The Secret Of Using Microlearning For Your Personal Growth

The internet is FULL of wonderful information these days. You can learn almost anything you want. Google was my BFF when I started this blog because pretty much anything you need to know is in a video, blog post, podcast, or course. Something I like to do now for any type of information I want to know is use microlearning. I don’t always have time to watch an hour-long video or take a whole course. So, learning in smaller chunks is crucial! I think it’s a great way to improve your life and continue to work on yourself in an easy way. Microlearning is my new secret when it comes to my personal growth. 

Keep reading to learn how I use microlearning to boost my knowledge on tons of topics and continue to work on my personal growth (and how you can too)!

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is when you learn something in short bursts. There are many different ways for someone to microlearn but the main characteristic is that the learning activities are short and to the point. 

It’s no secret that the average attention span is becoming shorter. The average attention span is less than 10 seconds!!! Honestly, that is wild. However, it explains why shorter-form content has taken off in these past few years. People can’t pay attention for long periods of time anymore. 

So, if 10 seconds is the most people are paying attention before grabbing their phones, watching TV, or just generally getting distracted, there needs to be shorter ways to learn new things. 

Enter in, microlearning. 

Microlearning packs a punch by getting to the point right away. There are several forms of microlearning so there is something for everyone. 

Ways you can microlearn:

  • Written word (short paragraphs, phrases, point form lists, etc)
  • Images (infographics, carousel posts, illustrations, etc)
  • Video (short form YouTube/ social media, course material)
  • Audio (short podcasts, chapters from audiobooks, etc)
  • Games (educational games, simple challenges, etc)
  • Quizzes 
  • Worksheets 
  • Join memberships

There are many ways a person can engage in microlearning, those are just a few examples. 

My personal favourite way to microlearn is through YouTube videos or even TikTok. I love a good blog post as well but sometimes shorter videos are a) easier and b) more accessible. 

Part of microlearning is accessibility. If it’s hard to find the content then you most likely won’t do it. You can search all sorts of things on Google but there is simply SO MUCH content that it can be hard to actually narrow down what you want. YouTube is still a massive platform but you can see how long videos are, read comments, and generally get a vibe for the content before you commit to watching. Many creators dedicate their platform to short videos as well which makes microlearning even easier once you find what you want to learn. 

Benefits of microlearning 

There are lots of great benefits of microlearning so it should definitely be something you are adding to your personal growth journey. Here is why!

Microlearning is flexible 

People are busy and don’t have time to sit down and take a course once a week for 2 hours. Not to mention being able to show up at the same time each week. Microlearning is flexible. Anyone can find 10 minutes in their day to watch a video or listen to a podcast. You can also learn several things in the span of say, an hour, compared to having an hour video on one topic. 

You are retaining more information 

Have you ever read a chapter from a textbook and it was like it never happened? You retained literally zero information because it was just too much to take in? I have! Microlearning is great because, with smaller chunks of information, you are more likely to actually retain it. That is why I tend to read one chapter at a time from a self-help book. Generally, the chapters are smaller and focus on one topic. I have also been known to watch a TikTok video on something and then regurgitate it to my husband haha so it’s definitely sticking in my mind. 

It’s more affordable 

When it comes to taking classes through schools the prices can get pretty crazy – even for online classes! Microlearning allows for more options that are much more affordable. Think of platforms like Masterclass. You pay a low monthly fee and get access to TONS of content. You can learn pretty much anything you want at your own pace. You can also access information for free on YouTube, social media, Google, and so on. 

Microlearning is personalized 

I have taken my fair share of courses both in College and afterward. There were many courses that I had an interest in only to find out most of the content was not really what I wanted to know. Microlearning is more personalized because YOU get to decide what you want to learn. The content is shorter so you can cut out the fluff and information you already know/don’t care about. This is perfect for someone who wants to learn about cycle syncing but doesn’t want to learn everything there is to know about the female body. You just want the key information!

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Ways you can use microlearning for your personal growth

Since everyone is different and has their preferred ways to learn this will vary from person to person. However, here are some ideas to get started with microlearning!

Microlearning for your goals

If you have big goals (which Im sure you do) microlearning is a great way to move the needle forward. For example, when I started this blog I needed to learn about hosting, SEO, and many other things. I found listening to short podcasts and reading social media posts was helpful to get me started. 

If your goal is to go to the gym more you may find TikTok videos of people using the gym equipment helpful. Or if your goal is to start using Notion to organize your life, you may find watching a YouTube video explaining how to make your own homepage helpful. 

Expanding your mindset

Personal growth is partially taking action towards bettering yourself but it’s also changing your mindset! Listening to podcasts or audiobooks have changed my life when it comes to my mindset. However, I don’t like listening to someone go on and on about the same topic so I found shorter content was better. Like hearing someone’s personal story or even tips and tricks. 

Daily challenges 

There are many creators out there hosting or sharing daily challenges. You can even make them yourselves. A daily challenge can be about anything. It could be doing 5-minute meditation every day. Or doing one language lesson a day. Or even getting access to a new piece of educational content via someone’s membership each morning. 

Daily challenges can be fun and short ways to learn new things. Either a variety of topics or going a bit more in-depth each day on one topic! 

Learn and then put into practice

I have been known to learn something and then never think of it again or try to put it into practice. However, when I do put something into practice I notice how much of an impact it has on my life. Like habit stacking! I really gave that the ol’ college try and it worked. 

When you are microlearning it makes it easier to actually practice the information you learn. Less information is more manageable. The whole point of personal growth is to GROW and without taking action that just won’t happen. Microlearning allows you to try new things and explore new ideas in a more bite-sized and realistic way. 

ways to use microlearning for your personal growth

My personal growth microlearning recommendations 

Since microlearning is really just different forms of short-form content that is educational in some way, this list is really just my own personal favourites! There are many places you can find short-form content and the topics are literally endless. 

I’m typically into topics such as blogging, wellness, personal growth, and so on. Let’s look at some of my favourite microlearning content pieces. 


Empower Her Podcast – There are so many great episodes but I specifically like the PEP TALKS as they are usually under 20 minutes long. 

Hurdle with Emily Abbate – She shares 5-minute Fridays which are on lots of different topics but they always get you thinking!

Sipping on Gratitude – Leanna is an Instagram friend of mine and has guest posted on the blog before! She posts short daily affirmations for gratitude on her podcast.


Nika Erculj – She posts a lot of personal development and wellness content and most of her videos are 20 minutes or less. 

The Daily Grind – This is Angie Bellemare’s other channel where she posts 30-day challenges. She does it 2 times a year normally but there are so many videos. Perfect for people who need a bit of a kick in the pants to get started on their personal growth journey. 

Crash Course – If you like to learn about science and other fun topics this channel is for you. Bite-sized videos on all sorts of topics that actually go pretty in-depth. 


Hank Green – I think everyone loves Hank Green on the internet haha his videos are always super random and entertaining. You always leave knowing SOMETHING you didn’t know before. 

Whitney Simmons – I love her gym content. I don’t even go to the actual gym but I appreciate her gym videos showing her workouts and reps. It’s helpful for others who may be new to the gym or just don’t know what the machines do!

Melissa Pateras – This may be random but Melissa is the queen of laundry on TikTok. I have learned a lot of good info about laundry, cleaning, and some DIY home stuff. She is funny and educational. 

Hello Hayes – Hayes gives really great advice on all kinds of relationships and how to deal with different scenarios! She is super popular and now has a podcast as well!


Journey to Wellness – Rebekah is a counselor and shares carousel posts on different mental health/psychology topics. Super educational!

Amanda Simply Well – Amanda posts some great graphics in the mental health and wellness realm. She packs so much information into them and I love when I see her pop up on my feed. 

This Splendid Shambles – Anjali shares blogging tips which are always very actionable. Great for any bloggers out there! 

How to use microlearning for your personal growth
Tips for microlearning and personal growth

Final thoughts on microlearning

I truly think that microlearning is the way to go if you want to learn something new in a quicker and bite-sized way! You can get so much great information through all these different platforms. I love that microlearning is super accessible and learner-led. 

If you want to become a doctor or a lawyer, microlearning will not work for you but if you just want to learn some new information on a topic of interest this is perfect!

With attention spans nowadays it makes sense that people are leaning into shorter-form content and shorter-form educational content. It’s actually shocking how much information can be fit into a 10-minute video when all the fluff is taken out!

I will continue to learn via short-form content (as well as longer-form because I do love a good self-help book and course) to help me grow on my personal development journey. Its a journey, not a destination!

What do you think of microlearning? Do you think it’s good or bad? Do you have any favourite creators making short-form educational content? Share in the comments!

Until next time. 


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