One Month Into 2023: How It’s Been Going So Far

Well hello there! It’s that time again… let’s wrap it all up and chat about January! 

As usual, how did the time go by so quickly? It’s maddening and scary but also super exciting. I love January! It’s the time of fresh starts, goal setting, imagining the future, and testing out new habits/routines/lifestyles. What a fun time of year! 

I usually do a structured monthly recap but new year, new monthly recap! We are not stuck in one way of doing things, no we are not! 

Let’s recap and chat, shall we?

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The vibes of January 

I have been LOVING the lucky girl trend that’s been going around. I adopted that mindset this past month and let me tell you, it works! By no means are you all of a sudden lucky but you really start noticing when good things happen and the more you focus on the good, the more good that happens naturally. 

Overall, January felt good. It felt fun and exciting, but also chill… like hey, let’s try something new and go for our goals but no pressure!

I’ve heard people say that there is too much pressure in January. That no one can change their life overnight so the idea of new years resolutions are toxic. I respectfully disagree. 

I think that some people (me included) need some extra motivation to get going sometimes. The start of a new year is MOTIVATING. I don’t care what you say. Setting goals and taking action makes you feel a certain way. If you fall off, that’s on you, not January. Sorry if that’s harsh but it’s the truth 😬

So, January 2023 vibes: positive + inspiring

One-month goal check-in 

Something I want to do this year is hold myself accountable for my goals by sharing some of them and my progress with you. I won’t share everything out of privacy but there’s still lots I can share! It will help me keep working hard and maybe inspire you to get working on your goals too. 

So, there has actually been a decent amount of progress so far. My word of the year is FOCUS and that’s been helping me a lot!!

A little breakdown:

Instagram: My goal for 2023 is 2500 followers. I’m currently around 1560. Go follow me 🙂

Tiktok: The goal is 1000 followers and I am at 70! Got a bit to go here haha

Email list: My goal is 100 subs and I’m at 66. I did start this last year though so its not all new growth. I gained about 10 subs in January!

Workout: My goal is to workout 15 times per month and I did that! Yay!

Reading: I want to read 60 books this year! In January I read 5 books.

Freelance writing: My overall goal is to grow my freelance writing business so part of that goal is to do outreach to bloggers and businesses. I set my goal to reach out to 10 bloggers/businesses a month and I did that!

I think for February I am going to bump up the 10 businesses/bloggers to 20! 10 was doable but I don’t think it’s enough outreach. My goal is to build my client base and reaching out to 10 people a month just won’t cut it! But I’m glad I set that goal and I’m ready to bump it up a notch! 

If you or someone you know is looking for a content writer, I’m your girl! 

Some favorite things from January 

Is it a recap if I don’t share at least a few fav things from the month? Nope, it’s not!! 

Favorite meal: this DELICIOUS mac and cheese recipe from Half Baked Harvest

Best movie watched: it’s a rewatch but Red Notice – is always so fun 

Yummiest drink: Fonti Di Corodo Limonata – this lemonade will change your life, just saying

Most listened to podcast: I took a break from podcasts but I’m back baby! This months most listened to podcast was The Busy Blooming Podcast

Best Amazon purchase: the best by far was my mini stepper 🥰 I’m a mini stepper girly now

Most captivating book read: Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Maniscalco – the last book in this YA fantasy series 

Favorite insta post I posted: chatting about motivation and why relying on motivation won’t help you!

Top 3 blog posts:

Motivation for next month 

The purpose of this blog is to motivate and inspire you to start doing the things you love to do and to create a life you LOVE. 

Living your best life isn’t about becoming your own boss. It seems like everyone online is pushing for people to quit their jobs and become a business owner! Look, if that’s your goal then I’m so happy for you. If you like your job and want to climb the ladder, then do that!! 

You’re the only one that can determine what your “best life” is. 

So here’s your motivation – 

Whatever it is that you want in life, you need to take action. No one else is going to do it for you. No one else is going to wake up early to achieve your dreams. 

You are in control of your life! Believe it or not, you have OPTIONS right now and when you have options, you have the power to decide what happens next. 

Stop binge-watching Netflix, stop scrolling TikTok, and stop doing things that are wasting your time. 

START building healthy habits, start waking up earlier, and start making your life a priority! 

I know you can do it because I’m doing it!! If I can do it, so can you! 

Wrapping it up

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me! My blogging goals wouldn’t even be a possibility without you so I’m super duper grateful for you!!

It’s amazing that I have so many of you interested in my blog posts. I can’t wait to see where 2023 takes me and this blog!

Have the most fabulous week friends and talk soon ❤️

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