram has been freaking slow this month! It seems like none of my content is being seen. Sitting at around 1720 followers which is only like 20 followers gained in a month… As I just mentioned though, I’ll be focusing less time on social media in June because I’m not seeing any meaningful return for my blog or freelancing. However, I won’t be gone!! Just fewer posts. 

Email list: I’m feeling good about my email list. I currently have 132 subscribers 👀 getting closer to my 200 sub goal!

Also, if you subscribe to the email list you know that I revamped this past month! So so so happy I decided to change it up and I think you guys are too because the open rate and click rate was higher than usual! Yay! 

Workouts: I hit 15 workouts this month which means I achieved my monthly goal. I’ve started working out a little differently this month. Doing a lot of walking on the treadmill and doing about 2 workouts a week with weights! Feeling stronger but not seeing any real physical differences yet. 

Reading: so I said that April was slow but May was slower LOL I read 2 books. I was reading The Atlas Six and the beginning was so slow that it took me almost the whole month to read it but hey, that’s okay. So I’m officially sitting at 17/60 books. 

Freelance BTS

I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted to see more behind-the-scenes content from my freelance writing business and you said YES! 

So, here’s a little update.

I’ve been working hard on sending more cold pitches. Still not sending as many as I’d like but I’m trying to work around my actual job so time is limited. 

In May I sent 34 cold emails. Out of those emails I had 8 responses. So that’s a 23% response rate! 

I managed to get a new client in May! I wrote one blog post for her (for her counseling business).

Something I struggle with is continuing with clients. She said she would be interested in working with me more but then said she would get back to me. So that’s a positive thing but I still feel like I need to work on retention.

I’m working on creating a rate card for my writing services so I can send that to potential clients. Hopefully, it will make everything really clear! Other freelancers have suggested having packages instead of just one or two blog posts. So that’s my next step! 

Some favorite things from May 

Favorite meal: We got the BBQ going this month and made some yummy burgers! 

Favorite drink: Los Flamingo drinks specifically the Vodka Smash ones.

Most interesting podcast: Pat Flynn shared a thought-provoking podcast about short-form content vs long-form content that I loved. 

Most captivating TV show: Started watching The Last of Us!! 

Favorite Amazon purchase: Believe it or not but I didn’t order much this month. So I guess my fav purchase was the NYX butter gloss! 

Best memory made: Went to Whistler with my friend for her bachelorette trip and we went to the Vodka Ice Room which was a hilarious experience. 

Favorite blogger to read: I’m always reading other blogs but most recently I’ve been loving Coley @ Life Goals Mag! 

Favorite insta post: the post about why influencers need a blog! I got so much love on that post!

Top 3 blog posts of May:

June is all about summer vibes and wellness 

Heading into June I am focusing on wellness and summer vibes. 

Bring on the healthy, fresh meals. Bring on the hot girl walks. 

Catch me enjoying a picnic at the park with my friends and playing Frisbee (something my friend group has started doing). 

My body and mind is READY for summer. The Sunshine makes me so happy and I usually feel so motivated. 

I’ve been on a wellness journey this year in regards to my health and I feel like I’ve started to build some pretty good habits. Summer could be a time to get kind of lazy but not this time! 

Wellness is a lifestyle and I will try my best to keep this going (while being reasonable and balanced). 

May 2023 wrap up - refocusing on my goals and getting real with what I want
How I am refocusing my goals for the 2nd half of the year

What is your favorite way to stay healthy in the summer?

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