Must Watch Personal Growth YouTubers For A Better Life

YouTube is more popular in my household than TV at this point. The nice thing about YouTube is that there is seriously unlimited things you can watch. Want to chill on the couch and watch a cute little lifestyle vlog? You can! Want to learn how to knit? You can! Want to get motivated and create a vision board with someone also doing the same thing? You can! 

YouTube is like a warm hug. You get to feel a bit more connected to the people you watch. It’s like hanging out with a friend, you know? 

The other awesome thing about YouTube is that you can focus on positive, healthy, and motivating content. There are a lot of YouTubers out there creating super helpful content that can inspire, motivate, and educate you while also entertaining you. 

That is a big draw for me when I tune into my favorite YouTuber’s latest videos. It’s no secret that I like personal development (my whole blog is centered around personal growth!!). So I tend to lean towards Youtubers who offer some type of personal growth content. 

If you are looking for new Youtubers to watch and you also love personal growth, this post is for you! Let’s jump into my list of awesome, must-watch personal growth YouTubers! 

What is personal growth?

Personal growth is a BROAD topic. To me, the term personal growth covers anything that helps you grow in some way. I’m big into holistic wellness and personal development. If you are looking at personal growth from a holistic perspective it would include things like health, mental health, emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, career, education, community, relationships, and so on. 

If you search “personal growth definition” online you get quite a few different explanations. Some people say it’s the process of improving your behaviors and habits. Others say it is the process of becoming aware of the “self” and making positive changes. 

I would say it’s both of those things! Personal growth is the process of CHANGE. The positive change in yourself. That could be changing unhealthy habits, losing weight, changing your mindset, upleveling your career, building healthy relationships, and so on. 

So, this list of personal growth YouTubers is quite eclectic. It’s not just the Mel Robbins of YouTube. It’s people you might not immediately think of as personal growth creators but if you really want to change your life it comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes you get motivation from the most unexpected places (which has happened to me). 

Enjoy the list and I hope you find a new favorite personal growth YouTuber. 

Must watch personal growth YouTubers 

These are the people you need to watch if you are on your own personal growth journey. They post videos about topics such as habits, goals, fitness, mindset, motivation, and most importantly, real life. 

The reason I love watching these creators is because they are real. They aren’t some celebrity telling you how to improve your life while they sit in their multi-million dollar mansion with unlimited resources. These are real people who have similar lives to YOU, who show up for themselves and their community to post content that helps. That’s why I love YouTube so much. 

Now, the list…

Kayln Nicholson & Kayln’s Coffee Talks 

Watching Kayln is like getting a big warm hug. She is so calming and she has the deepest insights during her coffee talks. It’s hard not to like Kayln because she just seems so sweet and real. I love her realness. 

Part of personal growth is learning from setbacks and mistakes. Kayln is so open about her own personal struggles and how she bounces back/ keeps going. Sometimes hearing other people’s stories is the only inspiration you need to keep going yourself.

Kayln has two channels – her main channel and her podcast channel. Both are great but there are some really good chats and insights on her Coffee Talks channel. 

I highly recommend her if you who like deep chats, healthy living, and motherhood vibes. 

Lena Lifts 

I came across Lena’s channel one day when I was looking for new routine videos to watch. Right away I was sucked into her videos because she is so fun to watch. She has a cat which instantly related to me lol. 

She focuses on fitness and healthy living. There are so many good tips and tricks throughout her videos that pertain to overall health. She shares her routines, workouts, and nutrition, while also sharing some lifestyle stuff. I find her channel to be quite motivating but in a real-life way. 

I highly recommend her if you like fitness content, dance parties, and healthy living.

Katie Callaway 

I really like Katie’s videos because of how helpful they are. She fills them with useful information and does it in a way that is educational and motivating. I like her style of videos – she does voiceover videos with clips of her actually doing the things she’s talking about. Sometimes that’s a nicer format than a sit-down chatty video (but I also love those too). 

She also has a realness to her. Her videos aren’t always the most perfect and aesthetic. Her house is just a normal house. It gives you the feeling that she is just your everyday woman and that you could do the same things she does! 

I highly recommend her if you like personal growth tips. 

Carter Sullivan 

I wouldn’t say that Carter is a full-on personal growth channel, however, she does post very useful reset videos and financial videos. In her vlogs she also shares a lot of personal insights and her own growth journey which can be helpful for someone going through something similar. 

Again, she brings a real-life and relatable touch to YouTube. She is a bit younger and she works a regular job on the side of her YouTube. 

I highly recommend her if you like budgeting, monthly resets, and mental health content. 


Rachel posts a lot of personal growth content. She does decluttering, habits and routines, vision boards, goal setting, real-life chats, and so much more on her channel. 

She has a unique lifestyle – kind of a digital nomad. She was living in Toronto for some time and then traveled around the US and is now back in Australia. Her lifestyle is a bit of “life goals” and her content pushes you to be better. 

She shares her own personal struggles and has some good insights into relationships as she has navigated dating in her 30’s. 

I highly recommend her if you like goal setting, travel, and chatty videos. 


Michelle is an OG personal growth YouTuber. She is well known and has quite the following – and for good reason! Her content is so good and very helpful. She posts all things productivity, goals, habits, and overall behavior change. 

Her voice is really calming and I find her videos to be a safe place for me. I like her shorter videos as they are the perfect little educational snippet. You know when you watch her videos you will learn something new or she will get you thinking about something in a different way. 

I highly recommend her if you like more traditional personal growth content.

Sarah ONeill

I originally found Sarah on Instagram and really loved her content. She is so cute and posts the most inspiring and cozy content. She then made a YouTube channel which I knew I would love. 

She posts wellness and self-care content on YouTube. She gives great tips and tricks for being a better version of yourself while focusing on being kind to yourself. 

I highly recommend her if you like self-care, routines, and vlog content. 

Michaela Bento

I just came across Michaela recently and have been binge-watching her videos. She is a Vancouver native which is always fun for me to see. I love finding Youtubers who are somewhat local to me. 

She posts reset videos, cleaning videos, routine videos, and some lifestyle content too. I really loved her 2024 reset video. It was inspiring to see her own journey and how she worked through troubling times. So much is learned from others and again, seeing a “regular” person making positive changes to their lives is the motivation needed to do it ourselves. 

I highly recommend her if you like routines, vlogs, and productivity content. 

Tess Barclay & Busy Blooming 

I have been following Tess for quite some time now. Her career journey has been so fun to watch and she has been a huge motivation to me and this blog. I love her content on all platforms but YouTube is a good space to watch her. 

She started a company called Busy Blooming and she hosts a podcast under that name. Her channel is a mixture of chatty videos where she talks about career, business, content creation, and a bit of everything else. She also posts her podcast episodes which are more so centered around personal growth, career growth, and girly chats. 

It looks like she is getting a bit of a fresh start on YouTube so she has deleted some of her old content but keep your eyes out for new content!

I highly recommend her if you like career advice, content creation, and a supportive friend.

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Some honorable mentions

Here are a few extra YouTube channels to add to your personal growth list if you are okay with it not being 100% personal growth all the time! I strongly believe a lot can be gained from anyone on YouTube. Someone doesn’t need to be a full-time personal growth YouTuber to make an impact on your life and that is what these channels have done for me.

Angie Bellemare 

Before I would have definitely mentioned Angie Bellemare above but lately her content has been more so house vlogs and decorating. She still does post some growth content and she is always sharing good insights and routine videos but I would say it’s more so her lifestyle now. 

Still really love her content. She is one of my favorite YouTubers. She used to be a Beach Body coach so I feel like she would post more fitness, business, and growth style content but she is ow focused on her own business which totally makes sense. 

She has a second channel called The Daily Grind and that is actually FULL of short videos focused on time management, goal setting, setbacks, habits, building a business, and more! SO check that out if you need a little pep talk. 

Love Sweat Fitness 

Katie has a lot of great videos. I have actually gained a lot of useful insight around fitness and nutrition from her. I like her videos about what she eats in a day or healthy swaps. 

She also posts routine videos which I really like. But her channel is definitely geared towards fitness and nutrition. It’s helped me on my own personal growth journey but I could also see some of her content being triggering to some people so watch if you enjoy fitness/health content. 

Conagh Kathleen 

Conagh is a personal favorite of mine. She posts a lot of fitness content as she is on her own health and wellness journey. I have been following her for quite some time and it’s so motivating to see her progress. She has become so strong and fit. She recently started getting into running which has actually prompted my own running goal. 

Her entire channel is weekly vlogs so the personal growth and fitness content is sprinkled in with her day-to-day life. I like this style of video but it’s not as direct as a sit-down video or a video dedicated to a topic. So, if you like vlogs and are okay with watching her daily life on top of her growth content then this could be for you. 

Hailey in Bookland 

Okay, hear me out – Hailey is a booktuber BUT she has been posting a lot of lifestyle content lately and she is really open about her mental health struggles and how she is changing her life little by little. 

I really love her as a person. Watching her videos book related or not, always makes me feel happy. I definitely feel more motivated to face my own problems after watching her super real and raw vlogs. 

If you enjoy reading and want to dip your toes into personal growth I think Hailey would be the perfect person to check out. 

Personal growth is lifelong 

No one is able to change overnight. You won’t make the decision to lose weight or change your mindset and just magically do it all at once. It’s a process and it happens over time for the rest of your life. The goal is to always be growing. If you feel like you’ve achieved everything you’ve set out to achieve and there’s nothing else to learn then I’m sorry but you’ve just started your personal growth journey. 

I love these YouTubers because they share their real lives while they go along their own path to personal growth. There are highs and lows. They make mistakes and learn. 

Sometimes reading a book about some personal development topic can be useful and it gives you the kick you need (that happened to me with Think Like A Monk). However, I find that these YouTubers help me grow on the daily. 

I am always thinking about something or processing something they said or did because it relates to my own life! 

So, I hope that you find a new favorite YouTuber and that you gain some sort of knowledge, motivation, inspiration, or insight to move forward in life. 

I truly believe that we are all forever growing and learning and if you can spend a few minutes every day working on your mindset in some way you will be on the right track to being the best version of yourself. 

You can do hard things, I believe in you! 

The best personal growth YouTubers
Personal growth YouTubers you need to watch

Do you have someone to add to this list? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time, 


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