Self Care Ideas To Get You Ready For The New Year

Can you believe it is already the end of the year? Where did the time go? If you are like me you may have found life just flying by and your self care routine kind of fell to the wayside. I am a person who deeply needs a self care routine but can rarely stick to one. I know the benefits of self care but tend to go through phases. There will be times where I’m killing the self care game and others where I forget it even exists. Maybe you can relate?

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The new year is the perfect time for fresh starts (even though I’m a strong believer in NOT needing a specific time to start something lol). There is something *special* about starting something new on Jan 1. I’m sure you can agree with me there. However, waiting until Jan 1 to get your life together and doing all those little self care things might not be super helpful. So, I made a list of self care ideas that you can do BEFORE Jan 1 to set yourself up for the most productive, inspiring, and successful January ever!

Before I get to the list I want to point out something important. Self care is not just taking bubble baths. It’s not just putting a face mask on. It’s not sitting in bed all day watching your fav show. Yes, those things are absolutely self care BUT there is so much more you can do for your mental health and wellbeing that fall under self care! So explore something new or challenge yourself in some way if you are wanting to engage in some self care before the New Year!

Self care ideas to get you ready for the new year

01. Get your home in order 

It’s no secret that you feel better when your space is clean and tidy. So what better way to ring in the new year than with a clean house and workspace? Cleaning and organizing is a form of self care for many people and even if it’s not something you enjoy, the feeling of a clear space will boost your mood and put you in a great mental space to start the new year off right!

02. Truly enjoy those special holiday treats

This is not the time to be counting all the calories and not allowing your special cravings! Enjoy the food and drinks of this time of year! You don’t have to totally lose control of your health but seriously, let yourself enjoy the holidays without all the guilt.

03. Move your body for the sake of movement

I think we all know that exercise and self care go hand in hand. The best part is that it doesn’t need to be the hardest workout, the longest workout, or pushing your limits every time. What if you moved your body just for the sake of movement? Walks, playing with your kids, riding your bike, etc. Move because your body deserves it, not for an aesthetic purpose! (Nothing wrong with aesthetics but for the purpose of self care just know movement in any way, shape, or form is good!)

If you need some inspiration or ideas for moving your body you can check out my blog post about creating a fool proof fitness routine if you’re in a rut (or just looking for some exercise inspo)

04. Create the perfect new year pump up playlist

Self care and music!!! I know when I need that time to rest and recharge, music can be so powerful. Since it’s the new year, create a playlist of songs that get you pumped up and motivated! 

05. Set your new year goals/ make a vision board

This one may not be for everyone but for those of us who love personal development, this is for you! 

Spending the day before the new year (or the first day of Jan) mapping out your goals, hopes, and dreams can be so refreshing! Not only is it super helpful for future you but it’s a great self care tool! Nothing says self care quite like planning out all the amazing things you will do in the year to come.

06. Full on spa style reset

The go to self care idea! Grab the face masks, the bath bombs, and your fav cozy robe! This can be as simple or over the top as you want it to be! If you drink, defs pour yourself a glass of wine 🍷 

07. Gratitude for the year that’s past 

Reflecting on the year and all the things you are grateful for will quickly put you in a good mood! Yes, there were negative things that happened over the past year but there were also good things! Let’s focus on gratitude and pamper your mind with positivity! If this ends up being something you like doing, start practicing gratitude daily! Check out this journal if you are into that kind of thing!

self care journalling

The best thing about self care is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever makes you feel good, helps you relax, and pushes you forward is your self care! I know I’ll be spending my week in between Christmas and New Years tidying up the house and getting my physical space in check because its what makes me feel grounded! I also loooove personal development so a new vision board is coming asap. Remember: there is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as YOU feel right about it :)

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