19 Morning Journal Prompts For A Positive And Happy Day

I’ve made some great progress with my mindset and how I see the world since starting a journaling practice. Being positive and happy is a choice in my opinion. You can either choose to focus on the negatives or you can choose to focus on the positives! 

Starting a morning journal practice can help you set your day up for success. By taking time to focus on the good things and to think happy thoughts you will be more likely to have a great day. Positivity breeds positivity after all! 

So something I wanted to share was morning journal prompts that foster a happy and healthy mindset for the day ahead. A big focus of Life By Deanna is doing things that you love and make you happy! But why not start your day by being happy on a regular basis?! 

If you need a little positive energy in the morning this is for you! Keep reading for 19 morning journal prompts for a positive and happy day. 

Happy attracts happy 

Before you start rolling your eyes at me, hold on!! Having a positive mindset can in fact bring more good things into your life. Therefore, being a happier person can technically attract other happy people, positive outcomes, and good vibes. 

I tried a little experiment not long ago. I made an effort to smile at everyone I saw to see what they would do back. Would they smile? Would they do nothing at all? Would it piss people off? Lol 

What I found was, pretty much everyone smiled back. At the end of the day, I felt so full. It felt good being surrounded by other happy, friendly people. Now of course, I don’t know those people so they might not be happy or friendly at all but me smiling at them caused them to smile back so I’d say some happy vibes were exchanged. 

On the flip side, my husband is always shocked by how nice people are to me. People let me in when driving, they hold doors, they smile, they talk to me… I really think it’s because I’m putting positive, happy vibes into the world. 

It’s kind of woo-woo so I get it if you don’t agree! That’s okay! 

Something I’d love to learn more about is law of attraction. I know this is basically that haha but I need to learn more in depth! 

For now, all I know is that being happy never hurt anyone so why not put those vibes into the world? 

In order to be able to do that, you need to start your morning on the right foot with the right mindset – cue the morning journal prompts! 

19 morning journal prompts for a happy day 

Ready to get your morning journaling on?! Start your day with one or two of these morning journal prompts to be a happier and more positive you 🤍

1 – what is one thing you want to accomplish today? 

I like this morning journal prompt because it could be anything! Maybe you want to take a small step towards a goal. Or maybe you just want to be more intentional with your time. Accomplishments can be big and small. The important thing is that whatever you accomplish makes you happy! 

2 – what would make today awesome?

List a few things that would make your day great. It could be anything!! A few things that would make my day great are kitty cuddles, a yummy decaf latte, laughing with my coworker, a cozy outfit, listening to an audiobook on the way home, and so on.

Try to pick things that you can control! In a perfect world, no traffic on my way home from work would make my day awesome but I can’t control that! 

3 – write a positive affirmation for the day 

I love affirmations!! You can really use them for anything. I usually say to myself “today is going to be a good day” every single morning when I walk to my car. 

It doesn’t need to be something super unique or special. Just something simple does the job!

4 – what are 3 things you are grateful for today? 

Gratitude is such a powerful practice. When I started writing my 3 things list daily I started seeing the world differently – life became much more positive! When you focus on gratitude on a daily basis you start to notice little things every day that you normally wouldn’t.

If you struggle with picking 3 things every day, think about your basic necessities. Be grateful for the roof over your head, the family you have, the air you breathe, and so on. 

5 – what is your motivation for getting up in the morning?

Think deeper than having to go to work for money to live haha while that is definitely a big motivating factor, there is more you live for! 

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6 – what is your favorite healthy habit? 

What habits do you have that you enjoy doing? What about them makes you happy? 

I love my nightly reading habit. It’s relaxing and I get to read a lot more than I ever did before! It gives me something to look forward to during the day 

7 – what will you do for yourself today? 

You should do something for yourself every single day that either makes you happy, makes you feel accomplished, or sets up future you for success. 

So what is one thing you’ll do just for yourself today?

8 – what is your favorite part of the morning?

Not everyone is a morning person but for the sake of having a happy morning, try to think of a few things you enjoy about the morning. Maybe it’s part of your morning routine. Or maybe it’s the smell of your coffee. Or even getting to see the sunrise. 

9 – write a list of things you love about yourself 

It’s hard to compliment yourself! For some reason, we have been taught to stay so humble that we don’t even acknowledge the things we love about ourselves!! How sad. 

Think of your personality traits, physical attributes, skills, and so on. There is a lot to love! 

10 – what nice things can you do for others today? 

There is something so special about doing things for others from the goodness of your own heart. It makes others feel great but it also makes you feel great too.

What small things can you make an effort to do for others today? Maybe hold the door for everyone you see. Or compliment 3 people. Or buy the person behind you a coffee! There are lots of ways to be nice to others. 

Morning journal prompts for happiness

11 – write about a time you felt truly happy 

Spend a few minutes recalling a time when you really felt happy and content. A time you smiled deeply and felt it in your soul. The whole point of morning journal prompts is to put yourself in a good mood so why not revisit a happy time?

12 – what does your soul need today? 

Your to-do list is probably never ending but when do you have time to focus on your soul? It’s always tasks to do, people to see, places to be… how often do you ask yourself what you really need right now?

Sometimes I just need a warm bath. Or I need a chocolate lava cake lol. My soul just needs it to feel comfort, calm, or love. Ask yourself what you need and give it to yourself today.

13 – write about your ideal day 

In a perfect world, what would your best, happiest, most ideal day be? I like this question because it gets me thinking about what my values and dreams are. What’s most important? What makes you super happy? It’s a fun activity to do. Let yourself dream a little. It’s okay if it’s not realistic! 

14 – what do you want to do more of?

Is there something you really love to do but never seem to have time for? Make a list of the things you want to do more of! Maybe even make a plan on how you can do it. Focus on things that make you feel happy (like hobbies). 

15 – take a negative situation and make it a positive 

Think about a time when something didn’t go your way. You felt frustrated or upset. It felt like the world was against you. Now, flip the script. 

What did you learn from that situation? What is one positive outcome from it? How can you view this type of situation in a more positive light next time?

Example: I decided to take a different route home and ended up being stuck in bad traffic. I was so annoyed and felt rushed. I was mad at myself for straying from my usual route. I ended up being really grumpy. Looking back on it, I learned that you just have to accept things that are out of your control. I got to spend more time listening to my audiobook which was nice. And I know to avoid taking that route again! 

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16 – what are your top 5 goals? 

It’s always good to focus on your goals. Remind yourself of the goals you’re working towards and maybe give a little update on your progress. Try to focus on the good things! It’s okay if your progress has been small – that’s normal!! 

17 – how can you practice self-care today?

Taking time for your self-care is a must! After a long day a work I know it’s the last thing on your list. But you can make it easy for yourself by just naming one thing you’ll do for self-care today.

If you need help practicing self-care more regularly, you can check out my guide to creating a self-care plan!

18 – write a list of the healthy things you’ll do for yourself today

I always feel so good when I have a healthy day planned out. It’s a struggle to eat healthy at work for me so having a bit of a game plan takes away the stress.

Create a list of healthy foods, habits, or activities you will do today.

19 – what can you do to lift yourself out of a slump?

Even when you try your best to be a happy and positive person sometimes life has other plans. When you feel like you’re in a bit of a slump what can you do to get out of it?

I find moving my body and waking up my brain helps. Creating a list of things to do (including fun things) takes away some of that analysis paralysis feeling. Treating myself to a Starbucks and repeating a positive affirmation helps. Or even listening to a really good pump-up playlist!

Think about what helps you when you’re in a slump and write a list.

Final thoughts 

Changing your mindset can make a big difference when it comes to happiness and positivity. You won’t feel perfectly happy every day and that’s normal. It’s healthy to go through all the emotions. 

Using these morning journal prompts sets your brain up to think more positively and openly.

Will things still happen in your day that make you not so happy? Yeah! But hopefully, with some practice, you can overcome those negative feelings faster. 

I hope these morning journal prompts are helpful and you find one or two to try. 

What morning journal prompts will you start with? 

19 morning journal prompts for a more positive and happy start to the day
Journal prompts for being more positive and happy in the morning

Until next time,


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