Planner Lover? Here Are 20 Items You Need Right Now

Are you an over-the-top avid planner? Me too. I swear that I plan my planning. It can be a lot sometimes haha. If you are like me then you probably plan basically everything and LOVE having all the best planning tools and accessories. 

If you ask my fiancé how many half-used notebooks I have around the house he would probably scream. I am a notebook hoarder. There, I said it! I have a problem when it comes to cute notebooks. I’m sure you know what I mean my avid planning friend! The funniest part is that I made a decision to use all my unused/half-used notebooks before I got any more to be *responsible* but then subscribed to a seasonal stationery subscription box… sorry, not sorry. 

Side note: if you are Canadian check out Do Good Paper Co. They have soooo many cute notebooks and stationery needs. You can also get a subscription box full of goodies every few months and it doesn’t break the bank!

Okay, let’s get into the list my friends 🙂

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Planners & notebooks

If you read my post about how I plan my week to stay focused on my goals then you would know that I like to use just a basic notebook to keep track of my to-do’s and goal tracking!

Spiral notebook with cute floral designs (4 pack) – honestly you don’t need anything fancy to get your planning done!

Sweetzer & Orange Undated Daily Planner – this looks like such a great planner. Something that has everything in one spot (habit tracking, goals, to-do’s, etc.)

Bliss Collections Minimalist Daily Planner Pad – I love a planner pad to keep on my desk!

Planner stickers

Every planner knows that you cant effectively plan without cute stickers. They are a must-have and are non-negotiable! Check out these super cute and affordable options:

Essentials Weekly Planner Stickers (575 stickers) – I personally have these ones and they are great

Essentials Weekly Planner Stickers – She Believed She Could (160 stickers) – I also use these ones and I love how girly they are. Lots of cute motivational stickers in this pack

Little More Happy Planner Stickers – Productivity (1650 stickers) – These have great reviews and I am adding them to my cart asap

Pens & markers

I think it’s safe to assume that all my avid planners out there are always looking for the next best pen or marker. There is NOTHING better than getting a new pen that just *glides* over the paper you know?

Amazon Basics Felt Tip Markers – I love to color code my planning so you OBVS need 24 different colored markers

Zebra Z Grip pens – I don’t care what anyone says – these are the best pens ever

Dual Side Brush Pens – I have these and use them daily. Love how one side is more like a coloring marker/ highlighter and the other side is like a fine liner. They work really well and have lots of colors!!

Person writing in a planner with planner stickers beside and Starbucks coffee
A weekly to do list desk pad with pen on top

Washi tape & tabs

I am newer to washi tape but I’m loving it. I honestly never understood the hype of it before but it can really change the look of your planner and it’s a lot of fun!

Assorted washi set (48 rolls) – You need some variety when it comes to washi tape so may as well get 48 rolls lol

Green plant washi tape (8 rolls) – These are so pretty and would definitely be good for plant lovers (I see you plant moms)

Multi-colored tabs (240 pack) – Little page tabs are so helpful when planning. These ones are really pretty colors!


Small Item Drawer Organizer – These little containers are perfect for sticky notes, paper clips, washi tape, etc.

Rose Gold Desk Organizer – If you like to have everything in one place and where you can see it then this will be the item for you

Pencil case storage bag – This is a really cool little storage bag. It looks like a normal pencil case from the outside but has all sorts of organization pouches on the inside

Extra things you probably don’t need but are cute

So we’ve covered some must have items but lets talk about some not really needed items but things you should still consider! I mean, we are talking some really cute supplies here!

Dog shaped paper clips 

Ruler shaped like a cats paw

Post-it note dispenser (it’s shaped like a cat)

Diamond pens 

Portable Bluetooth label maker – Who am I kidding… You need this!

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Pinterest pin that reads "must have planning supplies for avid planners"

That’s all folks! I hope you find something on this list to make your planning easier, more fun, and super cute! Let me know in the comments what your must-have items are for planning!

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