My Favourite Comfy Outfits From October

Being comfortable is one of the most important things to me when it comes to fashion. By no means am I a person to go to for fashion advice lol but if you enjoy some comfy clothes like I do then keep on reading!

As soon as the weather starts changing even slightly I get out all my sweaters and ditch the tank tops – but who am I kidding… I have my sweaters out pretty much year round because they are my true love and I wear sweaters around the house all year long! So, I should rephrase that and say when the weather starts changing I grab a sweater that was already hanging in my closet and then pack away my summer clothing haha.

There is just something so comforting about oversized, comfy clothing. I have never been much into wearing jeans. I do own a few pairs for outings but I would pick leggings over jeans any day. Being comfortable is just important okay. I know people can argue that there are comfortable jeans but I mean, I haven’t found them yet! Maybe I’m just being dramatic. I actually have some jeans from American Eagle and they aren’t too bad but still prefer my lulus!

So, anyways let’s just jump into the outfits and I can pretend for today that I am a fashion blogger. Let’s go!

Outfit #1

I got the sweater from Shein which is a website I ADORE! When I first ordered from them I made the fatal mistake that many people make and didn’t look at the comments. I know, I know, it’s shameful. So when my order arrived I was pretty let down when things didn’t fit me or the material was cheap, etc. I learned from some other bloggers that it is a MUST to read the comments. After that I ordered again and was really happy with my purchases and now I order from Shein a few times a year! 

The actual sweater is super duper soft and comfy! It’s like a slouchy turtleneck so not too tight around your neck which is important to me because I don’t like the feeling of clothes touching my neck. Highly recommend it!

Surprise, surprise, I am rocking some lulus in this pic. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that Lululemon pants are just on another level. Worth the money!

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Outfit #2

Another place I love to shop is American Eagle! They have some really good deals sometimes and I find the quality pretty good. I tend to order a few sweaters from them during sale times. This sweater in particular is a fav of mine. Super soft on the inside and has that drawstring on the bottom to tighten around your waist. I like it when sweaters can be tightened like that because I am a short person so sometimes bigger sweaters and shirts can kind of swallow me up (short peeps know what I mean). Also, the quarter zip gives it a little something something! Can you tell I know nothing about fashion?? 

The pants – first of all ARE JEANS. Yes, I know it’s crazy! They are from American Eagle too. They are part of their jegging collection but they are still 100% jeans. Thick material, jean material, very much not jeggings in the sense of “legging jeans” if you get what I’m laying down. Good quality though AND I got these in the short version and they actually fit my leg length which is an actual miracle. 

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Outfit #3

No one ever said that I was trendy but I jumped on the shacket trend this fall. Love it, love it, love it. There are so many trends out there that I cannot get behind but this is one I adore and I will wear long after it is not trendy. Shacket is from Shein!

These joggers are from Marshalls. They were a good find. Never know what yo9u will find at Marshalls or Winners. They are a little baggy around my ankles because I’m short (5 foot 1) but they are comfy and I love wearing them around the house!

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  • Shacket
  • Joggers – I couldn’t find the exact same ones but these look comfy and very similar!

Outfit #4

A little Old Navy sweater here! I love Old Navy. I actually had someone compliment this sweater and ask where I got it and I said “Old Navy” and they were surprised. So anyone out there who thinks Old Navy only sells shitty shirts and $1 flip flops… think again! 

Pants are lulus! These are the align joggers. Love them more than life.

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So this was fun! I literally only took these 4 outfit pictures this month so that goes to show I either wear the same thing daily or I’m just not the greatest of this OOTD thing! I will work on this over the next month and *hopefully* will have more to show!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have the most wonderful day! Stay comfy!

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