November Recap: Mexico Trip, Wedding Progress, + Vampire Academy

November is always a weird month for me. October is fun and exciting because of fall and Halloween. December is full of joy with Christmas! November is the in-between… there’s nothing happening, the weather takes a nasty turn, and everyone is burning out. 

Personally, I fell out of routine a little bit again this month. I find it hard to keep up with things as the weather changes. Here in BC, it starts getting really dark early in the evening and stays dark until later in the morning. Not very motivating! 

But that is life and every month is just not going to be the same as the last! There were a lot of good things that happened this month and like I said, with Christmas just around the corner I am feeling in a much better place mentally! Here’s to another month and another wrap-up!

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What was good in November:

The best and most exciting part about November was definitely our Mexico trip! We went for a week to Cancun for a wedding and it was wonderful. 

We stayed at Barcelo Maya Palace which was awesome (I highly recommend staying there + upgrading your room to a suite because it was sooo spacious and a great spot to relax). The pool, the beach, the food… it was all fabulous and I want to return asap! 

Nick and I are into history and documentaries so we went on a tour of Tulum. That was fun and we learned a lot. The day we went was so hot though… would suggest going on a cooler or overcast day!

We also swam in a cenote!! I hate fish so this was pretty big for me. I had a great time and would 100% do it again 🙂 

What I read in November:

One Woman’s War by Christine Wells – This was an intriguing historical fiction about some women who were involved in WW2 as spies! It was very fun and exciting. If you like James Bond this is for you as the front cover reads “a novel of the real Miss Moneypenny”

Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy 3) by Michelle Mead – I have been making my way through the Vampire Academy series! Book 3 was entertaining just like the others. I can’t get enough of this YA vampire series.

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy 4) by Michelle Mead – The fourth book in the Vampire Academy really ramps up and I was not ready for the absolute emotional rollercoaster it took me on but I’m here for it. 

What I’ve been watching:

I started watching Wednesday this month and OMG I love it!! I have always been a big fan of the Addams Family so when that came out I was all over it. The show is so fun and dark. Highly recommend you watch it.

What I worked on:

November was pretty busy so I didn’t really work on much (oops). I honestly was just trying to keep up with the things I needed to do… there wasn’t a lot of time for extras. However, that is life sometimes and that’s okay! 

I kept up with my blog (for the most part) and worked for my freelance clients. I feel happy with the progress I’ve made on this blog and I’m so excited heading into December for all the fun blog posts to come.

Products & items I’m loving:

Since we went on vacation this month, I pulled out my fav lululemon duffle bag for my carry-on! Every time we travel I use it as my carry-on bag and I’m always happy with how much stuff fits in it.

I purchased a super cute sweater dress from Dynamite earlier this month as Nick and I had our engagement photos! We are having a fall wedding so I wanted to get fall photos and have cute and cozy outfits (totally my vibe). This dress is SO comfy! 

Finally, I should give a shout-out to my life saver (aka Sun Bum Sunscreen) for making sure my white as a ghost skin didn’t burn too bad in Mexico. I swear this sunscreen works better than others… I normally get a really nice sunburn no matter what but since I’ve been using Sun Bum I haven’t been struggling as much! 

What I’m looking forward to:

A couple of things are getting me excited moving into December… one being CHRISTMAS! And the other is seeing my engagement photos + sending out save the dates for our wedding! 

I love all the Christmas festivities. It’s my favorite time of the year!! I am all decorated and ready for the cozy winter evenings watching all the best Christmas movies. There are so many good movies to rewatch every year (Elf is a must for me). I also want to watch the new Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas. Looks kinda cute!

Wrapping it up:

Overall November was a busy month. It was kind of hard to keep up with my workout schedule that I was so good with in October. Partially because of how busy I was but also because the weather finally took a turn and it was difficult to force myself to workout after work when it was pitch black and cold. I will have to work through that somehow though because we are now into winter weather. 

Traveling again was a lot of fun. It’s been so long since I’d gone on a proper vacation and I haven’t been to Mexico in many years so I loved every second of it (except the part when our flight was almost canceled coming home lol). 

As mentioned before, I can’t wait for Christmas and all the fun activities that come with it. It really is a magical time of year!

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What was a highlight of November for you?

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