May 2024 Recap: Life Is Busy Right Now

The last couple weeks of May have been SO busy! I’ve been struggling to even write this wrap up post because it’s been hard to find the time. The thought of processing all that I have been doing lately is a task in itself haha but I will do it! 

I go through phases where I will write a lot of my content on my phone while Im sitting on the couch or even having a bath. I tend to be pretty productive during those times because well, there are more of them! But when I am in my easily distracted phases I need to sit at the computer which generally means less time for writing. 

The struggle, right? I will have you know this post was written at the computer haha. So in other words, my brain is a mess at the moment lol. 

Anyways, on to the wrap up!

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How was May overall?

Gosh, I don’t even know how to rate it. Maybe a 6.5/10. 

Part of me is thinking the month was really good. I have been a busy bee, we’ve been having fun, and life is overall going well. On the other hand, I’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

We are selling our condo because we are moving in August! Exciting times but also stressful times. We have been busy with open houses and viewings. I know we need to cater to people to make the sale easier but damn, it’s hard to keep the house clean at all times in case someone wants to view the place right away. 

We also have a cat, Luna, and the in and out of the house has been hard for her. She is very much an inside cat and doesn’t go anywhere unless it’s the vet. She is not super happy in her crate lol so having to pack her up all the time is tough. 

But, I am trying to remain positive about the house stuff. It will sell in time (at least that’s what everyone keeps saying). Our condo is quite nice and is in a really good area so I am hopeful but I just hate waiting!!!

On the more positive side – we have been having fun with our friends lately. Going out for dinner, hanging out at this place called The Rec Room, and watching playoff hockey (although the Canucks are now out). 

Balance has been hard for me but I am hoping I can get into a better routine moving forward. As soon as the weather gets nicer I find it hard to prioritize things like the blog, working out, and so on. Although, I am super proud of how consistent I have been with my workout. I think it has a lot to do with following the workout plan in my monthly guide.

Book shopping
Just me and Luna
The house is coming along!

Goal updates:

There has definitely been some progress during this past month! Let’s chat about it. 

Monthly page views – I am SO close to 9k. I’m going back and forth between 8800-8900. 

Email subscribers – I don’t even want to type this… I still have not deleted inactive people. Literally wtf Deanna? I am sitting at 667 subscribers. I gained about 60 in the last month so that is great at least! 

Threads following – I am still loving Threads! The 2024 goal is 1k and right now I have about 633. Getting closer!!

Read 50 books – I read 2 books in May. A slower month but I am reading Kingdom of Ash right now and it’s about 1000 pages so it’s taking some time. 

Patreon membership – Last month I had 9 members (both paid and free members). This month I am up to 14!! I would love to see 7 paid members for June. I currently have 5. We will see 🙂 

May favourites 

Favourite make-up: Revolution Setting Spray

Best Amazon purchase: My work bestie got a new job so I decorated her office for her last week. The “Later Traitor” banner was such a hit! And also this candle lol. 

Current TV show addiction: Brooklyn 99 is still playing nonstop in my house.

Favourite podcast episode: Is clutter blocking your intuition? 

Favourite YouTube video: Nervous System Regulation Exercises – Anxiety Relief Exercises

What I read in May 

Weyward by Emilia Hart – I loved this book! We read it for the book club on Patreon. It was a witchy book that followed three women in different time periods. There was some mystery, good atmosphere, and women getting revenge. 

The Untitled Books by CJ Archer – Still enjoying The Glass Library series! This one had some good mystery and the characters are becoming more and more interesting as the books go on. Hoping for some romance soon though haha. 

Life By Deanna highlights

May has been busy so there hasn’t been a ton going on with the blog. I have not been writing as much as I’d like to. However, I did collab with two other bloggers in May. I had Hannah from Life Within Rays write a guest post for me (and I wrote for her) and I have another awesome blogger scheduled for June!

Most popular links:

Top posts from May:

The plan for June 

I am really hoping the sunshine visits a little more in June lol. I would love to spend more time outside. Maybe hit up the pool! 

With that, I would also like to really focus on nutrition. I have been getting a little better with healthy choices but I’m finding it really hard to eat healthy lunches. I am an outreach support worker so I am in the community a lot. Packing a lunch while I’m in my car most of the day is challenging. But I need to figure it out. I can’t keep eating fast food. 

Any tips for easy healthy lunches I can eat in the car? Help!!

Find what makes you happy 

If you read my email newsletter from June 2nd you would have seen me chatting about friendships and feeling a little lonely. It’s so important to find what makes YOU happy. There will be times when you are on your own. During those times it’s easy to fall into a rut because you feel lonely or maybe like people don’t like you. 

I have come to realize that learning to enjoy your own company is crucial to being an adult. Friends and family aren’t always available. Sometimes you need to go to a coffee shop on your own. 

You can’t waste your life waiting for other people to spend time with you. It’s not always easy but it’s the truth. 

So, I hope you can find things that make you happy and help you enjoy being alone sometimes!! 

Until next time, 


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