New Season Refresh: 53 Ways To Organize Your Life

organize your life

A new season can mean many things but one thing it means to me is a fresh start! There is just something special about starting a new hobby or a new routine when the next season begins. It’s kind of like that Monday feeling but so much better! 

With a fresh start comes reviewing your habits, routines, mindset, and life. Getting organized is a huge part of change and refreshing your life. Organization can be done in so many parts of your life. It’s not just cleaning your house! 

So, if you are looking for a fresh start and feel like the new season could be a great time to do it, you’re in the right place! 

Here are 50 ways you can organize your life and get a fresh start!

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53 ways to organize your life

1. Deep clean your house

2. Clean out your closet

3. Put away last season’s clothing

4. Donate clothing you don’t want anymore

5. Untangle your jewelry 

6. Deal with all those extra bags you’re holding onto

7. Color code your closet 

8. Tidy up anything under the bed 

9. Empty out your bedside tables

10. Get a laundry basket to separate your lights and darks 

11. Set a laundry day for the week

12. Put out your outfits for the next day before you go to bed

13. Go through the junk drawer

14. Get rid of old cutlery – we had soooo many mixed cutlery sets from when we first moved out and it was out of hand. Recently picked up a new set from Super Store and we love them!

15. Start posting your weekly meal plan

16. Update your drawer organizers

17. Get bins for fridge organization 

18. Get a couch caddy so you don’t keep losing the remote

19. Label all your storage bins 

20. Create an emergency kit

21. Make one for your pets too!

22. Use a budget planner 

23. Keep track of your spending using an excel spreadsheet

24. Start tracking a new habit 

25. Make a life binder

26. Use a daily planner to stay on top of things

27. Declutter your purse

28. Create a morning + evening routine

29. Make your bed as soon as you get up

30. Keep matching bed sheets + pillow cases together (fold the sheets and slide them into the pillowcases for easy storage)

31. Get a scrunchie holder to keep them organized and together – I recently did this and I love it!! Instead of getting an actual scrunchie holder I just got a bracelet display and it worked great!

scrunchie holder, scrunchie organizer
cat sitting with scrunchie organizer

32. Set a day each week to declutter your email inbox – if you need some email inbox decluttering tips read this post!

33. Unsubscribe from email lists you never read

34. Unfollow people on social media that don’t make you feel good 

35. Clean out your work desk often 

36. Throw out all the pens that no longer work 

37. Hang a calendar on the wall to easily remember your plans

38. Use binders to organize all your important papers 

39. Keep a journal + create a journaling routine

40. Plan your day the night before 

41. Tidy the inside of your car – this something I reallllyyy need to do

42. Track your period (or any other bodily functions you’d like)

43. Schedule your physical activity 

44. Have multiple workout outfits so you always have something to wear (less excuses for not working out)

45. Keep all gym gear in your gym bag ready to go

46. Create a cleaning schedule – we have started designating Sunday mornings as “cleaning time” and each week we focus on a different room in the house to make it more manageable!

47. Put necessary cleaning supplies in the appropriate room (bathroom cleaners in the bathroom, kitchen cleaners in the kitchen, etc.)

48. Keep an ongoing grocery shopping list 

49. Create a list of all the restaurants you want to try 

50. Check your bank account monthly 

51. Create a place for mail + clean it out often

52. Use a white board calendar to keep track of to do’s – I have this exact white board calendar in my office and I love it!

53. Keep a list for all the books you want to read

53 ways to organize your life for a new season

Getting organized can feel like a super overwhelming task! There are just too many areas of your life to work on and you might be stuck asking yourself where the heck do you start?! The answer: just do ONE thing and then keep going.

What will you organize going into the new season?

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