October Recap: A Surprisingly Successful Month + Finally Back On Track

While the leaves have started to change this month, so have I! October has been a month of growth and evolution in my life and in my business!

I mentioned last month that September always feels like a fresh start and I feel like looking back, September gave me the fresh start I needed for October to be so successful!

Maybe it was just my mindset that guided me in a positive direction this month but holy, October was fabulous! However, I do want to remind you that even though I’m saying the month was great, its not like I didn’t have any bad days! I totally did! Always remember that just because someone shares the highlights doesn’t mean that every day was sunshine and rainbows!

Anyways with that in mind, let’s chat about October!!

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What was good in October:

October brings the cozy vibes! I decorated the house for fall/ Halloween which was super enjoyable. 

October also brought the new Taylor Swift album that I’ve been listening to on repeat nonstop since its release!! I’m obsessed! 

I posted my ranking of all the songs on Instagram but since then I think I’ve changed my mind haha I think my top 3 fav songs from Midnights would be:

  • Midnight Rain 
  • Lavender Haze 
  • Snow on the Beach 

BUT I really love them all! This is a no-skip album for me! 

Overall, October was a pretty good month! I was able to get back on the workout grid and managed to workout 24 days this month! Like what?! 

What I read in October:

When I say I hardly picked up a book this month I’m not kidding… I have been so focused on this blog and writing for freelance clients that reading has unfortunately been lower on my priority list. 

However, I did get a little reading done.

The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by Amber Logan – this was a surprising read! It had some spooky vibes but ended up being a heartfelt story about loss and grief. Highly recommend! (this is not out yet, comes out Nov 15! You can pre-order it though)

The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – the 3rd book in the Inheritance Games series and OH MY GOD was this good! 

Wildlord by Philip Womack – I had mixed feelings about this. On the surface, it’s an interesting concept of a young boy finding a long-lost uncle who ends up being evil with magical creatures lurking in the woods but the actual follow-through was mediocre. 

Dark Tides by Kimberly Vale – the 2nd book in the Kingdom of Bones series about pirates and dark magic! 

What I’ve been watching:

Not watching a lot of TV or movies these days but most recently we watched and finished Rings of Power and binge-watched all 3 Lord of the Rings movies. 

For Halloween, we also watched the 2022 Texas Chainsaw Massacre – was gruesome as expected lol 

What I worked on:

This has been the month of freelance writing! I’ve been hard at work writing for a client. I’ve also been slowly starting my outreach to new clients!

If you are looking for a freelance blog writer or know someone (could be a blogger, small biz owner, company, etc.) let me know! 

Products & items I’m loving:

October is all about being cozy, having warm and cute spaces, and being the most comfy version of you!

So, candles are starting to be lit lots in my house! I got myself this electric lighter! So fun and it’s rechargeable which means way more use from it than a standard lighter!

Something I haven’t actually purchased yet but is in my Amazon cart as we speak is a waterproof shower speaker. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time so I think I need to just get it! I need something so I can listen to Midnights in the shower haha

What I’m looking forward to:

We are going to Mexico in November!! I cannot wait! It’s been a long time since going to Mexico. Really looking forward to the pools, Pina Coladas on the beach, yummy food, and all the warm days! 

If you have any tips or recommendations for Mexico please let me know! 

Wrapping it up:

October was a good month! I had fun with friends, got the house feeling all cozy, finally took the ACs down (can’t believe they were out so long), worked out lots, and did some fall festivities! 

Taylor Swift’s album was a highlight for sure! I think my fiancé, Nick, and my cat, Luna, are probably sick of hearing it but hey, I love what I love!

With another month coming to an end, remember that if this month wasn’t your month, next month can be! Keep a positive mindset and look for those tiny little good things. I’ve realized by doing these wrap-ups that even when I think nothing happened, lots did!

Spend time doing monthly reviews and resets! Even if it’s not to be posted on the internet and just for yourself. It’s a super fun way to actually remember what transpired. We forget so much it’s actually crazy. 

So, go into November with an open mind and focus on the little things in life that make you happy, even if it’s just having your morning cup of coffee! There is always something good happening ❤️

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What was your fav moment from October? Did you also listen to the new Tay Swift album? Tell me your thoughts!

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