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Just an easy spot to find all the resources I suggest and my current favourite things! Check back for new resources and faves. I will do my best to keep this updated often 🙂

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Hey! I’m Deanna : )

I’m so happy you are here! Blogging is a passion of mine and so is sharing all the goods with you! If you are new here, I am a lifestyle + personal growth blogger. I love all things personal development and helping you become your best self (whatever that means to you!). I’m a cat mom, red bull drinker, and I’m addicted to reading. Hope you find all the resources you are looking for but if you have any questions, let me know!

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The resources:

Grammarly – I love having this for writing all my blog posts! I honestly used to think Grammarly was overhyped and didn’t want to give in lol but SERIOUSLY, it has made a huge difference in my writing. Not only does it catch spelling mistakes it also gives tons of helpful suggestions!

MailerLite – I use this email list provider and love it. I have tried pretty much every single other free email list option and didn’t like any of them. MailerLite has the best options and the most functionality of all the free ones I’ve tried. It’s also free up to 1000 subs!

SiteGround – I use SiteGround for my website hosting and have found it to be so easy to use, fast, and has great customer service. The price is also pretty low which was a big factor for me when I first got started! 

Canva Pro – This is really a must have subscription! I used to mess around with the free version which is great btw but there are so many things you can’t do with the free version (like use all the photos, elements, remove picture background, etc.) The pro subscription is super cheap and I love how much easier it is to make graphics, pins, and anything else I want!

Audible subscription – If you love reading or listening to podcasts, this is for you! Audible is a great membership and the best part is the Plus catalogue has soooo many awesome options + a ton of podcasts. I personally use my Audible credits for personal development. There are so many good books about blogging, social media, and influencing!!

Favourite tools & products for blogging

Microsoft Surface – I got this when I first started blogging so I could have a laptop/computer on the go. I love this thing so much. I have an attached keyboard and a wireless mouse and it works great!

Tripod – This is a must have for anyone wanting to create content!

Ring Light – A great thing to have if your lighting at home is not great. When I lived in a basement suite with literally no natural light a ring light was helpful!

Wireless phone charger – Its nice to be able to charge your phone without a wire attached sometimes. We all use out phones so much in the blogging/ content creating world! This one is for a Samsung as that’s what I have but there’s lots for Iphones!

Favourite home/ lifestyle products

Ninja Blender – this was a life changer for me when I wanted to start making smoothies before work! Not only is it a fab blender but its small, easy to store, and easy to clean!

Bathtub tray – OKAY this is an item that I often get questions about on Instagram. Yes, its worth it. Yes, you need it. If you like having baths like I do then this is a really fun product to have!

Kobo E-reader – Reading is my self care! If you love to read, especially at night, on the go, in the bath… an e-reader is a must have! I personally love Kobo but there are a few brands out there.

Fitbit Charge 5 – I recently got a Fitbit to track my workouts and steps. I love this one so much. It fits nice and seems to be pretty accurate. It also holds a charge well!

Must have planner products:

Clever Fox Planner – I really like Clever Fox planners because they are well made and have everything I personally want in a planner. You can choose from a million colors and they have a ton of different themed planners which is really cool!

Amazon Basics Felt Tip Marker – Every planner lover needs some good felt markers and these are my fav!

Do Good Paper Co. Subscription Box – I personally subscribe to this service and get a super fun box in the mail every few months. You get some type of notebook, list, paper product, etc. and then lots of other goodies. It’s also a Canadian company which I LOVE!

Weekly Magnetic Calendar – Its nice to see what you are doing each week out in the open. I love these magnetic calendars!

My favourite books + books for bloggers:

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles – a beautiful historical fiction that made me cry!

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn – a fun YA urban fantasy (also a King Arthur retelling)

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey – a steamy enemy to lovers to romance

The True Love Bookshop by Annie Rains – a sweet enemy to lovers romance with a mystery

Atomic Habits by James Clear – not necessarily a blogging book but it shares so many good tips for being a more productive person which is so helpful in the blogging world and for those of us working 9-5 and blogging!

The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers by Sally Miller – Full of stories from successful bloggers and tangible advice on creating a successful blog!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – Again, not on HOW to blog but on creativity and creating what you want to create even if you’re scared. There is soooo much knowledge and encouragement in this book. I swear if nothing else you will finish the book ready to start something new!

Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi – Content is King when it comes to blogging and we can always learn more so add this one to your reading list!

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