My Spring Morning Routine & Why You Need To Create One

If you have been anywhere on the internet in the last couple of years you definitely would have heard of morning routines. It seems like the idea of creating morning routines, night routines, and many other routines have become really popular in the last couple of years. However, morning routines are not new. You probably even have one right now even if you don’t think you do!

A routine is just any series of things you do at a certain time or place. Your morning routine could be as simple as waking up, making a coffee, and sitting down to scroll through Instagram until you have to go to work. Pretty basic, huh? You could also think of it as building morning habits. Checking your phone after you make coffee may be a morning habit you have.  

We all have routines or habits that we follow at certain times. Personally, my morning routine changes with the seasons. The important thing to remember is that as long as the routine is working for you then that’s all that matters!

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What is the benefit of having a morning routine?

There are so many benefits of having a morning routine that you follow each and every day. Of course, it is going to vary from person to person. For example, some people thrive off of routine and structure. Others find they do better when there is some flexibility. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a morning routine and/or the benefits that come with it! 

For a lot of people with anxiety, morning can be an extra stressful time of day. Cortisol levels are higher and it can make you feel more anxious than normal. Having a set morning routine can help combat some of that anxiety because you know exactly what to do, what to expect, and it is relatively stress-free.

Your morning will also just be quicker and you will more likely be on time. If you do basically the same tasks every morning then you will not only become amazing at them but you will do things faster. There is little guess work that goes into each task so it makes the whole process easier and faster. You will also learn how long things actually take you and will better manage your time! No more running frantically around the house because you’ll know how long your routine takes. 

Some other benefits of having a morning routine include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Engaging in healthier habits
  • Boosting your energy for the day
  • Increasing confidence 
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Changing your morning routine with the seasons

As I mentioned above – I like to change my routines with the seasons. I find that I am very easily influenced by the weather and just cannot power through the winter months the same as I can in the spring and summer. I live in British Columbia, Canada. Winter is cold, dark, and miserable (I know other Canadians are probably laughing right now because BC actually has the mildest weather but it’s still tough okay 😂). 

The easiest way for me to stay productive and focused is to change my routines. In the winter, my routine looks a little different. I give myself a bit of a break. I sleep in a little longer. I usually skip the morning workouts. I’ll usually eat warm foods. It’s all about being comfortable and happy. As I always say, do whatever works for you!

Spring is a great time to make another shift. Spring is usually a time of wanting to make changes – a time of rebirth if you will. I find myself becoming more energized and motivated by the lighter mornings and sunny days. So, I change things accordingly!

My Spring 2022 Morning Routine

5:15am- 5:30am: Wake Up

I start my getting up bright and early because I have to get to work! I usually wake up between 5:15 and 5:30 am. 15 minutes doesn’t really make a big difference lol but when I set my alarm the night before it feels like it does. So, that’s when I get up! 

I try my best to get out of bed right when the alarm goes off but typically I lay in bed for about 5 minutes before actually getting up.

Water time

Drinking water in the morning is so important because we go all night without it. We essentially wake up dehydrated so make sure you get your water intake asap should be on your morning to-do list. 

I chug as much water as I can handle. Some days I honestly feel a little nauseous if I drink too much water so I don’t have an amount I drink – just whatever my body needs that morning!

Vitamins/ other supplements

After I have my water I will take my vitamins. I don’t take anything crazy. Just a women’s multivitamin (the chewable kind because I am still a child) and omega 3. I also take a CBD gummy every morning to chill out!

10- 15 minute stretch 

I like to move my body in the morning even if it’s just a short stretch. Over the winter I didn’t do much morning movement so I’m not fully ready to jump back into morning workouts. Stretching or some basic yoga is a nice way to start the day and get the blood flowing!

Wash face, brush teeth, etc.

After I stretch it out I will head to the bathroom to wash my face and whatnot! Just the basics really. I’ve been using the Biotherm Purifying Foaming Cleanser lately and I love the way it makes my face feel! I am not a fancy skincare person and I hate things that are too complicated so using some Biotherm products is great for me!

YouTube & Make Up

I head to the couch and put on a YouTube video while I do my make up! I have a small mirror that I just set up on the coffee table and enjoy a quick video. Probably not everyone would be okay with that set up haha but I keep my make up pretty minimal for work so I don’t need a big set up. The best part is I usually get some cuddles from my cat Luna during this time so it’s one of my fav times of the day.

Get dressed

Very self-explanatory. I try to lay out clothes the night before.


Doing my hair is my least favourite part of my morning by far. So I keep it as simple as possible and usually straighten it or throw it up in a ponytail! 

Take care of Luna’s things 

Luna (my cat) has her own room in our house so I head to her room and feed her (she loves her kibble and it’s a great healthy option + it’s Canadian), change her water, and clean her litter box. I usually spend a couple of minutes playing with her and giving her some yummy treats!

Pack a lunch for work

Most of the time I already have my lunch ready to go so this is mostly just putting it in my lunch bag and grabbing a few snacks

Make a smoothie

If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know I love my Ninja blender and I am obsessed with smoothies. So, I spend the last little bit of my morning making a smoothie to take with me to work. I usually stick to a recipe I know and love for my work days just so it’s easy and then try new recipes on the weekend when I have more time.

7:00 am: Leave for work

Time to head to my car and drive to work! It takes me about 30-40 minutes to get to work so I like to give myself a little extra time just in case (hello anxiety lol).

Final thoughts

I would love to include more in my mornings but this works for me right now. Just like everyone else, I have fallen into the trap of comparing my life to people I see online. As I mentioned before, morning routines have become SUPER popular to post on YouTube and Instagram. We all saw the “that girl” trend. 

I used to get really frustrated when I would watch the perfect morning routine videos. They would wake up at the crack of dawn, do an hour work out, journal, meditate, go for a walk, eat a super healthy gourmet breakfast, take a luxurious shower, and so on. By the time they were done, it was 8 or 9 am… who can do that when you actually go to work? The answer is no one

There is no problem with waking up at 4:00 am and doing all the things. If you are able to do that then do it. All the power to you. However, it’s also important to remember that every single person has a different life, different responsibilities, and different energy levels. 

At the end of the day do what works for you. Do what feels right for you. Use Spring as I time to refresh and make positive changes to your life and routines! And most importantly, create the life of YOUR dreams, not someone else’s. Create a morning routine that lights you up and don’t worry about the rest! You can do amazing things girl and I can’t wait to see you do it ❤

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Do you have a morning routine? Are you like me and like to change things up with the seasons?

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